Hoozuki No Reitetsu ep 9: Lessons in drinking

This is porn music….This totally porn music! This dialogue too! It’s MEANT to be perverted. What is this!? I don’t even…Oh, it’s Hakutaku having a dream. Now he’s sick from a hangover. Isn’t he supposed to be a deity of Shangri-La? With his partying and tendency for flirting with girls, you’d think he’d be the demon. Goes to show what we know right?
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He went into medicine so he could entertain more girls, he really is demonic. He asks Momotaro to whip him up some hang-over medicine. So the minute he’s sober, he goes to mortal Hell to drink more and see more girls….

and Hoozuki is there and he gives Hakutaku an ulcer just from staring at him, this seems to be happening a lot lately. It’s just an unlucky day for Hakutaku….

for a mythical beast of good luck, his luck seems to run rotten on most days. Hoozuki doesn’t want to be there, he just does not want to be there. Then as Hoozuki turns down a spicy meal, Hakutaku thinks he might be spice intolerant! Oh dear, I’m not sure I like where this is going.


CHOPSTICK FAN! PFFT, HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. OH GOD, PLEASE EXCUSE ME. -five minutes of hysterical laughter later-

Oh, now Hoozuki is calling Hakutaku a light weight. There is so much tension between these two, it’s never going to go away. Oddly though, it’s just the kind of tension where I can’t ship it. I’m a total yoai fangirl and I can just not get behind this one. {Get it, behind?….i’m just gonna go.}


Oh god xD Lupin the third reference with Fujiko. No sympathy for Hakutaku’s high bill….none at all. that’s what he gets for hiring expensive….hostesses…


She’s not even that attractive if you ask me. Wait, so if he really had a girl over at the beginning of the episode….then that mean he got…lucky? -shudder- NOPE, don’t even want to think about it.

This episode seems like it’s got a heavy alcohol influence. Oh wow, there are 16 smaller hells for drinkers. Hoozuki must go deal with the drunks…and since he was told not to go…Hakutaku is going too.

The deceased have gotten their hands on a bunch of wine, the people in this hell are people who have done evil things while drunk. They’re singing, loving boards, climbing trees and passing out all over.
Poor Orochi has been shamed. Hoozuki is chewing him out a new one for not only bringing wine into this hell, but the same wine that was used to defeat him in the legends.

Oh no! Hakutaku is drawing again!

Hakutaku has a wine stream, he lends it to Hoozuki for an extreme price. He forces it to become a social drinking hell and Hakutaku can pay his bill now. We’re back to the regular ending. That’s kind of sad, I liked the special ending we had last episode.


This episode was fairy enjoyable. Lots of Hakutaku involved in it, also, alcohol. I’m not a big drinker at all. This however was very interesting, I sort of wish they’d gone into the history of sake’. The Fujiko reference was funny, I’m not sure about the other character they are referencing here. It was also interesting that this is the first episode in a while to have two stories that connect to each other, rather then being entirely separate accounts.

Why is the deity the perverted one!?!! ARG!


2 thoughts on “Hoozuki No Reitetsu ep 9: Lessons in drinking

  1. Of course Hakutaku got lucky- or had some form of ‘special’ service at least- didn’t you see the immense amount of tissues on his floor lololol. To be fair though, he isn’t a ‘deity’ per say. He’s a mythical beast renown for its high intellect, but he’s not really holy or anything. I imagine Hakutaku fools around simply because he *is* such a famed creature, though- no one wants to tell him what to do, and he has no need to care about those who would =/

    I really enjoyed this episode- it wasn’t as ‘haha’ funny as some of the others, but it was a nice look into the private lives of our regular cast and I always love those moments.

    I miss Maki’s ed too T.T I’ve read ahead in the manga, but the anime hasn’t shown all the skits in order so…I’m not sure, but I hope we get to see more of her in the future.

    1. Maybe they’ll make a half-episode about Hakutaku’s past (in the manga). Who knows.

      About Maki’s ed, at least they made Oko sing it mid episode.

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