Akame 5 Img042We didn’t know much about Sheele before, but I can now say for certain that she’s a nice person – really clumsy perhaps, but nice nonetheless. It’s almost surprising how she can have such talent in being an assassin when she’s useless at almost everything else, but killing doesn’t stop her from being a good person in general – these two traits are pretty much mutually exclusive amongst every character bar the members of Night Raid. Like the others, Sheele has had a rough past, and eventually ended up in Night Raid – I felt her training time with Tatsumi was rather short, although I suppose the entire point of this rotation is to delve into these backstories one by one. Uncomfortably enough, a rather searing image of a naked Bulat seems to be a recurring thing each episode. It’s actually a bit weird that we learnt hardly anything about Akame during Tatsumi’s session with her, even though it also doubled as Tatsumi’s induction into Night Raid – I’m assuming it’s being shelved aside for a more appropriate time.

Akame 5 Img034The plot’s definitely in motion now, even though there’s still this strange running emphasis on food all the time within Night Raid. The upper echelons of the command hierarchy are now very much aware of the people going around killing all their sympathizers, and have sent a person named Esdeath to deal with them – naturally, she happens to be a powerful ice-type Teigu user. I’m finding her very, uh… intimidating, least of all because Najenda believes she has the strongest Teigu – it seems like she has the sadistic habit of brutalizing many of the people she kills. Seriously, why are all those corpses in pieces and skewered on spears? Was that really necessary, Esdeath? And the area’s supposed hero is in a horribly emasculated state as well. Hopefully her kill count won’t rise much past a very cheerful 400,000 after she comes into contact with Night Raid, although I won’t be banking on it. I’m guessing that encounter is still a ways off though, given that there are some further undercurrents being explored as well – Tatsumi and his desire to reunite with Sayo and Ieyasu, for one. I thought he’d managed to get over their deaths a long time ago, but apparently not – it’s clearly going to be used as a way to tempt him into something in the future.

Akame 5 Img060Finally, Hanazawa Kana continues displaying her surprising (but not infinite) variety through a cheerful girl named Seryuu, who seems to be genuinely pursuing justice as far as I can see. Actually, I don’t know – is there really this sort of a person amidst all this corruption? She’s also cute, but I’ve already learnt that this means absolutely nothing this show. I suppose Seryuu seems okay for now, but what I’m really not liking is that she’s with the imperial army, and was on good terms with Ogre before he was killed by Tatsumi. She probably has a couple more screws loose than Sheele if she actually admired Ogre – and just in general, no-one so far that’s had anything to do with the empire has ever turned out to be good. Ever.

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  1. Morlphing

    Everyone in this manga have a suprisingly side, you can’t really see that side just through they first appear. But… the nest episode gonna be… too much for me to see…hic…hic
    But yeah, Esdeath finally appear, want to know what is her Teigu. Don’t worry, knowing that won’t have any spoil for the story or the upcoming plot.

    1. Vantage

      But both Seryuu and that thing seem so friendly and harmless and… that’s what she really is, right? Riiiiiiight? wary glance

      Don’t reveal anything about Esdeath. I can tell she’s going to be a great source of gore, so I want to revel in it first-hand. Those were some elaborate corpses up in the North though.

      1. Morlphing

        Yeah, Seryuu and that thing are frienly and harmless… most of the time.

  2. Vange Chandran

    I really loved this episode! Even though episodes 2-4 were kind of slow, the plot is finally moving. Schere’s backstory was animated really well, and it did a good job reconciling her kindness with her assassination career. It also explains why in episode one she apologized to Aria’s mother after she killed her. She knows killing is wrong, but she’s good at it. If the shoe fits… xD

    I actually expected this episode to end at the scene with Schere comforting Tatsumi, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that we also met not only Esdese but also Seryuu! I think Hanazawa Kana did a great job as Seryuu so far, but I think what will make or break this character is Hanazawa’s acting in next week’s episode. As you may have seen in the PV for next week’s episode, there’s a really intense battle coming up. You’ll most likely get to see Seryuu in action next week, and it’s terrifying.

    Even though I’m excited about seeing Esdese and Seryuu, they’re my least favorite characters. They’re both cruel and absolutely crazy. Esdese’s debut was impressive though. The scene with that general guy licking her boots is as cringe-worthy as expected, and it gives an interesting first impression. But like you said, Esdese vs Night Raid doesn’t happen for a while. Seryuu is the biggest threat right now. >.> I’m both excited and dreading next week!

    1. Vantage

      Yeah, that thing seems like it’s going to grow and start rampaging! HanaKana is doing a great job with diversifying these days (Sengoku Nadeko in Monogatari, Rize in Tokyo Ghoul) so I’m sure she’ll perform well as always. I’m already scared of Esdeath, but I’m only feeling unease over Seryuu, who is still otherwise innocent and cheery to me so far.

      …That’s a painful lie, isn’t it.

      1. Shiki

        Yeah i think that Seryuu is not really a nice person either.. i mean come on.. the last sentences in that episode were: “Let’s go coro. I bet you are hungry.. How would you like five death-row inmates?” .. and that in a cheery voice.. like serious.. inmates as meal for fun?

        Prepare for feels in the next episode q.q

        1. Vantage

          That thing can apparently grow big and scary, according to the preview. There’s still a lot for me to learn about both living-type Teigu and Seryuu herself. My hopes are high for the next episode, I have a feeling she’ll be a great character.

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