Happiness Charge Precure! Episode 23

Happiness Charge Precure! Ep 23 Img 0021In this week’s episode, two things finally happened: The first is FINALLY finding out the reason why Hime had opened the Axia box and the second, team Happiness Charge Precure is officially together.
So my speculation that Hime had been tricked into opening the box was on the mark, but I was surprised to hear that it is a tradition in the Blue Sky Kindgom to pray to the Axia-box, especially when it turns out that there was something malicious is sealed within it, taking advantage of Hime’s kindness and ruined her kingdom. Poor Hime has to bear the burden of falling for such a cheap trick and watch her Kingdom fall into ruins.
Happiness Charge Precure! Ep 23 Img 0003But I think whatever was in that box, obviously took advantage and possessed Mirage when she was at perhaps either her lowest point or during her most vulnerable state. Our hint is that Blue supposedly was the one who told her that Love, Kindness, Courage and Happiness are all illusions. Either that is a misunderstanding that happened between them, or whatever is possessing her right now to have turned her this way is twisting the words within her memory. There is definitely a part of Mirage that is still there as she reacted to Blue’s voice, who had just jumped into the scene at the nick of time when she was going to annihilate Happiness Charge right then and there. Blue had tried to talk her out of it and tell her that it’s not too late, she can still become good, but that didn’t work. Then Megumi really ticked her off when she protested that Love, Kindness, Courage and Happiness are not illusions, and spoke of Happiness- because Mirage wanted to wipe her off the face of the planet right then and there- luckily that didn’t happen. Well Mirage was in a sour mood to begin with since Phantom went off to Pikarigaoka without her permission.
There was also an interesting tidbit that Mirage accusing Megumi for being responsible for giving Blue power. Though frankly I have no idea what power she is referring to- especially when Megumi was pretty much the last one of the entire group to become a Precure. Maybe it’s love, I don’t know, but we’ll find out eventually as it shows that Blue doesn’t like sharing too much about himself and his past relationship with Mirage.
Happiness Charge Precure! Ep 23 Img 0028I really enjoyed Hime’s and Iona’s interactions today. It was so cute to see Iona’s economical personality, always searching for the best bargain (saving money ftw!) and Hime being all shy and worried about creating awkward situations/conversations. I am glad that Hime opened up to Iona about what had happened, but frankly speaking- I think it would have been better to have everyone hear it, especially when Megumi and Yuuko have been so good to her, and Iona hasn’t in the past. Speaking of which, Iona felt terrible when she heard the truth because she realized that she never bothered listening or try understanding Hime’s circumstances and how she was so mean to her because all she was thinking about was herself. And that is something I am glad they addressed at the very least because it would have been annoying to see it be slipped under the rug for convenience sakes.
The animation was super awesome today, like hot damn that fight was awesome and it wasn’t even a big boss episode!
Next week looks like-OH SHIT! POOR SEIJI HIS POOR HEART AND MEGUMI FALLS MORE IN LOVE WITH BLUE!!!! FFFFFF——-WHY DO I HAVE TO BE AWAY NEXT WEEK!?!?! THE WAIT IS GOING TO KILL ME! On that note, Starting next week: Episode 24 – 26 will be delayed since I will have no internet access for the next two and half weeks. Unfortunately there is nobody on the team who is watching Happiness Charge Precure! so there won’t be anyone to fill me in. This also applies to Captain Earth andYu-Gi-Oh Arc-V.


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0 thoughts on “Happiness Charge Precure! Episode 23

  1. This was a good episode. I really felt like we made progress here.
    Blue needs to open up a bit more, though. The girls have been sharing personal stuff about themselves and their pasts and admitting their mistakes, it’s time for him to do the same.
    Two and a half weeks without internet?! How will you survive?!

    1. I agree, Blue needs to open up a bit. Perhaps he will with Megumi next week.
      It will be brutal. But you know what the timing is good because my wrists haven’t been in the greatest condition for the past few weeks. I’ve been taking it easy this week so that it can be kinda like 3 week break- but I will be coming back with a ton of work to do ahahaha *SOBS*
      TT v TT;;;|||| I’ll probably catch up to Precure first before anything else though.

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