Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 9


Pic742Veiled within an entertaining beach and fanservice episode, we explore the nuances behind Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship once more – and this time Rikka’s had to deal with the possibility of losing her powers in exchange for her love for Yuuta. It’s very much in line with the issue that’s been a running theme throughout this second season – the clash between chuunibyou and love, and the supposed incompatibility between the two. Not only did Rikka engage less with her chuunibyou side, she even forgot to put her eyepatch on at times – and after Satone observed that there were times she forgot about its existence completely, I genuinely thought this would be the main plot point they’d dwell on for the rest of the season. Everything was ready for Rikka to engage in some soul-searching, with even Touka and her “italian jokes” back to give her a hand (and hopefully give them a nice big push forward). I think it’d have been a great way to wrap up the series, so I was slightly disappointed that she rejuvenated herself so quickly (although admittedly it was a cool, if short-lived mecha).

Pic754The ending scene said it all though – it looks like Satone’s finally been hit with that ton of bricks, and it’s ripping her heart out. All along, Sophia has believed that chuunibyou is entirely incompatible with love, choosing the former over the latter and never looking back. And yet, Rikka’s now saying that she can maintain both at the same time – and suddenly all her feelings have returned, opening the path toward a potential love triangle. The thing is, Satone’s openly declared her support for Rikka for the umpteenth time – in light of that, how far will she be willing to go in response to her unearthed feelings?

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