Wow, it really sucked to be Yuuya this episode because first he gets his cards stolen from douchebag Sawatari (who also attends Yuuya’s school and is so full of himself it is quite frankly, disgusting- the chosen one my ass!!!!) and then his friends get caught up in the first and held hostage basically in the middle of the fight. In fact speaking of which, it real shows just how dangerous and scary Action Dueling is, especially when you are a spectator caught in the crossfire (since the solid vision seems far too real). People can get seriously hurt! It was horrible of Sawatari to do that to Yuzu and the others, he is a terrible, terrible bully, even worse as he is obsessed with collecting the ‘best’ cards and tossed his “trash” collection to use in exchange of having stolen his Pendulum Cards. Another thing that only really clicked for me today is how the duelists are now actually able to LITERALLY use their monsters. We have seen Yuuya run around on his hippo, but this week with the use of Viper, we were able to see him use him to swing around the field, so it is a very interesting addition to the dueling evolution.
There was also a new piece of information about Action Dueling where we learned that Action Cards don’t always work to our benefit, so it shouldn’t be something we should always resort to picking up the minute we see one. In this case these bad Action Cards are Trap Cards that will inflict against the user that had picked it up, which Yuuya unfortunately picked up twice.
What sucked the most for Yuuya was seeing Sawatari succeed performing the Pendulum Summon (which wasn’t actually his own effort, it was Mr. President of the Leo Corporation who was giving him the instructions since Sawatari was merely acting as a Stand-In). It was a real slap in the face because Yuuya had been working his ass off and only after twenty-nine attempts, Yuuya finally succeeded the Pendulum Summon for the second time. But even so, there is no guarantee that he entirely understands how it works, which is why it is a bit frustrating for me to see Mr. President figure it out so quickly- I suppose he is a genius though, after all he is the prez of the Leo Corporation.
This episode really took the turn to reminding us the days of GX with the whole Dueling School elements, but I feel there will be a more refreshing aspect in this series, which I am sure Action Dueling itself will definitely be responsible for the most. Yuzu was skeptic and a bit jealous of seeing how extravagant LDS (Leo Dueling School) is in comparison to her family’s dueling school. LDS has so much options that it’s insane. They feature courses in all the summonings we have known up till now Fusion, Synchro and XYZ (I will never get over how stupid that name is) and now, surely soon enough, the Prez will be adding the Pendulum Summon feature and annihilate whatever other competition he has, and squish smaller schools like ants.


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  1. kirtro

    Never thought I would see the day where a “Seven Samurai” (which all i’ve ever heard from people was how OP it is) card would be called “trash” even if it was from a fictional character 0o

  2. Elena

    I feel bad for Yuya he worked so hard on the Pendulum Summon then that loser Sawatari comes a long and steals them away! Sawatari is not the chosen one for these Pendulum Monsters because if he was they would have appear to him without having to steal them from Yuya! Sawatari is a loser!

  3. Elaine

    This Episode was Good until Sawatari come in and made it suck! I flat bad for Yuya he worked so hard on mastering the Pendulum Summon and then Sawatari comes in and steals them away from Yuya! Sawatari says that he is the chosen one to have the Pendulum Monsters and he isn’t because if he was they would have appear to him and not Yuya and he wouldn’t have had to steal them from Yuya! Sawatari is loser!

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