Fairy 2I don’t know about anyone else but the conversation between Hisui and Darton, about the possible “10,000 dragon” Armageddon based on the results of the Daimatou Enbu, is just about gettng redundant. And I’m glad this is the last episode that I’ll be hearing it because the Grand Magic Games has finally come to an end. The result is far happier than I remember, somewhere along the way I lost the order of events that unfolded in the manga. Fairy 8Laxus won his battle and that took me by surprise, because Jura is so powerful and ranked fifth among the ten strongest mages. During their battle, Makarov was doubtful and someone had mentioned that Laxus had beat Raven by himself. But Raven isn’t even on the same level as Jura, not even remotely and his strength was just an illusion. He was weak and Laxus didn’t even have to break that much of a sweat to beat his old man. But I’m happy for his win! Look at all that scuffing on his face, there’s no blood but it’s still obvious that Jura did a number on him. Good on you Laxus!!

Oh snap
Oh snap. That’s that Nakagami Armor

Erza’s just about had it with Minerva’s shit and released her Second Origin to fight the witch. I had no idea (or hope, rather) that Erza had that much strength left, what with her busted leg and other injuries. And this armor consumes a lot of energy because of its strength to cut through any type of magic. It’s almost an invincible type of armor. But her anger and need to take revenge for her friends gave her the strength she needed to beat that old hag down. And beat her down she did. One strike tore up Minerva’s dress, leaving her humiliated. Good on you too, Erza! I knew you could do it! (Actually I didn’t but hey, the odds were truly in her favor).

Fairy 5Natsu and the gang are still having a bit of a struggle getting through the guards and Garou Knights, meanwhile Juvia steals a chance to snug on Grey after their victory. They won against Lyon and Cheria by using their strong teamwork against the weakness of Cheria’s and Lyon’s partnership. And like I always say: Teamwork makes the dream work. They scored quite a bit of points that seemed to secure their victory as the strongest guild – and regain the title they had seven years ago – but there was one person left to defeat.

Fairy 6At first, Sting was all fired up to beat the worn mages of Fairy Tail but realized he couldn’t. He was going to do it all for Lector, just so he could see his friend again but in the back of his mind Minerva is defeated and somehow that told him that he wouldn’t see his puss. And not only that, the new strength he boasted of would mean nothing if he used it against mages who were just about ready to collapse but stood on the ground of their willpower. Also, he respects the Fairy Tail mages far more than to have such an unfair battle with them. Sting has quite a bit of character to him, and has a lot of heart. He just wanted to get his friend back.

Fairy 1And he got back his Lector, who was so cute napping in Milliana’s arms I wish I could snuggle him. All’s well that ends well, right? But not quite.

Fairy 7Arcadios tried to find the princess but was too late. She’s about to activate Eclipse 2 and here I actually thought that it would have been activated if Fairy Tail DIDN’T win. I didn’t see this coming…I don’t remember things happening this way at all…

BUT MOVING ON! Natsu has put a lot more urgency in fighting off the guards and Garou Knights, now that he knows it’s just about nightfall, the games are over and he needs to tell the guild about the Eclipse Project. But I don’t think they will be able to make it back to the guild in time.

Also the new OP, as always it’s rife with spoilers but I like the song. Of course, I had grown partial to Masayume Chasing but the new song isn’t bad at all.