Fairy 8The dragons continue to roar and spit their magic everywhere…though the destruction seems to be minor for now. The citizens have been moved to safety and everyone else is just about ready to start battling with the dragons. Meanwhile Lahar and Doranbolt have a small discussion about Jellal’s request – the particulars unknown to us for most of the episode – and granting his wish, though they are suspicious of him. I don’t know why they’re still suspicious…but I guess Jellal’s 360 to do good hasn’t really impressed them to trust him enough without doubts.

fAIRY s2I’m kind of surprised that everyone seems so shocked that their magic isn’t working on the dragons – Fairy Tail, in particular. Excluding those who hadn’t been frozen in time on Tenroujima Island and faced Acnologia, those who did seem to have forgotten just what they were dealing with, and are now dealing with. This took up a lot of the episode, everyone trying their magic and exerting full hundred percent power and then staring in shock when nothing happened. But it doesn’t stop them from trying.

Fairy S3Zirconis is the only chatterbox dragon around. He says he likes conversation yet spends half the time monologuing. He may be confused…But he told Wendy (after she asked him why) that all the dragons just decided to follow Rogue because he’d given them a speech that sounded good and they all followed him. So the dragons don’t really know what’s happening but follow because Rogue told them something good? Then can’t anyone do that? How is that an art or magic if it’s so simple to control these dragons?

Fairy 9But Rogue couldn’t control Acnologia, which makes a lot of sense since Rogue is human and Acnologia doesn’t waste time listening to the business of humans. However, being able to control the dragons would actually give him the advantage of defeating Acnologia as he claims – but I honestly doubt it’s as easy as he makes it seem. Plus for him to truly be the Dragon King, wouldn’t he need to become like Ancologia himself – that is, in the way he became the Dragon King? I’m not quite sure Rogue thought this through.

fAIRY s5Natsu stops all the noise though and finally does some real damage to the dragon Rogue was riding, and bellowed for all to hear that the Dragon Slayers are the ones who have to fight. It seems everyone is forgetting what they’re supposed to doing and when they’re needed most. Jellal’s request to Doranbolt and Lahar was to free Cobra…just for the fight against the dragons.

Fairy S1I’m glad Cobra is back in the game. I really liked him during the Oracion Seis days, both him and Hoteye.

On a sidenote:

Fairy 6I’ve just about had enough of this old lady.