Two days after the devastating defeat, Isla finally holds the funeral and memorial for those who had lost their lives. It was an episode of grievance. It was startling to see how many students had been killed. I can’t imagine how empty the Nobles’ Class Dorm is. The majority of its students had taken part of the battle last week after Faustos took the lead. However there was one unexpected survivor and that is Macro who was piloting the aircraft with Wolf. All the students were having a hard time, especially Chiharu who blames herself for not running away which she thinks may have saved both hers and Mitsuo’s lives.
There was also the psychological stress of the battle. None of the students have been able to sleep well or at all for the matter. Most of them refuse to eat because they lack an appetite. But I think the saddest part of all is the fact that Airi had announced that she will be quitting piloting school because she thinks she won’t be able to handle a throttle-  which Ignacio overhears and was not happy about. Naturally it only fuels the anger because it was Kal-El who was her partner during the fight.
It wasn’t just Airi who had decided to quit flight school, Claire was actually the first after she felt doesn’t have the right to fly with everyone, she will never fly again. If that wasn’t bad enough, after revealing she had figured out Kal-El’s true identity, she revealed that she is Nina Viento. It was a dramatic soap opera-like confession between Kal-El and Claire. They kissed (but it was nothing for me to squeal about because of the circumstances) and then Kal-El declares his love for her, only for her to be like, “No, I can’t~ I love you, but I am Nina Viento and we will never see each other again- FORGET MEEEE~” and of course the whole scene had a brilliant timing because you know the expression: Dropped the bombs? Well that actually happened at the exact moment of this revelation, which was quite a nice touch I must say.
Kal-El was all “I love you” drama boy until Claire revealed she is Nina Viento. Kal-El is so upset about this that he basically shifted back to the days where he hated everything in the world. I’m not sure what’s going to happen between the two- obviously it is bound to work out, we’re just going through the melodrama phrase of their relationship.
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Ep 9 Img 0031Ignacio was so badass today. He didn’t talk much (as per usual) but it was so great to see him assist both Claire and Airi by providing them an opportunity for the two to talk for a minute. Then when he heard that Claire is going to abandon her true name and live as Nina Viento he went storming over to the dorm to deal with Kal-El. And then of course, as I have just mentioned in the above, he overhears Airi’s announcement, and was like, “I AM SO SICK OF THIS BS.” and kick down Kal-El’s door, knocks him out momentarily and then throws him into a lake. Sorry but I am on the side where someone needs to whoop Kal-El’s ass right now. I am looking forward to the boys’ exchange- even more so when it appears the two will be partners for their next mission.
One more things before I wrap things up: Airi  happened to be the only one of the entire group to have figured out that Nina Viento was actually Claire just by LOOKING at her. It shows just how smart and perspective she is about people. I am quite baffled that nobody figured it out, especially when Ignacio is the guard. Well then again, the only people who had gotten the hint of Claire’s other identity were Wolf, Macro, Kal-El, and herself, along with Kal-El shifting back to his old ways so that probably explains why she figured it out so quickly.


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  1. KF

    I love the love-hate relationship between the two. I look forward reading the doujinshi- yes, I’m a pervert.

    1. Eva

      I’m sure there will be plenty LOLOLOLOLOL

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