Although it was a super slow paced episode, it was still good. For once it’s peaceful, they don’t have to worry about being bombed by the Sky Clan anymore. However in exchange for that peace, the Sky Clan wanted Claire/Nina Viento in exchange since according to their prophecies, Saint Aldista’s daughter will arrive on a floating island beyond the waterfall. Claire naturally agrees to go, seeing it as a chance for her to fight in her own way as oppose to being a sacrifice to ensure peace and safety for her people. That said, it was fortunate that nobody else had to be killed. Ignacio however as Claire’s escort had to go with her to the Sky Clan so it was goodbye for now with him too. His parting with Airi and Kal-El was really precious. I especially loved that he adopted Airi’s nickname and used it himself, “Goodbye stupid older brother” because it’s true- the two of them share the same father. It is really great to see how much his relationship with Kal-El has developed since the very beginning!
Speaking of Airi and Ignacio. It is such a shame we weren’t able to see more of the two interact throughout the series. They make quite a pair as Airi understands his personality more than others and knew that she could rely on him to get them instead to meet Claire. Ah man, I am curious whether their relationship is given any attention in the novels… Shipping reasons side, I do really want to read the novels! I need to suggest it to Yenpress first…
Kal-El had finally admitted to Airi that he loves Claire (as a girl) and Airi was a bit down to hear that. I think it is not so much of the possibilities of her liking him as a boy, but more of she has always thought she was going to be his number one girl in his life. That said, it did hurt a bit to see how down she was. And knowing how perspective she is, she probably knew it, but just wanted to hear him say it aloud to make it real.
I don’t know about you, but I was half expecting Claire and Kal-El to make-out kiss one last time before she departed. Instead we got this weird dramatic circling scenes (which is typically common for cheesy romance) of the two embracing. Admittedly, it was annoying to watch, I have never been a fan of the circling around the lovers techniques- ever. It was hilarious to see Kal-El suggest to elope (he was so enthusiastic about the idea) but Claire declined. She gave him her trinket to hold on to until they meet again in the future and Kal-El promises her that he will find the end of the Sky and then come back to get her.
Despite the circumstances, I was really happy for Claire this episode. She was touched to have received letters from her friends at the dorm, and was thrilled that shat she was able to make friends when she had previously though it wasn’t possible for her. Well girl, I guess you didn’t think you would have someone who would fall head over heels for you either then!
After six months have passed, they finally made it to the End of the Sky. They are officially alliances with the Levamme Empire as the people had to be evacuated from the island and board onto their ship. When the islands return to the End of the Sky, they are destroyed because they have finally completed their journey. It was emotional to watch the island disappear because there is a lot of memories made there, along with the graves of the student pilots. I think seeing that part destroyed is what broke my heart the most.


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  1. Pablo

    Wheeew….I also thought that this was the last episode and i was about to go on a rampage because that would have been the most unsatisfying ending ever!!!!! I do love my romance but there were some scenes this episode that where kinda of cringe-worthy… and man did i feel sad for Ari went she pretty much got dumped… it kinda of made me forget about claire and whished ka el had gotten with ari, anyways i am just happy we are going to get a decently satisfying conclusion (I hope…).

    1. Eva

      Yeah I was like, “WAIT, THAT’S IT? THAT’S THE END?!” I was in panic mode when I was skipping the ED, desperately hoping to see if there were to be a preview, and THANK GOD THERE WAS. I totally agree, there were definitely cringe-worthy “romantic” moments. This show really goes all out on the cheesiness, something I have never been particularly fond of- especially when it goes over the top.

  2. KF

    Why did they destroy Isla? They could turn it into a five-star resort! What a waste!

    1. Eva

      Tis a shame it couldn’t be.

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