Captain Earth Episode 13

Captain Earth Ep 13 Img 0027FFFFF— I HAD A BAD FEELING THAT KUMIKO WAS GOING TO DIE, EXACTLY THE WAY SHE DID: TAKING THE BULLET FOR BAKU *GROSS SOBBING*… Except well, she was already dead to begin with, but UGH, MY HEART, I CAN’T HANDLE THIS. Baku loved her so much, he wanted to protect her so badly that he revived her at the cost of reviving everyone and giving them immortality until he undone the trick. It hurts like a bitch because now I understand why Kumiko asked if he can restore the Ace of Hearts alone despite holding all the aces together. Kumiko is the Ace of Hearts, and deep within her heart she already knew that what Baku was doing was no magic trick, and it was what revived her when she blew up the boat with the load of mafia business in it in hopes to end them. Had Baku been able to restore the Ace of Hearts alone, then perhaps Kumiko would still be alive. She made it her duty to try and put and end to her father’s business, even at the cost of her own life. So here I am bawling my eyes out because my OTP didn’t even have a chance. The only bittersweet part of it is that despite Baku gaining his memories as Bugbear, he still loved Kumiko dearly and wouldn’t let Malkin touch the bear she had given him. This is the first time we have actually seen a designer child awaken, and still be true to who they wanted to be… until they lost what was the most important to them, in this case for Bugbear, it was Kumiko. As soon as he lost her, even though it was her wish, he snapped, claiming he will devour the whole world, when in reality: all he wants to do is die already. When Daichi was fighting against him, (besides the fact that Amarok pretty much spoiled the moment with his dorky main announcer skit, (because he made me laugh when I knew I shouldn’t have because I was still grieving over Kumiko)) it was very underwhelming, but (thankfully) for a deliberate reason: Bugbear wasn’t fighting his hardest, he didn’t have anything to protect (that includes his own life) so he wasn’t fighting up to his true potential. It could also be viewed as Bugbear subconsciously wanting Daichi to prevent him from taking on his Kiltgang form.
Captain Earth Ep 13 Img 0039A part of me was hoping that Bugbear would have used the opportunity to get away from Amarok and Malkin when the cockpit flew off, but unfortunately he didn’t. Another thing that bummed me out is that Daichi didn’t even try to talk to him. I wanted to shake him and say, “SAY SOMETHING DAMNIT! YOU KNOW HE’S DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHERS!” I don’t know if that would have helped as it could either tick him off even more, or maybe even persuade him to look to the light that Kumiko had mentioned to him, but who knows- that might be Teppei’s job as Lieban got some kind of feeling when she was shot by it and that he decided to name his livlaster DC: Dream Catcher.
There was a lot of talk about Singularity today, as it revolved around Bugbear’s singularity of having been able to restore/revive or what destroyed or killed, but what struck me the most was when Teppei brought up that Daichi might have a singularity of his own. Supposedly, his singularity is being able to sense a Kiltgang attack, but I was convinced at the time when Daichi first experienced that, it was the blue little girl’s doing, so I am still on the fence about this theory, we’ll see how this plays out. Another interesting factor is the livlaster itself. They were discussing how it feels as they revealed today that Daichi cannot wield a gun as his aim is terrible. However that it entirely different while shooting with the livlaster and Daichi described it as if he was a part of him, or it’s like how he throws the boomerang (which is weird comparison, but whatever!).
Next week Hana takes the spotlight! Until then, I’m just going sit here and continue bawling my eyes out.
RIP KUMIKO ; ____ ;
Captain Earth Ep 13 Img 0029


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  1. And they killed the girl. In doing so the series has stepped beyond the bounds that I consider to be acceptable. I am not going to watch this any more.

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