“In order to balance things out, we have no choice but to make Shido a girl.” – Origami Tobiichi


 In episode 2 of Date A Live II, we see Shido, Tohka and Origami jet off to Arubi Island, courtesy if Cross Travel (a DEM Industries affiliate, mind you). After yet more confrontation between the two aforementioned girls, we arrive on the island only to find that our main cast is being stalking by the infamous  Ellen Mira Mathers who’s using a camera as her ‘disguise’… Then, after a freak storm occurs, we meet our two main girls for this arc, Kaguya and Yuzuru, the latter having the tonality of a robot and deadpan eyes to boot, and the former being the more outgoing out of the two, “chicken bones” ‘n all.

 Ah, it’s good to see Origami and Tohka at each other’s throats once again, their continual attempts to one-up each other bringing a smile to my face every time, albeit because Shido typically suffers so much (and in such a comical way). Comedy was always an undertone for the series when it delved deeper into its plot, splicing drama with the more light hearted aspects of the show that fans are used to and enjoy. In this episode however, comedy proved to be the focal point. Now that’s not a criticism, far from it – the female duo introduced almost required comedy for the viewer to be able to take their characters ‘seriously’ – but the rather banal and redundant tropes used wear thin at times, leaving me, old man that I am, begging for some originality! That said, this is Date A Live, and if you liked the first season (as I did), you’re going to understand what your dealing with and you’re not going to mind – put simply, it comes with the territory. It’s a harem, for god’s sake!

Date A Live II Episode 2 Image 0012

 The other main focus of episode 2 was the introduction of main characters Kaguya and Yuzuru, two halves of the once whole Yamai. They’re an interesting pair, having battled each other to eliminate the other in varying minute and extravagant ways, then deciding that the best way to decide who should become Yamai is to see who a male would choose, this responsibility then falling to Shido, a boy they’ve never met before in their entire life… “It’s a harem, for god’s sake!”… Distinguishable only by voice and alertness alone, I don’t see how Shido is going to pick, and besides, it’s not like Shido’s going to condemn one of them to non-existence so I can only assume that he and Reine are going to find some way around having the two of them battle to death to become one.

 Finally, Ellen Mira Mathers. What is she up to? As of right now, we can only speculate. She’s taking photos and it’s being used a comedy gag, but is there any other reason why she’s spying on Tohka? We have to assume that the world’s strongest magician (Ellen Mira Mathers herself) would have some chance of beating Tohka in her Spirit form, so I can only postulate that she’s acting as a photographer and waiting for her chance to strike, this probably being when Origami’s not around to interfere…that said, I can’t believe Origami didn’t recognize Ellen…she’s only just met the woman and her striking purple eyes!

 Overall, it was your typical introductory episode into a Date A Live arc – gimmicks, and laughter, and girls, and girls, and…day time dramas? I’m not sure if I can really continue blogging this series, but I’m giving it one more episode to see whether or not it picks up pace and gains some all important substance. That said, episode 2 wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. It had all of the components we’ve come to expect from Date A Live and that’ll probably sit well with someone who enjoyed the first series. Others…well, they might be getting a little bit bored by now.

– Chris.


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  1. Pablo

    I love this show in the sense that it knows exactly what it is and it doesn’t try to be something else or take itself to seriously.

  2. Vantage

    I pick Yuzuru!

    This episode was much better than the “introductory” filler from last week – this really should have been the pilot episode. I love how Tohka nearly started a spacequake after seeing Shido with Origami, but when she finds him naked with twin girls in a bath… nope, she’s fine with that 😀

  3. KF

    Chris, why are you doing this to yourself? We both know you are above this show…

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