Glasslip Episode 2: Impromptu Confession


Glasslip 2 Img019If there’s one thing I can predict with reasonable accuracy about Glasslip, it’s that the character dynamics in this show will fluctuate wildly – perhaps even on a weekly basis, if everyone keeps acting in such a confrontational manner. I’m actually appreciating how every character wears their heart on their sleeves – there’s no need for Yanagi to say anything about her feelings, because as soon as the shot pans towards her I can immediately tell what she’s thinking. Similarly, while it took me a couple of episodes, I’m beginning to figure out Sachi as well – she’s got the hots for Touko, hasn’t she? It would explain why she too stood up in protest alongside Yukinari over Kakeru’s advances towards Touko last episode. Perhaps she’s a reserved person by nature, but I don’t think the unwritten ban on dating within the group is the most severe of her relationship problems. Rather, the fear of a stigmatic response to her yuri attraction to Touko is probably what’s eating away at her inside – I honestly don’t think the group members being open to dating is going to change a damn thing for poor Sacchan.

Glasslip 2 Img023So Hiro likes Sachi, who likes Touko who in turn will come to like Kakeru who likes Touko. But at the same time, Yanagi likes Yukinari who also likes Touko. Dear god, it’s like the vengeful spirit of Okada Mari has come back to haunt us. It’s clear that the majority of them have no intention of including Kakeru in their group, although I think his existence and actions will be enough to severely affect the dynamics within it. Yukinari is definitely irked by his presence, to the point that he’s willing to jump the gun and spring an impromptu confession onto a flustered Touko in the fear that Kakeru might get there first. That really escalated quickly. Alas, this ship is undoubtedly doomed right from the very start, and I think Yana-chan is aware of it – she was scared shitless at first, but now that she’s overheard Touko’s bewilderment she probably thinks she can now take her time with Yukinari. It’s a bit unfortunate that this had to happen right before she was going to confess herself – I guess she’ll be rethinking that for a couple more episodes. At least, I’m sure she’ll support Touko x Kakeru wholeheartedly. Or maybe even Touko x Sacchan! It’s an opportunity to ship Touko off with someone after all.

Glasslip 2 Img036Although it’s still taking a back seat to the romantic drama, I’m glad that they’re not neglecting the fantasy element to Glasslip too much. He saw what she saw, and he knows that she knows about it – sadly, I certainly didn’t know Touko was aware of her ability. In retrospect, I didn’t relaly think much of the fact that she acted unnaturally calm after seeing a future vision of those fireworks. Kakeru says that they’re experiencing fragments of the future, and Touko reveals that her precognition is triggered through shiny objects like glass – at the moment, it feels like we’re getting fragments of the explanation more than anything else. I, too, am wondering what Touko will do with her power! At any rate, it seems like this’ll all be used as a mechanic to drive a couple of relationships forward, instead of instigating a plot of its own – with how the fragments get far stronger when the two of them are together, the show has almost cemented this pairing in stone by the second episode. Although I wouldn’t put it past P.A. Works to engineer some sort of vision of a tragedy that they all have to prevent. I don’t know, maybe Touko dies in a glass-blowing accident or something.

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  1. One thing I noticed from last week, and again this week, is some of the scenes during the ending sequence, where Kakeru is usually in the background while the rest of the group is having fun together. I get the feeling he probably won’t really become a part of the group, at least for a good portion of the series.

    1. P.A. Works have always been great with intentional imagery and symbolism. Taking a second look at the ED, there’s a bit more there than I initially realized – five chickens on the ground while a bird is in the sky, or Kakeru facing the opposite direction from the group while being part of the background as you said. Unlike Tsumugu I agree he won’t be accepted quickly, if at all – the thing that strongly ties him to Touko is something they probably can’t talk about to others, while I don’t see Sachi and Yukinari warming up to him any time soon.

  2. I now support the unconventional pairing of Touko x Sachi. In fact, if Touko did hook up with her, it would solve a lot of problems. Can’t angst about not getting the girl if she only likes girls.
    As for the future-seeing plotline, I have a feeling this is gonna cause some “That’s So Raven” type scenarios.

    1. The yuri ship has set sail! It’s definitely a fresh twist, and a welcome one given that I haven’t seen yuri-based romance for some time, much less from a P.A. Works show with a gender-balanced cast. Touko x Sachi would make both Hiro and Kakeru unhappy while leaving Yanagi x Yukinari intact – I don’t think too many people are fond of David (myself included) so it’d be a fairly acceptable resolution to the love polygon. If there even is a resolution at all, that is.

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