Hooray Enju is alive! Thanks for not breaking my heart Tina!

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Also dis moe. Dis moe.

This episode emphasizes Rentaro’s fear of the situation- he doesn’t want Seitenshi to die but he knows he is outmatched with Tina. Doucheback face even finds Rentaro to rub it in, but Rentaro refuses to relent. It’s kind of refreshing to see a main character who actually realizes he is outmatched but goes on in spite of it, rather than just rush in because of ‘pride’. Rentaro wants to back out to protect his friends, but he knows what will happen to Seitenshi if he does that. Being the hero he is, Rentaro will not let it happen.

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Rentaro pratices in anticipation for a fight- one without Enju. Not only is he outmatched but he hits another snag when he faces an artificial sniper and remember Tina’s moments of genuine friendship with him. I can really feel for him because I feel the same way- watching yet another Cursed Child suffer and know happiness finally only to have it ripped away is really cruel.

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We cut to Tina to see she is basically aware that Rentaro will probably try to stop her- as she realizes the current protection plan is almost too good to be true. What’s worse is as she talks to her Master he gives her an order I want to punch him for- if she fails, she must kill herself. She blows up the building she was staying in to cover her tracks and makes a desperate plea: Please don’t come, Rentaro-san.

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This show makes me want to throw expletives everywhere. I can’t say FUCK enough times for how this show makes me feel. It’s not a perfect anime but it does exactly what it is trying to do and for that I applaud it. I was actually anxious to continue watching this episode because I knew it could only end in a way I would not be okay with. Tina and Rentaro then meet up in order to finish this one on one.

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Tina’s strength is in guns- which she controls remotely and uses seeking robots to attack. Rentaro is able to take three out with a lot of effort until the two actually come into view of each other. Rentaro holds his own until a fourth seeking robot and Tina team up to knock him into a wall. Rentaro asks a simple question- Why does she kill people? She responds that it’s the only way she has to prove she should be alive. Rentaro’s face mirrors mine in reaction.

That's sad, Tina
That’s sad, Tina

Rentaro is going to die. .. until the grenade he tried to use went off and blinded Tina. He sums up the strength to beat her but refuses to kill her, citing that she spared Enju as the reason. It seems everything will be okay, Tina will go to jail, until Tina herself is sniped from afar.

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I thought so at least- until it seems it was a simple gunshot from Yasuwaki. .  .the jerk who always bothered Rentaro about Seitenshi.

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I was wrong about this guy. He wasn’t purposefully doing what he was doing to sabotage Seitenshi. . . he is just a fucking awful person. I felt tears in my eyes at this scene. *This* is what people are doing? The people in charge? Rentaro had it under control but Yasuwaki notes it won’t be so easy to kill her without Varanium bullets and points his gun at Tina’s head to finish her off.

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until. . . Seitenshi comes and fucking stops him. O_O And then. . . she asks him what he wants in return for saving her life. SHE FUCKING MAKES HIM RANK 300. Rentaro promptly turns around and shoots the gun out of Yasuwaki’s hand. This is why I love this guy. HE SHOT THE FUCKING GUN OUT OF HIS HAND!

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Tina makes it and scumbag goes away, and then the cutest fucking thing happens. Seitenshi interrogates and releases Tina. . . who Kisara hires. And what do you expect? Jealousy from Enju? Distrust from Kisara? No. They fucking love her. THEY FUCKING LOVE HER.

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THANKS FOR THAT CURVEBALL SHOW. NOW I’M HAPPY FOREVER. Rentaro even mentions how Tina almost killed BOTH of them and they just go lawl who cares. I kind of. . .respect them more now? That they just get it? What it’s like to not be cared about and to be used and everything? Like Enju gets it but even Kisara is like “no no it’s too sad to leave her on her own” I admit I was NOT expecting this resolution. When I saw she got shot I was like, aw fuck. It’s over for Tina. Nope. Nope. For once this show took a happy turn. I mean next episode I’m sure it will be ruined with an increasing corrosion rate, evil plans, Seitenshi leaving the meeting with jerkface early coming back to bite her- hell Kagetane might even come back. Okay I’d like that last part. Anyway GREAT EPISODE. Seriously. I’m so happy that for at least a minute Tina and Enju kind of can bond and feel loved. Stay tuned next week for more moe and probably sad bitch tears!

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    wish there were more little boy characters in this show how hard is it to make love interests for Enju and Tina that are their age I would like to see a grade school romance again

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    most children in that society will see them as freaks.

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