Love Stage!! ~Episode 3: If only it were a dream

Not even gonna lie, having just finished my Zankyou No Terror review. Love Stage is going to be a very welcome change of pace. Oh how I do love senselessly wonderful boy love.

Izumi waking up to go to school is approached by Rei asking if he knows anything about the strange colored marble the maid found in the laundry. It seems like after the whole mess of his being a boy being revealed he was unable to return the marble to Ryouma.


It’s cracked and he drops it and cracks it even more, it seems he needs to go to Ryouma and apologize now. Rei instead tells him to go get a marble that looks just like it and give it back with a guiltless expression. Rei muses that the marble was nothing special but believing in it made Izumi give an amazing performance, perhaps he’s not such a lost cause after all.

Izumi is doing his thing where during club he is trying to draw manga so he can enter a new comer contest and show his merit. To be honest, he still sucks. Ryouma is trying to go on with his regular life, filming a drama in which he is playing a cop trailing a suspect back to their house and seeing them with their daughter.

vlcsnap-2208351 vlcsnap-2208417

The little girl looks like little boy/girl Izumi and distracts Ryouma from doing the shoot properly. Ten years of feelings don’t go away overnight, even if you do realize suddenly that the person you’ve loved for that long is a man.

He realizes he needs to go confront Izumi so under the pretense of getting his good luck charm back, he goes to the Sena household. Rei looks so horrified when he says he came to get his charm. It’s so cute!

You know, thinking about it if Izumi is really serious about manga couldn’t he just write it and draw up crappy storyboards and leave the real art to an artist? Sort of like the set up in Bakuman? Wouldn’t that honestly be the easiest way to do it? I’m getting off track..

Izumi is told to come home immediately and apologize for the marble since there is no choice at this point. Ryouma’s true intentions aren’t to get his marble back but to see Izumi one last time to make himself fall out of love with him. I’m gonna spoil it here, it doesn’t work, once again we would be really screwed out of a series if it was that easy.



…….This anime just smacked me right in the fan girl, it was all dreamy and amazing. So uh, yeah, Shougo stops Ryouma from going down on his brother right then and there. Sorry Ryouma, you’re pretty gay. You came here to prove you weren’t but the bad news fairy has hit like a train.


Oh man, watch out Ryouma. Big brother is pissed!


So as they go to film together, Shougo and Ryouma, Shougo shows up a bunch of bright smiles and sunshine. Though ready to kill his co-star. Ryouma shows up…

vlcsnap-2166216 vlcsnap-2166432

looking like death.

He begs Shougo for help and we end the episode with a image of Izumi sulking in his room. Ah, we’ve only reached the start of the wonderful contrived yaoi drama awaiting us! Speaking of, I should go check if the manga updated.

vlcsnap-2156320 vlcsnap-2161072 vlcsnap-2157424vlcsnap-2205384 vlcsnap-2205624 vlcsnap-2205971 vlcsnap-2204865 vlcsnap-2162915


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  1. Sadly the manga hasn’t updated quite yet, i think the author is busy with the anime or it is still in raw. BUT this episode was the best, they gladly didn’t remove the love scene from the manga but they have changed it up a bit which i guess they had to do. Next wednesday, new episode and more fangirling!

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