vlcsnap-2014-02-28-23h46m44s132In this week of SIT DOWN we see countless developments. Samurai Flamenco meets Alien Flamenco, a supposed entity consisting of countless other life forms melded into one for ‘peace’ (or rather, unanimity, since it’s pretty obvious that’s not how we define peace), offering Hazama a chance for humans to join this entity to further their notion of ‘peace’. Hazama of c0urse refuses, and they battle, he accidentally touches the bloody Mega Evolution stone and he wins after a huge growth spurt and a change of super suits, the usual flamenco stuff. Then the second half of the episode gets trippy.

for an idiot, Hazama says some pretty neat stuff

But before we get to that, Hazama said some pretty interesting things to Alien Flamenco as he rejected his offer: “The difference between stupidity and justice is paper-thin! I don’t know why you’re wrong, but my sense of justice tells me you are!” He then proceeds to beat him up just because. Yes, just because his sense of ‘justice’ told him so. As I’m typing this I’m just so confused. I honestly do not know if Hazama is just stupid or not. There’s a lot of truth to what he’s said – the word justice to most of us essentially means that bad guys must be defeated by the good guys. Y’know, by force. When the good guys shouldn’t be using violence at all. That’s probably this very very thin line the series is trying to get at. Probably, because I know shit about what’s going on.

vlcsnap-2014-02-28-23h51m19s60Now on to the second half. As Hazama battles and defeats Alien Flamenco on the moon (because idk), his injuries cause him to pass out, and he finds himself awake back in his home. A trance of sorts (seriously at this point I’d call the whole series a trance for me) later to him talking to Harakiri Sunshine, telling him that he isn’t dead and that he ISN’T Harakiri Sunshine but ‘the will of the universe’ (I’ll leave you guys to fill in the blanks as to what this entity probably is), and that Hazama himself has a special ability – he’s been extending his will to become a hero and fight villains to other life forms. That is why they fight. Simply because Hazama himself willed for it to happen, for him to play hero.


This means that he’s probably responsible for every single thing that’s happened throughout the series – Guillotine Gorilla, 64 War Gods, King Torture, etc., because he wants to be a hero. Because he’s always wanted to be able to fight crime beyond jaywalkers and people that litter the streets out of habit. And finally, Hazama himself seems to have ‘evolved’. He now understands that what being a hero means, after witnessing valiant acts from Goto and Harazuka (and everyone else), and that is to simply do good. Being a hero doesn’t require you to always be fighting villains. And that’s where his extension of will finally ends, as he now wishes to go back to his daily life, without crime fighting, and just doing good. For his own, new redefined sense of justice (cheesy as it sounds).

How long will this ‘quiet peace’ last though? Samurai Flamenco’s still got a month of runtime left, and I doubt we’ve seen the end of the craziness. And what’s going to happen next? Not asking for any predictions though, that stuff never works with Flamenco.