Captain Earth Episode 10

It was quite a slow paced episode for Captain Earth this week, but I felt there was something missing. Perhaps it might have been the fact Teppei’s big debut with the Nebula Engine didn’t feel like it was in the spotlight. It felt more like watching a backup dancing as oppose to watching the lead. Had they came out stronger with Nebula’s debut, I think this episode could have been a lot better. Nevertheless, despite it’s weak reveal – it was great to see that Teppei finally has a machine of his own to use in combat, the prototype Nebula Engine. It was also great to see Teppei be useful, especially covering Daichi’s back after he had lost his fight against Lieban, who had successfully returned to her true form (which I must say: is absolutely stellar!). Though I have to admit it, I was hoping Lieban and Daichi to get along because they have something on common: love for the wind. It would have been interesting had Daichi been able to persuade Lieban to not be an enemy of humanity. However, it looks like we will be meeting a Designer Child (Setsuna) who isn’t interested in becoming a kiltgang (or already can, but chooses not to, much like Teppei had before he destroyed his egoblock).
It was quite surprising to see that Lieban did not realize that it was Teppei/Albion who was the second Neoteny. So I am excited to see how Amarok and Malkin will react next week, especially since Teppei now has his very own Livilaster.
One of the things I found very intriguing was how Teppei’s light made some sort of connection with Lieban. She told Amarok and Milkin with a wistful smile that there was something about the light that felt amazing, the best wind. It would certainly be moving element to have if Teppei is able as an evolved Kiltgang (into a Neoteny), positively influence other designer children. This may very well in the future be the card to saving and sparing lives.
It will definitely make a huge difference now that Globe’s Midsummer Knights have both the Earth and Nebula Engine to fend off the Kiltgang. But the battlefield is still uneven, and Globe now more than ever, needs to find an alliance that isn’t connected to Salty-Dogs or Mcbeth Enterprise. We have met the scientist Marimura who was ecstatic when she was able to see how a designer child’s brain changes once they return to their true selves. She is not only familar with the Designer Children, but knows/takes care of one herself (Setsuna). I am willing to bet that she is most likely working with Salty-Dog but I am still crossing my fingers that she isn’t involved with either parties. However, by not being part of either parties doesn’t mean she isn’t going to become another competitor to deal with. Interestingly enough, her designer child Setsuna, appears to have a female!Pitz, so I wonder whether Setsuna is someone like Hana, or can also simply communicate with her little adorable alien creature.


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  1. Setsuna’s the one I would have least expected to turn out this way, as Amarok and Malkin have been talking about having and using her capsule since the very beginning of the show. It sort of made me figure she was kind of a done deal, so to speak, and was pretty much on their side already. But seeing that cute girl show up with her own little alien squirrel… Come on, Midsummer’s Knights, don’t lose this one.

  2. *screencap 2nd row, 2nd from the left* PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMP!
    Anyway I think one problem with the nebula engines entrance is that it got the worst possible opponent to fight for it’s debut (looking it’s weapons and the way it’s fighting is making me think it’s suppose to be a slow heavy defense artillery type. like Liger Zero Panzer but instead of a crazy amount of missiles it has a cannon so powerful it can be used like 00 Raiser’s massive beam saber blade). Seeing it fight has made me think that when Hana eventually gets her machine it will be something of a fragile speedster(with probably a lot of pink because they have to match the pilot’s suits).
    My main problem with this episode is it finally removes all doubt that one of the Midsummer’s Knights greatest assets is the fact that their enemies hold the idiot ball, Amarok pointed out that they were, as far as they knew, one bullet away from winning the war but they end up deciding letting their new teammate troll Daichi was more important than their mission.

    1. You definitely nailed it on the head with one of the reasons Nebula’s debut was so underwhelming. Perhaps the match-up should have been with Zimbalt or Ai Summer (I forget her real name) instead. But given to how they orchestrated it so that Daichi would lose the fight and Teppei would be sent out to fight as the second layer of defense, it makes it all the more a shame that they didn’t have Daichi lose either one of the previous two fights he had, or- they could have re-arranged it, who knows?
      And as one could put it, they are playing with their food. XD

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