Eva’s Final Impression
*Stares blankly at the computer screen for a minute*
That’s it? That’s all we’re going to get?
Is this for real? They are ending it just there?
You know as the episode was dragging on I was growing more and more anxious and still can’t fathom that it ends here. I was seriously hoping to see a sign, of any sort to refer to a second season- but nope, we got nothing.
This is especially frustrating because is it clear that there is still so much story to tell! Ra turning out to be a double-agent (I don’t know who, but I think it might be the Sky Clan…), Claire still needing to be rescued and retrieved, as well as the second time they are making the journey, this time targeting the Sky Clan to help with the rescue (this time well prepared and more than one ship). GIVE US MORE FOR GOODNESS SAKES! DON’T END IT THERE! WE’RE JUST GETTING TO THE JUICY PART!
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Ep 13 Img 0034…And this is exactly what I have came to fear after last week’s brief heart-attack moment thinking that was the final episode. That fear where this magnificent story wounds up with a ‘wrap up’ that feels thoroughly incomplete, especially when they made it clear, there is still so much story to tell– and unfortunately, that was exactly what had happened. At moments like this I wish I was able to read Japanese just so that I can read the novel (and I have also been told the anime had cut out a lot of it’s material, which makes me all more curious). It is a real shame because I have enjoyed this series so much, but it makes it difficult to recommend to people when it ends up with an unsatisfying conclusion and it will only frustrate people because nobody likes it when that happens. That said, despite the ending, I don’t regret watching this series as I have thoroughly enjoyed it from start to… well, I will say up to Episode 11 just to be safe since the final two episodes are iffy.
What frustrates me the most is that this show does have a great story, and it would be such a freaking shame to end it here. It it literally a slap in the face because you seen other series with crappy plots and storyline get second seasons and then these hidden but rough gems don’t get that opportunity to potentially shine. While I won’t be holding my breath for a second season to emerge, I will also crossing my fingers for it. I honestly don’t know how the DVD/BD sales will fare in particular because the animation quality is a real lackluster throughout the entire series, and really had some ugly moments within this episode alone (and yet there was literally nothing big going down). It really annoys me because you see brief moments of fine quality that showed us the fine quality we could have had, and would have made this show stunningly beautiful had they maintained its quality from start to finish, making it all more memorable- but alas, they didn’t.
Anyhow, lets move on to what had actually happened in this episode.
So the gang returns to their homeland (that had sent him on the journey in the first place to get rid of them) together with the Holy Levamme Empire as their new ally. (Did I mention ever how much I adore they are now officially working together?) It made me really happy because initially they were on a journey to never return, and now they are finally able to be reunited with their families and loved ones. It would have been heart-wrenching for me if Airi and Kal-El were never to reunite with their family again.
Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Ep 13 Img 0004I think one of my favorite parts was to see Kal-El come out and reveal his true identity to the public (who thought he was dead the entire time). It was both refreshing and a pleasant surprise because it shows us just how much Kal-El has grown as a character, especially now that he have officially forgiven those involved in the Wind Revolution. He put everything on the table in order to round up support for their second journey to rescue Claire aka Nina Viento, the woman he loves. That took a lot of guts because there’s a mob of thousands of people in the audience potentially ready to wreck him. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and the worse case was being accused as a fake, but that was quickly overlooked since the crowd LOVED the fact that this mission is fueled by love.
I must say though, I do wonder how many years had passed now that we seen just how much Kal-El and the others had grown up. They are now adults and full fledged pilot, they aren’t little kids anymore. Anyhow it has been a long journey as they have completed their journey to map out and study further of the End of the Sky (which I must say was quite fascinating).
It saddens me a bit that Airi did in fact love Kal-El as a man more than a brother. She knew her love was unrequited as Kal-El continuously did everything in his power to help organize and prepare for their next journey to face off the Sky Clan once more.
Overall, despite it’s lackluster ending, Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta managed to keep it’s position as my top and only three favorites of the Winter 2014 Season. While it wasn’t perfect, I really did enjoy this series from start to finish and wish for more. I am crossing my fingers that maybe, even against all the odds, that we will get a second season.
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  1. KF

    They had such potential and they squandered it all away!

    1. Pablo

      Could not agree more… just hope it gets a second season this winter or something…. 🙁

    2. Eva

      It is SUCH a shame. It would be really nice if there could be a second season to wrap things up.

      1. Pablo

        The ending is exactly like the movie’s where “its to your imagination to guess what happened next or if they ever saw each ever again”. To make things even worse, they drop two sentences at the end of the movie saying that Charles Karino’s whereabouts after the mission were completely unknown and nobody know’s what happened to him… What??? srry…. I am just so mad now after getting back to back unsastifying endings…

        1. Eva

          Ah man, it was just bad timing. ^^;// I watched Princess and the Pilots as soon as it came out so I had 3 years in between the two. XD

  2. Pablo

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!! After watching the Princess and the Pilot, I know get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS TORTURE!!!! Again I am crying like crazy to later get another unsatisfying ending….. I WANT A SECOND SEASON NOW!!!! EVA, me and you need to get some translations on those light novels because this is getting ridiculous! And that ending was so nice and again i actually wish that Kal had forgotten about Claire and stayed with Ari. Ari you deserve him more than Claire! Don’t give up, especially considering how they like to end things, the author will probably kill off Claire or something….

    1. Eva


      1. Pablo

        I feel as though they are just toying with people’s feelings with this ending by making the viewers either force the studio to make a second season or force the viewers to go buy the light novels…

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