Hoozuki No Reitetsu, episode 8:
I guess even Hell needs pop idols.


Oh look, the cat reporter is back. The last episode scarred him pretty badly, ulcers from the naked hag! To be fair, I can’t blame him. Neither can his co-workers, the editor and chief broke his paw due to the picture of the streaking hag. However, this isn’t as important as Peach Maki’s awesome music debut. I guess even Hell needs catchy pop music.

vlcsnap-12031519 vlcsnap-12031442
Or does it really? I don’t even know what to think. That seems to be the common consensus around here. As nobody is sure about this crazy pop music.

Hoozuki stops by the studio and Maki goes to talk to him. Then the cat shows up. Trying to find some juicy info on Peach Maki. Though Hoozuki being there is more then he intended. He tries to set up a dating angle between the two of them. I’m pretty sure this cat should of learned last episode what happens when you mess with Hoozuki. Have we all forgotten the fact he scared Satan back in like episode two? He truly is a demon among demons. Well, I guess you can’t teach old cats new tricks.

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I wonder what Hoozuki would do if he knew the things I wrote on here….you know. I’d rather not think about it. I value my life.

Neither of them want anything to do with his cat brained scheme, the cat however has made a decision to devote himself to trashy gossip. Hoozuki however wipes all pictures the cat has taken in the last few minutes. In his anger he tells Maki to try to seduce Hoozuki. Somehow failing to notice that Hoozuki hadn’t actually left the area.

The old sneak away and listen in, the second oldest trick in the book.

He threatens not only to beat the Nekotama within an inch of his life, but also to send him a copy of the stripping Hag’s self-published magazine. Following through with his threat, the editor and chief of the company gets a copy of the self-published magazine. Putting him out of commission for an entire month with broken limbs. Poor Nekotama. Is what I would say if i actually felt sorry for any of these cats. Despite being a cat lover in real life. I have next to no sympathy for these reporter cats.

Oh boy, looks like the second half is going to focus on the white haired kid. I can’t express enough how much I honestly don’t care much for this character. None of his episode focuses are really interesting and I’d rather be doing things with Hoozuki as the title character. I always get a good laugh out of his stuff. It ends up being about boobs most of the time when it’s with the kids. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again. Someone on this writing staff is a huge pervert.

Well anyway, there is a painting on the wall outside Lord Enma’s house which is peeling away due to high winds and heat. Nasubi is sketching and Hoozuki comes over to check it out. It looks nothing like what he was actually looking at. At least it’s creative.

We find out that Nasubi is a very artistic demon. Hoozuki is interested in seeing more of his art as soon as work in over. Okay, you know what? I apologize to this part of the episode for what I said about it and it’s mother, and it’s cousin 3 times removed, etc. This episode segment is actually really funny and rather educational in the way of art. If you’re an artist you may really like this episode {Oki, here’s looking at you.}

vlcsnap-12051143 vlcsnap-12051236

We find that Hoozuki is moderately talented at art, the other little kid is…well…better then Rukia from Bleach and Hakutaku….


well…he tried?

Nasubi paints over the famous painting that is slowly peeling away, the art really has a way of…

“Jumping out at you”, literally. Oh dear, well it fits in pretty well in hell. The mouth of truth that will bite your hand off.

vlcsnap-12035787 vlcsnap-12036172

For the ending we get the full version of Peach Maki’s super cute single. Pop music and Hell. Now i’ve seen everything…oh well. This episode is a lot better then the last. A lot more visually stunning and funnier. I’m not an art expert but I feel it could be greatly appreciated by those who are and even with the little knowledge I had the second half of the episode was still understandable and funny. I laughed a good few times, in particular at Hoozuki fan-boying over a sculpture of the goldfish plant things.
I’ll never understand his tastes, but whatever floats his boat I guess.

I believe the preview said something about Hakutaku being in the next episode, if I haven’t made this clear he is my second favorite character next to Hoozuki so I’m excited. Last of all I’ll leave you with some images from Peach Maki’s debut song!
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