Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Ep 6: Holy Springs

It was calm before the storm today. The Island of Isla threw a festival in celebration of their arrival to the Holy Springs! The students of Class-B threw a special, selling Airi-men (Airi’s Ramen) that turned out to be a major hit- even to the Noble students as well!!! It was cute to watch, especially when Ignacio decided to step in after everyone was failing to take Airi’s place of managing the noodles, and pulled it off without a hitch. The best and cutest part of all is that he once more he is only there because Airi dragged him in to join them, again. The only reason he managed to pull of Airi’s technique is because he had had been watching her, heehee~ that’s how he pulled it off. Unfortunately this will be their last chance of living the blissful carefree life for a long time.
There were at least two potential death flags raised. They belong to Chiharu and Mitty (I’m going to cry if they die, they are so adorable together). I am also sure that many of the students we aren’t entirely familiar with are definitely on the list as well. Commander Leopold ordered to have the students basically serve as sacrificial lambs to recon the Sky Clan. However he might not even get the chance to do that particular mission as the Sky Clan Pilots are already heading their way. The Commander is a making a huge mistake to underestimate the Sky Clan’s ability. They are being brushed off as merely “barbarians”, and use old-fashion high-wing monoplanes. But the joke is on the Commander because they are the Sky Clan for a reason. If they live in the sky, it only makes sense for them to excel in aviation and have some unique tricks up their sleeves. And they are proving just that by attacking Isla is broad daylight, just after the town had finished it celebration of it’s arrival to the Holy Springs.
While the students definitely know about the rumors about the Sky Clan attacking, I am more surprsied that Chiharu only shared the information with Mitty, who didn’t quite believe it (or rather, probably doesn’t want to believe it) and reassured her that even if they are attacked, he will be sure to protect her. While the comfort is appreciated, Chiharu has bigger problems. She is terrified because she doesn’t consider herself to be a strong a pilot. We will see how she fares in the battlefield next week, but brace yourself- I expect it to get ugly.
Claire however has been pardoned from this mission thanks to Admiral Luis, but I have a feeling that she will be determined to take part of it. Knowing Claire, she wouldn’t be able to sit tight in her dollhouse while her comrades are forced to fight against experienced pilots, even more so when she knows a lot of what’s going on thanks to her role as Nina Viento.


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  1. You know how the current Isla passengers are all political exiles from Balsteros? I have this horrible feeling that the Sky Clan were once exiles as well, sent to the End of the Sky a long long time ago – perhaps exiles from a time when high-wing monoplanes weren’t so old fashioned. It’d certainly explain why their language structure is similar, and why they’re seen as “barbarians” with out of date technology.
    –> Looks forward to next episode’s title
    –> Sees “A Glorious Death”
    –> …Oh.

    1. Yeah and speaking of which, what really struck out to me was this particular line:
      “The Sky Clan’s linguistic system is very similar to that of Balsteros.”
      “That of Balsteros?”
      Initially it confused me because I knew it meant something, but I couldn’t figure it out. But now that you mentioned the possibilities of other exiles from long ago, it would make total sense why they are considered barbarians.
      Glorious Death eh… Would that count being shotdown in a dogfight just as the sun sets? Or pulling off a heroic move?
      Either way it’s likely to rip our hearts out.

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