๑→‿ฺ←๑ *blush*
๑→‿ฺ←๑ *blush*

First of all, the OP is one of the most random openings I’ve ever heard. Who’d have thunk one of DMX’s raps would be used?? It was so unexpected that I liked it and I had to go on another site to check if there had been some mistake. But for whatever reason, his song was chosen; I LIKE IT! So without further ado, I present to you:


Hime 2The story of a boy who was being chased by two weird men, who dressed him in a maid outfit just to sell him off to some other guy with that Boku no Pico fetish. And the student council members of the Shimoshina High School rescued him because his beauty was too beautiful for them not to save him (who was a her, in their minds). On the basis of his beauty, they offered him membership in the student council. So I’m guessing these girls only like beautiful and really cute girls; and that’s the requirement for gaining a position in the student council body.

The BEST way to put this question
The BEST way to put this question

He tried to convince the girls that he is, in fact, a boy but the girls wouldn’t believe him until they lifted the skirt of his maid outfit to see the print of his….manliness in his underwear. Unwilling to accept this cruel joke, the girls bribe him into joining the student council and being the student council dog by promising to pay off his debts incurred by his carefree parents who’re always travelling. And they actually don’t give him much of a choice. So they get him a fitting wig and the female uniform then introduced him as the newest member of the student council; while of course adding the little fact that he’s actually a boy.

Hime 5There was a unanimous gasp among the student body – quite the mellow reaction than the exaggerated response I expected – then a random girl with her maid(?) begrudgingly grumbled over the student council doing whatever they want to do. Will she probably cause problems for Hime? Probably.

Hime 6 Well, excepting the public humiliation and his mancard being ultimately taken from him, the good side is the fact that he’s cute – as both a guy and a girl (mostly as a girl, but it works both ways). I predict that this is mostly for shits and giggles, there’s hardly anything interesting about these characters and maybe some subtle romantic moments may spring up here and there but I don’t think I’ll be blogging this. I’ll be watching though.

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  1. Mekem

    Those crazy random sub groups, changing OPs and adding interesting subtitles. xD

    1. charlmeister

      Lol it makes Himegoto that much funnier. They should keep it that way.

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