Fairy s2Lucy regained consciousness in episode 12 and told the rescue team about everything that transpired in the future…which is actually in the process of transpiring. The reason she was able to come back to the year 791 was because Eclipse was broken, so instead of her going back 400 years she went back to the most recent past. I’ll brush that off as one big coincidence. She thought they wouldn’t believe her about the swarm of over 10,000 dragons coming back to wreak havoc on the humans but Lucy would have no reason to lie. Jellal knows everything, since she told him and he’s coming up with a plan to help them out.

Lucy gave them a summary of the things that happened in the future on the last day of the Daimatou Enbu and things actually happened that way. As they ran to find an escape, they were cornered by the imperial army, as she predicted. So history is about to repeat itself…Fairy s3Meanwhile, Rogue got a visit from his shadow/alter ego during his showdown with Gajeel. His evil shadow took over his body, and ordered him to kill Gajeel; what it has against the guy, I don’t even know. But Gajeel ate the shadows while he was down and used the properties along with his steel magic. Pretty much the same way Natsu ate Laxus’ lightening, got the properties and mixed it with his fire magic. And we find out that Rogue is not Rogue’s actual name. His name is Raios and in the past, he had been Gajeel’s disciple.

Fairy 1Their show-down continued in episode 13 and Gajeel basically blasted Rogue to oblivion and exorcised him of his demon. Apparently, the shadow was testing the extent of Rogue’s power and Rogue isn’t as strong as the shadow seems to would have liked. It slithers off after that, but it will appear again. Gajeel got one point for Fairy Tail after that battle and Frosche came down to beg Gajeel not to beat up Rogue anymore. Frosche is the sweetest puss ever, to be quite honest. Fairy 5The Garou Knights are back, and that’s hardly a surprise. Most of Kama’s make-up is gone though, including the cloth that was around his mouth. Now the rescue team, plus future Lucy, are in a bit of a pinch because these guys along with the imperial army are gonna cause them a bit of trouble.

Fairy 3Arcadios slipped away during all of this though and thinks Hisui is lying about the Eclipse project. She told him that the person who came from the future told her of another way to use Eclipse, known as Eclipse 2. That involves using the power (which is a lot stronger than Etherion) as a defense against the dragons but while future Lucy spoke with the rescue team, she didn’t mention anything of that sort. Actually, she doesn’t even have a strategy how to stop the future events from happening but she’s hoping Jellal can help them. The princess isn’t lying but her information came from a different source. Who that person is, I don’t remember.

Fairy 4Minerva upsets me every time she gets screen time. She has a dirty way of fighting and a dirty, pathetic way of beating her chest. How powerful are you really, for further beating up someone who really has no real fight in them – and a lot of injuries?? She’s done a number on Erza and is about ready to end things. It seems Kagura might try to do something to help her out, just as soon as she regains her strength. Hopefully something happens because Minerva is annoying the hell out of me. She has no dignity as an antagonist.

fAIRY 6Meanwhile, in just one attack Jura K.O’d Orga; who I actually thought would have put up more of a fight – maybe even moreso than Laxus, if I can take it further. But Jura is so damn strong. Laxus can put up a fight, I’m sure but I honestly don’t see him winning this battle. During those seven years when they were frozen in time, Jura moved up the Ten Saints ladder to fifth-rank.

Fairy coverLaxus still ended the episode like a boss.

This battle probably ends in the next episode. Gray and Juvia have teamed up against Lyon and Cheria, and I love how Lyon tries not to hurt Juvia during battle. And maybe in the next episode, we’ll know who’s giving the Princess false information. Hopefully in the next episode, Minerva dies.