Happiness Charge Precure! Episode 27: The Insanity the comes along with Love Triangles

This is hands down, the best episode to date. It was full of joy, laughter and some bittersweet moments. Hime’s reaction to thinking she was in love and being caught up in a love triangle was absolutely priceless along with her crazy and over-dramatic imaginations. Despite the fact Hime had concluded with Yuuko that she was in fact, not in love with Seiji and that he and Megumi are perfect for each other, I have no doubt in my mind that Hime has some lingering feelings deep within her heart. Whether that will blossom into truly falling in love with Seiji, we will see. What we do know for sure is that Hime too, wants to have someone special in her heart.
Happiness Charge Precure! Ep 27 Img 0012It was quite a surprise (but also a huge relief) when Yuuko revealed that she has experienced intense love in the past, but it didn’t work out, so she had simply wished happiness for her beloved. Before she shared that, I am sure it wasn’t just me who was freaking out: “OH SHIT. YUUKO IS IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE. CRAP SHE HAS UNREQUITED LOVE AS WELL AW SNAP. THIS JUST GOT UBER COMPLICATED.” because hot damn, that would’ve been insane. Having two love triangles in play was already overwhelming, and featuring that for an entire episode burned me out- so thank god they had put the second triangle on hold.

Happiness Charge Precure! Ep 27 Img 0010
Ugh, you can see his heart breaking. *SOBS*

It was quite bold of Seiji to have mustered up the courage to asks Blue how does he feel towards Megumi. The last thing Seiji wants to see is Megumi heartbroken, even if it means breaking his own heart. Like Yuuko, he wishes her happiness with whomever she falls in love with. As of right now, both Megumi and Seiji describe their relationship to be like family. However for Seiji’s case, it is little bit more of a denial excuse to protect what he has with Megumi, especially when Nakakelda called him out on being in love (you can’t fool those who have experienced it at some point in their lives). Also is it bad that a part of me wants to see Seiji turn to the Phantom Empire? Ahaha, I don’t know the idea appealed to me when I saw how Seiji was standing in the darkness while Blue was sitting in the light. Anyhow, Seiji as a terribad is not an opponent to you want to face on your own. He is a tough one to beat, and was only cleansed when Hime and Megumi combined their powerful feelings they have for him to power themselves up. Once again, this served as a prime example that by having strong feelings for someone and the desire to protect them makes the Precure stronger.
The new Ending-Theme is absolutely fantastic. Usually I am not a huge fan of the precure songs, but this ED is very fun and enjoyable to listen to. It appears that it may be hinting of their new (power-up) precure outfits. If so, I look forward to them, they are very pretty!!! Next week: Precure from Hawaii needs backup to take back hawaii so we’ll be seeing some international precures wooo! Sounds like a filler episode, but I quite excited to see different Precures outside of the usual group!


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