Kindaichi Case Files ep 2: Treasure in Kowloon, Hong Kong Part 2

Alright after a little more research into why they would be suddenly making an anime out of such an old series it makes a lot more sense. First off, it’s a little past the twentieth anniversary and a new manga starter serialization a little under two years ago. So that’s why they made an anime for it, it’s not so much for the old series but the new one.

Let’s move past that though and talk about what happens in the episode. As you may remember from the last episode, Kindaichi’s friend Miyuki was kidnapped under a case of mistaken identity and an older gentleman died. The cause of death is obviously poison.

So we start up this episode with the Taiwanese detective trying to pin everything on the waiter. Kindaichi however isn’t so sure, he believe it’s to be Shin. The man responsible for Miyuki’s kidnapping and the one that had been originally seated at the table in the spot where the deadman was sitting.
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So the waiter to thank him for clearing his name invites him over to watch a laser show. This is when we find out second dead body! It’s the prime suspect Shin! What a twist!


Actually it was pretty obvious he’d be next. I’ve still got my eye on you hot manager guy. You aren’t cleared of suspicion until your dead.


Speaking of suspicious, Ivy-san you’re acting pretty suspicious. Making it obvious you know that it’s Ran with us and not Miyuki. The dramatic suspense accent makes you 10x less suspicious.

vlcsnap-15593050 vlcsnap-15593239

Ran is kidnapped during the night and we learn that just about everyone involved in this is related to the guy who stole the Dragons eye 20 years ago. Sons and daughters abound. Oh and there is a bomb…


Did we forget to mention that sooner?


Yeah there is a bomb and it’s strong enough to level Hong Kong, probably should of brought that up sooner. Oh and it’s battery life is about to run out and when the power is cut it’s going to blow. We have about ten hours to diffuse it….should of mentioned that sooner….WHAT? okay, this just became huge! This isn’t about murder or kidnapping anymore.

So now that we have that out in the open, the search for the bomb begins. Thanks to our camera friend we have a picture of the only hint we have to where the bomb is hidden. Ran’s tatoo. We move to an island that’s on the way to where the bomb is hidden, where Ran has been dropped off with the police. The red coated individual that kidnapped her is spotted and they chase them down.

Shocker, it’s Ivy. It’s set up to look like she committed suicide but I’ve watched too much Bones and Castle to fall for that. We find Miyuki tied up in a side room, after a small dramatic scene she opens her eyes and she’s taken to the hospital.
vlcsnap-15614650 vlcsnap-15600804
Kindaichi deduces what I did a moment ago that this so called suicide is bull. The episode wraps up, onwards to part three of this mystery and….

vlcsnap-15615389 vlcsnap-15615830

WHAT ABOUT THE BOMB ON THE BUS? [Yes, I had to make a Spice World reference, it’s been in my head since I watched the episode.]

Overall: What can I say about episode 2? The episode really seemed to fly by, the bomb was an interesting twist but it was so far out of left field it really did feel like “oh btw, there’s a bomb there…” I can’t wait to see this wrap up and see if I’m right about it being the manger. I’ll treat myself to a cookie if I guessed correctly.


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