Episode 363 Impression

The rest of the allied forces are here – and I’m just as surprised as Madara is! Perhaps not to the fact that the villages can cooperate together so efficiently, but rather that their combined attacks actually did something to hinder the Juubi, even if only for a little while. Obscuring the Juubi’s vision and movement then overwhelming it with a series of Suiton and Katon jutsu is actually really impressive for an army that, at this point is pretty much equivalent to cannon fodder – I guess the idea of strength in numbers actually does work in some scenarios. Although now that they’ve decided to jump down into the massive crater along with a now-freed Juubi, I don’t think things will be going their way for much longer.

The Juubi is an immense monster. There’s no other way for me to describe it – putting aside its chakra levels and sheer size (it’s bigger than both the Hachibi and Kyuubi by several times) it also has a sort of power we haven’t really seen thus far. It also looks as creepy as hell (far creepier than I remember at least) with its…creepy eye and huge teeth. Madara’s decision to test its power ended up revealing just how overwhelming the Juubi can be – that thing is ridiculous! It deflected Bee’s Bijuudama with a casual flick, and its own nuclear bombs produced multiple giant explosions (if you remember, Naruto and Bee’s combined one in the previous episode only destroyed one mountain :D) Imagine if someone becomes its Jinchuuriki. If Ino and Hinata (!) hadn’t stepped in to save the day, the Juubi would have ended the war all by itself. I didn’t think Obito would have fallen for even a single Yamanaka mind jutsu, as nerfed as he is – although it’s true that other characters have been doing outlandish things too. Kakashi can Kamui an entire bijuu now!