Alright, we’re here. Almost to the end, in these last few episodes can I find a few reasons to care about these main characters.

Episode 10, beginning of the nightmare. With Halloween approaching, Tsugumi gets a note from her mother saying that her dog is dying. I want to care, I really do. I have a lot of sympathy for animals usually, but maybe because it’s Tsugumi I can’t make myself care.

Meme forgets about it and hurts Tsugumi, I told you it was a stupid character trait. Meme sleepwalks out of the dorm all together. Meme goes into the room from before, the one with Clay and Akane and Sid.

Clay and Akane follow them there, saying they were helping Sid with some late night overtime. Not sure I really believe that one. Akane takes Meme to see Sid and Clay takes Akane and Meme home.

I have an odd feeling in my stomach, maybe there is something more to her memory loss then I first thought. Well I take back everything I said now. This is actually a really clever turn of events.

Tsugumi and Anya get a messenger bat with a message saying Meme wanted to see them. I have such a bad feeling, I really doubt that message was sent by her. They go to see her, sneaking in past the guards,

Now possessed by the witch she attacks her two friends, then kidnaps Tsugumi and tells her to turn into a weapon if she doesn’t want to die. Clay and Akane pursue. Shaula comes n and helps in the escape.

DAMN, THIS GOT INTERESTING FAST! She got Sid! Damn man! Possessing people all over the town, Sid-Sensei…is this why he was turned into a zombie? Is this what led to that?

Oh yeah, something about Anya being a princess and they having to send her home because of the danger….


We open next episode with none of the darkness of the last, Maka and Soul fighting with Black Star and Tsubaki at the Battle Tournament. Liz and Patty working their jobs and the city having the festival happily.

vlcsnap-15166490 vlcsnap-15166736

Then before too long shit goes down, her minions with her poison in a glove go around attacking others. All of the people going the attacks seem to be Not! students.

Kim and Jackie help Tsugumi out in getting out to Anya and Meme. Anya is determined to get back to them.

Akane and Anya are going to fight! I love this, this is fan…..CHEAP MOVE ANYA! YES, THAT’S RIGHT. SOUL RESONANCE WITH ANYA!!!!! SHE GOT THE GOOD ONE.


They go to get the antidote from Stein and give it to Meme. They use the messenger bat to track down the witch. The showdown is here! LET’S DO THIS IN THE LAST EPISODE! Oh my god, okay…this whole thing took so long to make me care about the main characters. As long as the last episode runs as well as these two I will be very happy.


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  1. Moonlight

    I have to say, I thought the series was cute generally and relaxing, but with these last couple of episodes I’ve been glued to the computer screen in excitement. I’m really looking forward to the final episode!

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