Black Bullet episode 12: Dawn of Destruction

Given no choice, Satomi Rentaro and his former nemesis are now on a mission to kill Pleiades, the Gastrea with the sword of light ability.

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They find him in a weakened state and due to this, dispatch him in a rather anticlimactic form. Pleiades goes down from one joint hit from Kagetane and Rentaro. It was. .  .unsatisfactory in the fight department. But it was kind of fun seeing Kagetane’s tiny daughter cart off Rentaro from danger.

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But the best part is that Rentaro returns to the field. . . .just for old man grumpy ass to be dead. That’s right. He dead. He dead and Rentaro is the next highest rank, so he is the new leader. . . . wait why the fuck did this guy send the next highest ranked warrior out to certain doom when he could die at any moment? For fucks sake, this guy could NOT plan. As we see. . .ahhaha. I’m a bad person. And then the greatest shit ever- Kagetane and his moe blob psycho daughter come just to join up in Rentaro’s group.

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Best line, you may kill half of them.

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. . . but it isn’t all peachy. Midori is missing and we find out she is on her deathbed. Her corrosion rate is already passed what she can take, and Kagetane tells Rentaro this is the world he chose and it’s his duty to accept the world he wanted and kill her. Rentaro goes to see Midori and finds himself unable to take her life, and she only encourages him.

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She then leaves to go to the bathroom, but Rentaro realizes almost immediately she knew what he was thinking. He runs into Shoma who finds her body lying there, a gun in her hand. Midori kills herself to prevent Rentaro from having to do it.

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This just made me so sad to see. She looked so beautiful before she died and even as she shot herself. She was unable to see people suffer and wanted to encourage everyone- Shoma reveals they were both lonely people who had become a team to satisfy that loneliness. He goes on to explain he never left Tendo style, but was kicked out of it, thus his absence in Rentaro’s life all this time.

Can I just add that shoma is pretty? YOWZA

Can I just add that shoma is pretty? YOWZA

Rentaro procedes to basically say. . .fuck it. No really! The next day he stabs the first guy to imply they should all run. He declares he will make them all hate him more than the Gastrea so they’ll keep fighting instead of running, but I gotta tell you- Lelouch learned that lesson the hard way bro. NO NO BRO DON’T GO

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Shoma and old grumpy guy’s initiator team up after this, forming a complete adjuvant that Rentaro wanted. On top of it Miori has commissioned a bomb that if ingested might actually be able to stop their last real opponent: Aldebaran. The plan seems like it will actually work out, and everyone seems content on the subject.   . .until we get to the end and see that the batteries that power the lights they need to quickly find Aldebaran and stop him are being thrown out. . . by. . .

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