Noragami Episode 10

Everything was all fine and dandy- and then Nora wiped out Hiyori’s memories of Yato and Yukine! *HEADESKS* Argggggggggggg. (DAMN YOU NORA!!!!) While I do have my share of theories for why Yato has been existing as long as he has since he is considered an unofficial/unknown God, this is a line that the mangaka has been careful not to cross just yet, so I am a bit wary how delicately this aspect is being handled.
Noragami Ep 10 Img 0010However, delicate memory subject aside, this episode was extremely well done. As some of you may already know, I typically prefer shows adapting to series through chronicle order and staying true to the canon material as oppose to straying off on it’s own path completely (which much to my dismay, happens far too often). As I have speculated from last week, BONES did choose to insert the part where Hiyori gets attacked by Nora. What I didn’t expect was them to expand from that particular point. It certainly isn’t a bad thing because of the way they handled it. Hiyori getting attacked by Nora happens a tad earlier before Yukine’s event. All they did was re-organize a small event (that doesn’t affect the manga’s storyline) providing an opportunity to adapt to a different and Original Anime Contents in place of what would have been the start of Bishamon’s Arc. It played out quite smoothly too since they followed the canon events that take place afterward such as: Yukine working part-time at Kofuku’s shop, asking Hiyori if he could use her old textbooks to study, Hiyori tutoring him, and Yato asking Tenjin for advice how to solve Hiyori’s request (AND NO TENJIN, CUTTING THEIR BOND IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!)
One of the biggest factors when it comes down to adaptions having “Original Anime Contents” added to the mix is that they need to stay true to all of the characters. Much to my relief, BONES continued to do a fantastic job staying true to everyone’s character, especially Yato’s when they were doing job of cleaning a dog house. The only thing I wished they could have done better was make Nora feel more dangerous. She didn’t feel like a threat when she was supposed to be.
Noragami Ep 10 Img 0022Lord Rabo surprisingly had very little screen-time today, but at least did have more than what he had up till now. He is the God of Calamity, and will cut down any person, place, or a thing (sorry couldn’t resist) that you wish to disappear. He is the very entity of what Yato could have been- which is why I have been saying for the past two weeks- makes this particular Original Character so interesting. He is not impressed with Yato’s present state, he wants to see the ruthless Yato. Little did he know that Yato is actually a dork who cares more about making people happy than killing them. Welp, that only gives him another reason to kill him.
Next week we will be seeing Yato and him facing off against each other. There is one vital detail that I am especially worried about and I DON’T WANT BONES TO TOUCH. LIKE PLEASE BONES, LEAVE THIS PART OUT- DON’T YOU DARE THROW IT IN. Anyone who have read Chapter 19 & 20 knows exactly what I’m talking about.
Oh yeah I’ll let you in on a secret about Yato’s ability as an artist kekekekekekekekeke…


Yato is actually a hentai doujin-ka and makes doujinshi about Bishamon for Kazuma /CACKLING



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  1. Do you not want BONES to touch that part in the AMAZING case that noragami gets a second season?

      But in all seriousness, it just wouldn’t feel right if they end up switching it up- ESPECIALLY if Noragami gets a second season (I sure hope it does!!!)

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