In Cardfight!! Vanguard there is one atrocious bitch whose face I’d like to gnaw off with the remnants of Grell Sutcliffe’s glorious chainsaw. BITCH HOE NAGISA

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i hate this little bitch

My hatred for this girl is well shared. Nagisa is the annoying little girl who makes Kamui SO subdued in comparison, we actually all feel sorry for him and like him. She is constantly badgering Kamui to ‘marry’ her and lying about matches in order to make it happen, crying, whining, just being a terrible awful character whose only trope is to be Kamui’s biggest foil and to ONLY obsess over him. SHE INSULTS ME WITH HER MERE PRESENCE

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Anyway, Naoki agrees to take on Kamui since Kamui, in a flashback, admits he has been having trouble being satisfied by Vanguard. Okay so guys the next thing that happens…is some of the gayest activities I’ve ever seen. The entire concept of this fight is Naoki being like MAN AICHI WAS SO CLOSE TO YOU I’M REAL JEALOUS UP IN HERE Y U NO LOVE ME AND CRAP MY GOD

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Like….sometimes this show. IF THERE WAS A SINGLE GIRL GOING “HE WAS SO DEAR TO ME AND HOW CLOSE YOU WERE MADE MY HEART BURN WITH JEALOUSY, I WANTED IT SO BADLY” all dudes guys. all dudes im sorry this is not even a friendship thing masaki is like OH YEAH THAT GUY howd i forget him super weird

kinda gay bro
kinda gay bro

BUT ANYWAY….DURING THEIR SUPER MANLY NOT GAY AICHI BRO FIST HAPPY TIMES Kamui is like kind of weirded out by Naoki’s Aichi speeches? “I had a friend like that? Cause that sounds like a boy friend ok ok”

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Like seriously the entirety of this episode has two aspects. Either Naoki is doing some SUPER COOL FUCKING LEGION SKILLS THAT MAKE ME JUST WANT TO HAVE HIS BABIES or Naoki is being ultra gay for Aichi. WHY DONT YOU WANT ME TO FANGIRL HIM UNIVERSE? WHY DO YOU MAKE HIM SO GAY FOR AICHI? I’m pretty sure he and Kai are going to have to gay mud wrestle over Aichi’s love. Not that this is bad /waves yaoi paddle for everyone/ or maybe it is /waves card game fangirl flag/

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In any case, HOLY SHIT GUYS THE PLOT IS COMING??? Kamui realizes he forgot Aichi and is bummed (BUT DOESNT CRY LIKE SOME PEOPLE NAOKI) but then thinks of Emi- then the butler comes up and they realize- they need to look for Aichi on their own or risk Emi’s safety. And then HNGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH THEY SAY BASICALLY THE PLOTS HAPPENING

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