What a satisfying finale! This capped off Kill la Kill in a style befitting the series, and wrapped everything up nicely. Yeah, there were a few loose threads, but overall, most plot points were resolved nicely, and in a more than satisfactory way.

The fight between Honnouji Academy and Ragyo was the main spectacle, and it delivered. Despite Ragyo managing to strip everyone of their Life Fibre powers with Shinra Koketsu, through sheer force of will, Gamagoori and Ryuko manage to overcome her and restore everyone’s powers. It was so great to see Ryuko accept herself again, and then watch the Honnouji students rise up again, all perfectly set to Ambiguous.

The highlights are definitely Ryuko and Satsuki’s dual take down of Ragyo, and Gamagoori’s Big Damn Heroes moment, complete with booming laugh as he inexplicably descends from on high and rips through a massive barrier. Ryuko and Satsuki’s take down was equally as impressive, less from a spectacle perspective, but from the point of view that they’re moved past their mutual animosity of the past, and can now function as a single combat unit.

Of course, simply defeating Ragyo would be too simple, so of course, in true Kill la Kill style, Ragyo one ups herself by having Nui fuse with the original Life Fibre and ascend to space to broadcast an activation signal with a lip shaped satellite with a lipstick microphone. Romi Park’s VA performance was particularly fantastic this episode. She managed to make Ragyo sound terrifying, insane and pleasured all at the same time.

Essentially, this battle was Kill la Kill in every way, and I was hugely pleased.

The conclusion was also super satisfying. Although the exchange between Senketsu and Ryuko was bittersweet, it added a touch of poignancy which makes an ending truly stick with you. Everyone running to save Ryuko from her lightspeed descent was truly touching, too, and the final scenes with everyone hanging out together made me smile for about an hour afterwards. Trigger did a fantastic job.

Honestly, I was so pleased with Kill la Kill overall, and this finale met every one of my expectations. The series was solid from start to finish, and I look forward to Trigger’s next endeavour and the OVA!!

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  1. Pablo

    The finale was great! What a great series! Do you know when the blurays are coming out? because the OVA is a blu ray exclusive and I really want to see it especially if satsuki has her short the entire episode! She is so cute at the end! XD

    1. sidekick

      The OVA comes out in September I believe! it’s about Ryuuko graduating from Honnouji Academy!

  2. Wanderer

    “Yeah, there were a few loose threads”

    …I see what you did there. 😛

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