Captain Earth Episode 8

*I suppose I should address Amara and Moco as Amarok and Malkin now)
There could not be a more accurate title than today’s episode: Insanity in the mirror, because holy shit- Zimbalt is fucking insane. He is defintely going to be a troublesome Kiltgang even for Amarok and Malkin to control properly given that he doesn’t give a shit about following orders. His singularity ability is quite troublesome given that it causes a black out on all technology or machinery that runs on electricity. Had Daichi not been a Neotency and being able the use Orgon Energy, he may have very well been a goner. Hell, Daichi has a lot to work on, especially on his aims since he was missing far too many shots. When the team said mission complete, I was puzzled because how was their mission complete/accomplished? Their mission is to secretly stop the others from becoming Kiltgangs. But the problem is, Amarok and Malkin beat them to the chase, they awakened Zin’s memories so now, he can take his Kiltgang form anytime. Had they been able to beat the two to the punch, they may have succeeded. But since Teppei’s ego-block was destroyed, he lost his ability to sense other Kiltgangs/Planetary Gears, they missed their chance when it was right under their nose. So for me, I believe that they failed their mission because now Zimbalt can take form as a Kiltgang anytime in the future. Luckily however, they were able to at least gain vital knowledge of how the Machine Goodfellows work as well as their weaknesses thanks to Akari’s magical hacking powers (which had topped Malkin’s ability).
Without his ego-block that gave him immortality and the ability to sense others alike, Teppei is feeling utterly useless on the team. We have Akari the magical hacker girl, Hana who can provide Orgone Energy and translator of Pitz, and Pitz who has prophecies of future events they need to know about, and Daichi who is the captain of the team, who pilots the Earth Engine. Teppei went from the most unique member to the most ordinary. However I more or less suspect he will have his chance to shine next week since Akari will be targeted by Amarok and the others.
We know now that with the information Puck had provided to Amarok and Malkin that there are five other Designer Children (in this case, likely to be Planetary Gears as well) and we are now down to four since Zimbalt has been awakened. But there is something that I am very curious about. How did they the Kiltgangs/Planetary Gears forget their identities in the first place?


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  1. The mission was to stop a Kiltgang event from occurring, which they managed by defeating ZImbalt before enough energy had been built up for him to go into that form. Saving the designer child would have been a nice bonus. I’m hoping they manage that in the future.

    1. Oh I see, I probably got mixed up with the timer part. The woes of being overtired and I watched that scene three times
      I certainly hope that they will be able to save or recruit some more designer children as well. Or rather, if they don’t – they will be in serious trouble since they are already struggling with Amarok and Malkin alone. Throw in five more and Earth is doomed. XD

      1. Yeah, the timer wasn’t very clearly explained, at least not in the subs I watched. It took both the bad guys and the good guys talking about it before it clicked “Oh, that’s the time until he’s built up enough orgone energy to activate his Kiltgang form.”
        Even leaving aside the danger to Earth, I think it would be a shame for all the designer children to… well… essentially die as human beings: their human personalities being subsumed by the aliens. When Teppei chose to be Teppei, rather than Albion, he proved that it was possible for their human side to be stronger than the alien. I’m hoping that can turn out to be the case for some of the others.

        1. I had actually thought the opposite. I had thought they meant Daichi needed to hold off long enough until the timer went out. XD
          Yeah I hope the same, Teppei is the proof of the positive possibilities. I can’t imagine Zimbalt going back to his human-persona because he found life boring and lets face it – didn’t have the greatest life or relationships either. I’m guessing the idol girl we saw at the end of the episode could potentially be the next designer child to make their debut.

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