Captain Earth Episode 6

Oh man, every episode seems to have something even juicier than the last with their consistency of dropping game changer hints that makes you re-evaluate what you know, and of course, make you all the more excited of what there is to come.
After watching this episode, I get the feeling that Puck who Kube communicates and discusses his plans with, is the one pulling all the strings aka the Puppet Master. When he spoken to Amara and Moco, he revealed that he is a Planetary Gear tool, who exists for the same reason Hana was created (which I will address below), but to serve a different purpose. In this case, he is an information exchanger and one hell of a double agent (“Puck does not lie” – Excuse me, I smell bullshit). Keeping that in mind, I think the biggest joke is on the Humans. We have Globe are so desperately trying to survive and defend their planet and then others like Salty-Dogs and Macbeth Enterprises who both have their own greedy propaganda. It feels almost as if the Planetary Gears are two steps ahead of the Humans and are simply playing along, and even setting up the board to trigger a series of events under each organization. Everything seems to be going according to the Kiltgangs/Planetary Gears’ plan. They are formidable foes, and Amara and Moco are definitely two who cannot be trusted. Globe, Salty-Dogs and Macbeth Enterprises are without a doubt, dancing and flailing around in the palm of the Kiltgang’s hands.
Captain Earth Ep 6 Img 0001This brings me to a scene that I found to be very interesting, especially given how the writers sure to have Kube mention that his “sanctuary” can’t be accessed without his biometric data, but then flash to the next scene and we see Moco and Amara waltzing through the security system and asking Puck whether Kube has figured out who they are yet or not. It makes you wonder, does Kube know their true identity? Is he playing dumb on both Puck and the designer children? Honestly, I have no idea. A part of me thinks he does, but at the same time I think he doesn’t. Kube considers himself as Amara’s and Moco’s father, which implies that he might have given them some of his genes much like Eiji had done with Teppei. If he did in fact, share his genes with them, then (forgive me I am NO biology expert- feel free to correct me if I am wrong) maybe that would make sense of how both Amara and Moco are able to access his sanctuary. And for him to bring it up, surely he should know they too would be able to access it as well… Well we will find out soon enough who is playing who!
We were also given more details on Kube’s Macbeth Revolution plans. He never straight out said this, but I am definitely suspicious of the possibility that he intends to take advantage of the Kivotos Plan, where (as I have been suspecting since last week) only the chosen ones will be “safely” evacuated from Kiltgangs while they kill the remaining people on earth. Once the remaining Humans have pretty much been wiped off the face of the planet, the Kiltgangs are expected to leave the solar system. Then finally, with the remaining chosen survivors, Kube will proceed to make Earth his Utopia. This is why I believe that Salty-Dogs and the Macbeth Enterprises together are the Arc Fraction- but another joke would be that one party unknowingly being used by the other.
Actually when I think about it, it makes me wonder how much does the Arc Fraction and Macbeth Enterprises know about the connection between Kiltgangs and Planetary Gears? Up until two weeks ago, nobody knew that Teppei (including himself) was a Kiltgang. We know at the very least Globe is aware of their connection that they are basically one and the same species who wields two forms.
Captain Earth Ep 6 Img 0008We learned a bit more about Hana’s identity and origins today. It turns out she isn’t a Planetary Gear since she lacks the Ego Block body, which allows them to take form as a Kiltgang, and are essentially immortal unless that Ego Block is destroyed. She was created solely to be a tool to wield and fire the livlaster. Luckily for her, after seeing the light and a voice calling for her after being trapped in the darkness for so long, she was able to break free from their grasp, and fled to Earth and lived on this island ever since.
Salty-Dog’s Reito Hirosue epically failed to abduct Hana. It was extremely underwhelming, especially given how Daichi pretty much defeated him with his awesome boomerang and freed Hana from his clutches. Luckily the security came around before anything else could get messier, but it felt like Daichi and Hana got off really easy this time round. It makes me question what is going to happen next, especially given how stressed out Globe is, or in particular Nishikubo about their fight against the Kiltgang. He is really getting stressed out over how helpless he is, and how he can’t do anything to save humanity. Frankly, it is sad that they (Globe) have to rely so much on Daichi and Teppei to defend them. Take them away from the equation, and Humanity is pretty much doomed.
Last but not least: we were FINALLY given an explanation the dark side of the moon (I have been dying to know more about it). It is called the Hbido Burst that appeared eight years ago after Kiltgang Type-1 sufficed to drain the few dozen personnel stationed at the Daedalus Base of their libidos and killed them. Then an inexplicable burst phenomenon occurred and left the moon in that state. They know now that is how is how Earth will look like if one were to attack it.


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  1. “Puck does not lie.” That is perhaps the single least believable line I’ve heard in a long, long time. I doubt that thing is on anyone’s side. A being named Puck? It’s practically guaranteed to be playing all sides against each other for its own amusement.
    In other news I was very disappointed that the guy from Salty Dog got away with sneaking into the base, trying to kidnap Hana, and shooting at people with no more than just being handed right back over to Salty Dog again afterwards. Like they’re going to punish him. I hope he at least got a concussion from the boomerang to the back of the head.

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