Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus ~ ep 6

This episode starts once again with the flashback of Ciel’s family dying, his being taken into captivity and summoning Sebastian. Each time it goes over this it goes into more detail each time.


We cut back to Sebastian and William’s talk from the last episode, in which Sebastian bargains for only one hour of freedom. Under the idea that he never hunts for souls in Williams territory again. His offer is promptly declined but he is allowed to move around without Ciel.

The next thing we get is a flashback to the Jack the Ripper arc, i’ve mentioned before how much I appreciate that this show doesn’t assume that you’ve seen the first two seasons and covers the canon things that happened in them. However, small amount of canon content that may be.

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Sebastian, once again up to his tricks of seducing women for information. This time, canonically. Stupid nun scene, er um, anyway. So he seduces Beast based on the pain she feels from her unrequited love for Joker. They have intercourse and she stills the beans about her their ‘father’ is.
Sebastian gets Ciel and leaves that place, bringing him back to their home outside of home.

In which they meet up once again with Soma and Agni. Soma can tell immediately that Ciel is really sick, despite this. Ciel wants to get back to work and report what they found to the cops.

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Soma will have no part of this at all though, he commands Agni to make sure they won’t leave the house.

I have to say I completely forgot about this speech that Agni gives to Sebastian. Despite it being one of my favorite moments of the manga. I think the look in Sebastian’s eyes, realizing that he may of failed as a butler to Ciel in risking his health really shows how much this facade of being a butler means to him.
I mean, we all know in the end all he wants is Ciel’s soul. In the meanwhile all he wants is to be a proper butler to him. When realizing that he might be failing at this, it gives him a flaw that he was severely lacking before.


In the first anime I considered him almost a Gary-Stu but this moment really sets him as more of a character then that. So they put Ciel in bed and force him to rest.

Back at the circus, they send Doll to get Joker and discuss going after a high profile target. We all know this is Ciel. Everyone knows, tomorrow, this all ends tomorrow. No matter what.


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