So, to say I have no idea what’s going on at the start of this episode would be the understatement of the century. I literally have NO idea what’s going on, maybe the rest of the episode will explain. We start with a music video of a girl running through a city as it collapses around her. It’s a good music video, but just blame my obsession with the anime opening, I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would of because it replaced the regular opening. I’m sure once again it’s a snip it of the PV the episode is based around.


I’m fairly sure it’s not a metaphor for anything either. Then we cut back to the city still standing, no destruction anywhere. Then we cut to the girl in a class of two, with that professor. You know, the guy who was teaching Momo.


You know, this girl, Takane kind of reminds me of Ene. Haruka, the guy, sort of reminds me of the robot guy. I wonder if they’re related in any way. So, they’re trying to think of interesting things to do for the cultural festival. A shooting gallery…..

vlcsnap-14961095 vlcsnap-14961512

Oh god! Look at the little pigs and bunnies. So it’s a shooting game? A shooting game that she programed I think? Oh, I believe the whole class programmed it, and by the whole class I mean, her, Haruka and the Professor. She apparently has some super shooting game skills.

Oh hey, it is Ene. Or the human that Ene is based off of. She’s apparently a goddess of shooting games. They did program this game, and the booth for the festival is trying to beat her.

vlcsnap-632524 vlcsnap-632772 vlcsnap-633091 vlcsnap-635050

OH GOD, Takane vs Kano is a shooting game! Or more like, her vs Kido. I think Takane was totally freaked out by her inability to be seen. Wait, you an pick a sword in this game? I’m not sure if that’s legit. Are they using their powers in the game?


I am so confused, did they use their powers on the game? Did she really even win? A guy who looks like he’s from the military wants to face against her. Haruka gives her the confidence needed to accept who she is and take on all the challenges.

vlcsnap-636813 vlcsnap-639329

Is that, Shintaro? Oh my god! It all makes so much sense now, The cyber girl Ene. Why she sticks to him. If he won, she’d call him ‘Master’ and do whatever he wanted. What the hell is he!? He’s sniping like a pro in his game!

Hey uh Mekakucity. This looks nice and all but, Evangelion called. They want their cross symbolism back.


Ayano apologizes to Takane for Shintaro’s attitude. Ayano is the professors daughter? Oh dear, now all of the strings are making sense. I can see why this last episode said she was going to be a big source of drama in the series. Their class wins for best booth at the festival.

vlcsnap-641536 vlcsnap-642454

Awww, Akane has a crush on Haruka. The entire credits is the story of how Shintaro, Ayano, Shintaro and Haruka become friends. Cut to August 15th, they’re stuck in summer classes and their talking….Haruka appears to fall asleep at his desk and Takane leaves….

vlcsnap-642712  vlcsnap-642973 vlcsnap-642862vlcsnap-643056

I don’t think he’s asleep though, I think he’s sick….I have a really bad feeling in my gut…Anyway, i’ll be back next time with more Mekakucity Actors.


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  1. NOiSE

    *runs away*

  2. HowlingAtMidnight

    The song at the start is Headphone Actor and it’s pretty much the world ending after the events of the episode which I doubt will be shown. It’s pretty much Takane running through the city trying to get to a hill. She’s being instructed by her Ene self through her headphones as to where to go and what to do. When she gets to the hill, there’s a bunch if scientists, they blow up the city and that’s the end of it. It’s kinda hard to explain but I’m pretty sure I’m about 45% accurate…

    1. Vantage

      And don’t forget, both Headphone Actor and Yuukei Yesterday were sung by LiSA. LiSA!

      …Is it wrong to like these covers better than the original IA version?

      1. Olola

        Aha, Jin managed to get popular singers xD and nope, some of the fans love LiSA’s version better :3
        I think the series is getting better too, since shaft has less on their plate.

    2. Moonlight

      I always thought that the events of Headphone Actor, with the world ending, was a metaphor for Takane dying, with her running to escape the destruction representing her going to tell Haruka how she feels, and the scientists representing Kenjirou…man this is so confusing. XD

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