Fairy 1Fairy Tail can be such a tease when it wants to be. Last episode, that splash of blood made me feel as if something had really happened; as if Erza had actually used her hand to stop the blow from Kagura’s attack. But the blood was just an extra to factor into the whole cliff-hanger effect. I’ll forgive that because I liked the intensity of the battle between these two. A lot more was revealed about Kagura’s past and Erza had actually met her as a child. And had saved her.

Fairy 4During the days of the Paradise Tower saga, when children – orphaned or not – were trying to run away from the Paradise Tower henchmen, Erza had found the wandering Kagura and had hid her and was captured in her place. There’s no telling how much like shit Kagura must have felt when her memory reminded her that her red-head savior is the same one she wants to kill just because she caused Simon’s death. It was a humbling moment for her, I’m sure and maybe she wanted to apologise but she wasn’t afforded that opportunity.

Fairy 9
..looking at the angle of the sword, it’s awfully disconcerting to think where exactly Minerva might have pierced Kagura .__.

Kagura was left open and vulnerable, which was the perfect time for Minerva to remind the two of them that she has actually been there the entire time, waiting to strike one down. Honestly, her tactics are disgusting, her entire character is disgusting but before I rant about that, let me stay focused (it’s also funny how there is no blood when she pierces Kagura but, magically, blood appears when she pulls it out. What logic?). But it’s no surprise that she’s waited until both are absolutely worn out from their battle. Erza might have a broken ankle, she’s suffering some injuries and her stamina is bare minimum right now…but maybe her rage and willpower will give her the support she needs to win this battle.

Fairy 2Hisui and Darton are still discussing what future Lucy told them (I’m assuming it’s Lucy, since Hisui kept referring to the future person as “she”). Apparently it might be Armageddon for the human race depending on how the Daimatou Enbu ends – a fact which ontinues to be drilled in our heads in each episode. I’m guessing if Fairy Tail wins then the door won’t need to be opened, but if Sabertooth should win then everything will go absolutely haywire?

Fairy 5The games continue with Juvia facing Cheria, though their battle is more over Cheria’s love of Lyon and Juvia’s defense against her accusations. Rogue might have just signed his death wish by telling Gajeel that he isn’t as strong as Natsu (see that vein?) and Laxus is facing Orga; for a moment the two have a moment chatting it up and “showing off” the magnitude of their power. Up until Jura joins them.

Fairy 8Orga doesn’t look too confident but as always Laxus keeps himself chill even in the dubious times. Probably it will be down to Jura vs. Laxus but this is really anyone’s battle. I honestly think Jura will win because as strong as Laxus is, I don’t think he will win. I’m sure he’ll put up a good fight but this might not be his win.

Fairy 7The Lucy rescue team finally found a way out of Hell’s Palace and ended up somewhere in the castle that looks like the grand dining hall. There, Lucy regains consciousness and starts to tell the guys what they will do in the future that will lead to them getting into more problems. They question her, asking her why she came back and how but again the emotions take over and she can’t say much. Hisui answers those questions when the scene switches back to her and Darton. The dragons will be coming back to reign hell on earth. The same day that they disappeared will be the same day of their return and they’re going to kill everything.

So maybe Hisui will be opening that Eclipse door to save everyone and go back in time so that she can save the people from that future. I’m not too sure that plan would work but probably that’s what she’s thinking she can do to keep everyone from facing that horrible future. I still do not like the Eclipse Plan but if it were to happen then I’d just hope it works.


Fairy 6This love rectangle is turning into my most favorite thing about this series right now. Juvia is so cutte. One day Gray, one day you will learn to accept Juvia’s feelings.