The beginning of this episode involves a lot of dying and you guessed it – TIME MANIPULATION! Get out of here Homura Kuroha isn’t Madoka at all!

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So Ryota (HAHAHAHA I FINALLY REMEMBERED IT!) saw Kuroha die…and then proceeds to stab Saori in the heart, telling her to reverse time or she’ll die right then.

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She doesn’t want to die so she resets time, fulfilling Kana’s prophecy but timing out her magic and making Kuroha and Ryota restrain her. Of course she still wants to kill them but silver haired dude is like NO FAILURES NOT EVEN SLIGHT ONES IN THE SLIGHTEST OF SENSES so she gets ejected and melts WHATS WITH ALL THIS FREAKIN MELTING

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Anyway they find two boxes of pills and uhm.  . . . uhm I can’t get over the melting guys do you see that? Why ya gotta melt people. Anyway….WEIRD ALIEN THINGS HAPPENED…NO..ALIENS ARE OCCURING

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I shit you not that’s like an alien baby. ANYWAY THEY GO AND FIND KANA AND ALSO OTHER GIRL WHO HACKED FOR THEM AND SHE TAKES A BOX BUT SHE’S REOCCURING NOW. . . . AND THEY’RE ALL MOVING TO THE OBSERVATORY NOW AND BLAH BLAH THEY GO TO THE OCEAN. Did I mention Ryota forgot it really WAS Kuroneko?? OOOOOOH so we can have more of this wonderful IS SHE ISN’T SHE bullshit. ugghghghghg anyway he wants to put the d in her.

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Not in her wrong her. But she’s certainly bleeding and almost dead when they get there. Wait do they actually completely melt too without the pills? DO THEY MELT BECAUSE OF ALIIIIEEEENS?

its the beach we get it you want to do her and the beach is symbolic i am not feeling it
its the beach we get it you want to do her and the beach is symbolic i am not feeling it

Guys this shows got some really bad mood whiplash like you have no idea it is seriously really. . .really bad. THIS EPISODE BEGAN WITH CONTINUING THE GRUESOME MURDER. THEN IT WENT INTO MELTING. THEN IT WAS ABOUT THE WEIRD ALIENS AND THEN IT WENT TO THE BEACH THEIR DEEP MEANINGFUL SHIT FROM THE PAST AND THEN TO A FUCKING HOT SPRING ok It’s hard to really like a show when the mood is kind of like being hit by an SUV.

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yeaaah uhm. How can I talk about the crisis in this show when it’s all . .   .MELTING and then BOOBIES. AND NOT THE MELTING THAT USUALLY GOES WITH BOOBIES. Then the plot reoccurs and one of the other witches sells out Kuroha Kana and Ka…kazumi…..THIS SHOW AND IT’S FUCKING NAMES. We get it you like Ks isn’t Ryota’s last name with a K too? OMG.

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Ok so aside from boobies. . . the episode ends with Kazumi transferring into the school and moving into the astronomy club space too, (citing him seeing her boobs being the reason she is totally permitted to) and cutting to see that the most ingenius and evil plan the silver haired dude came up with WAS TO SEND A WITCH IN IN COGNITUS (I know it’s cognito work with me here) and you guessed it….fourth main character from the opening. Hur hur, IN EPISODE 4. Get it?

this is what this show does i wasnt even talking about boobies anymore, baam here's some boobies
this is what this show does i wasnt even talking about boobies anymore, baam here’s some boobies

Anyway this new girl is a Class AA+ which is even higher than Saori. . . and uhm. . . this plan is. . .sure something. . . in the ending alone her harnest was showing despite all her hair. It’s just a matter of time before one of them watches Brynhildr episode 4 and sees that shit. God you guys. PLANNING.

Girl you need to get that hairline checked out
Girl you need to get that hairline checked out

In any case, next week we’ll get to see how this plan goes! I’m sure it’s terrible. Maybe we’ll learn more about the aliens. Apparently harnest is supposed to sound like ‘her nest’ but guy who wrote this please look up harness because that is what this insights, it’s not some deep bullshit. It’s a harness. A controlling leash for something that is wild or out of control. Nothing fits better than that. NOT EVEN CREEPY ALIEN ELDRITCH ABOMINATIONS


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    Re: The Plan – Wrong witch. They’re not that stupid.

    1. Oki

      Thank god because I would really really not respect this show if it was
      ON THAT NOTE GET YOUR SPOILER CRAP OUTTA HERE I would like to be surprised when this show actually is good lmao

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