So a little back story on why I’d choose to cover this series is a long time ago I had a copy of the first volume of the Kindachi Case Files manga. I really enjoyed it but since nobody sold it I never got around to reading more of it. Fast forward to now, I notice a new anime coming out for it and I have to ask myself…..

Serious!? Does anyone but me even remember this series? Then again, I did the same thing when they announced the Parasyte anime and I’m pretty sure the only people who remember that are the girls who bought Smile Magazine to read Sailor Moon and Magic Knights of Rayearth. I suppose this has enough of a following in Japan to warrant a new anime so let’s dive right in to…

Kindachi Case Files Returns!

Woah, I think we’re starting where the last anime stopped maybe? We get like an episode recap of what happened last. Not a good place to pick up a new anime. Perhaps the rest of the episode will give us some frame of reference.

Oh wait, no. the episode preview was a summery of what’s going to happen. That’s a lot less confusing. Now I understand what’s happening.
Kindachi is a goof who is set up to fail all of his classes but he’s secretly a total genius.

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Yeah, that kind of main character.

There is also his best friend Miyuki, who apparently looks like a Chinese model named Ran! {Yes, I cracked a few Detective Conan jokes at the name too}


Anyway, crazy circumstances take them to China. Miyuki is to take Ran’s place at a modeling event known as Girly Mode. In China they meet another class mate of theirs, I can’t say I remember him being in the one volume of the manga I read. Maybe he becomes important later on, or perhaps he’s only in this case. Who knows.

The trip to China goes bad when Miyuki is kidnapped. I’ve seen enough Detective Conan to know that this will not be a simple kidnapping case! With Miyuki kidnapped they run into Ran! This is going to get confusing later on….

Anyway we meet our cast of characters.


I assume most of them are going to die so I’m not gonna bother getting attached but now it’s time to play the game, solve the mystery before Kindachi does!

If you ask me? I got my eyes on this guy. He looks too nice…..


So in typical detective show fashion someone dies. Shocker….and we end the episode and get ready for part two of the case.


overall: If you like Detective Conan, you’ll like this. If you don’t, you won’t. It’s about as simple as that. I luckly love Detective Conan and have an odd attachment to Kindachi from the one volume of the manga I read. I should try to track down more of the manga.

rating 5/5 for fans of this kind of genre.

covering it: Um duh!

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