SHIT SHIT SHIT, IT’S STARTING! Slowly, but surely the awaited dogfight is drawing near!
Oh what a timing, for them to be having the mock dogfight when they witness a real one where plans are getting shot down over the island. We are finally given a name of the enemies the military is concerned about. There are pilots known as the Sky Clan, guardians of the Holy Springs. Though things look like they will calm down again next week, I do expect shit to hit the fan in the later half of the episode, especially since it’s entitled “The Holy Springs”.
I am at loss at what to think when they mentioned that their country abandoned them. We don’t really know what had happened during the time they had left or that was the situation all long. The worse part about it is that even if they finish their journey, they have no place to return. I am absolutely astonished really, because it makes you wonder, do any of the kids know this (with the exception of Claire)? Was this always planned to be a one-way trip? Or did something happen over the course of the past four months? These children from families back at home such as Airi’s and Kal-El’s father. I have a feeling that when those strange men came to offer Karl an opportunity to participate in the Isla Project, Michael knew something fishy was going on and that’s why he opposed the plan immediately, claiming that they are basically sending Karl into exile. Who knows, only time will tell. I have a feeling the kids are probably going to learn the truth at the worse possible timing, but at the same time, I wonder if Claire who is now a doll that is no longer needed will speak out, even if it risks revealing her identity as Nina Viento.
Though Claire started off as a poor villager, she and Karl-El are very much alike. Claire was despised by the villagers, and they wanted her gone. They called her a witch because of her unique ability to control the wind. When she is given away by her mother to the moneylenders, her powers were set loose and she pretty much destroyed the village and killed everyone in it. She was then approached by a man who took her in, telling her they needed her power and so she accepted. However the moment when Karl had glared at her, she realized how much of a sinner she was. Supposedly ever since, she no longer had the ability to call forth the wind. Later on years after the revolution, her uncle Luis invites her to the Isla Island, telling her that once more, they needed her. That said, it explains a lot why Claire feels so comfortable interacting with the commoners class instead of with the Nobles.
Claire went through a lot of struggles this episode, mostly with herself. She is scared of the possibility that Karl and Kal-El is the same person. She is scared of what will happen when he does find out, but most of all, she is frustrated with the fact she has to live with two identities, the sinner doll Nina Viento, and originally a poor village girl Claire Cruz. She wants to stay as who is she truly is. So hearing when Kal-El told her “you are who you are” was a huge burden lifted off her shoulders. But we will see how Kal-El will react when he discovers her identity and whether he will stay true to his word.
Ah man, this show is such a tease when it comes down to Airi and Ignacio! They keep on baiting us and then go “NOPE!”. Though Airi’s and Ignacio’s screencap is literally being cut short every. time. possible, they are definitely showing that Ignacio doesn’t mind her presence too much. I don’t know how seriously I can take his only time of dialogue during the preview, but if this is the only time we can actually hear his thoughts, then it’s pretty cute what he thinks of her. GRRRR GIMME LONGER IGNACIO x AIRI SCENES PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!! Igancio however straight out told Kal-El that he knows exactly who he is, which is why he has no intention of hanging out with everyone whenever Karl’s in the room.
In the mean time, Airi is starting to show us her true feelings a bit more when it comes down to Kal-El and Claire. She looked pretty down to hear that they are considered one of the best teams of the entire group. It is pretty clear that she misses teaming up with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Airi was thinking as they were heading to Isla Island she had this idea in her head that she and Kal-El will be a team and the best duo there is.
With the real dogfight just around the corner, it makes me wonder how the Noble Class is going to fare in the battlefield. Today they had the opportunity to camp by the beach, but instead they decided to return to the dorms. With the tensions still high between the two classes, the fact that they refuse to even try having a positive interaction with the commoners is going to bite them in the ass. There is going to be that moment when they have no choice but to team up with them to ensure their survival. Either way, I look forward to seeing how things play out.


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  1. KF

    Lost her powers? More like she lied so that she wouldn’t have to kill anymore… That’s quite sad Claire…

    1. Eva

      It would be interesting if she did though, because she didn’t want to kill anyone. Such as subconsciously suppressing her powers. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she were lying either.

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