Akame ga Kill! Episode 11: Kill the Mad Scientist


One down, and first blood goes to Night Raid.

Akame 11 Img047That was creepy and weird on so many levels – I must say, I’m relieved that Dr. Stylish is dead, and that of the Jaegers he was the first one to go. There’s certainly no love lost on my part. I never took kindly to Seryuu’s body modding, so it was a bit icky seeing a bunch of enemies attack the base while equipped with the sort of shit Stylish was messing around with. And Stylish himself didn’t exactly boast the most… stylish “final form” – I guess he was a crazy mad scientist to the very end. Although to begin with, it’s not like he had the charisma some of the other Jaegers have, despite what his pitiable subordinates might have told him. In the first place, it was quite a bad idea to go mounting an immediate attack without Esdeath’s help, instead operating only with a bunch of his lackeys – even if some of them were Teigu users. In the end, Stylish has a support-type Teigu, and has proper offensive power only through his men. I don’t think he was ever supposed to be a front-line combatant, even as a member of the Jeagers. Esdeath still doesn’t know that Tatsumi is part of Night Raid, and exterminating them is the ultimate objective of the Jaegers either way – their help in the form of numbers and skill would have overwhelmed Night Raid. It might sound strange that I’m commenting on how the enemy could have better ambushed the protagonists, but it felt like a really rash decision – especially as it’s not like they were going to move base or anything. Oh well, Stylish paid the price. He ded.

Akame 11 Img035At the same time, Dr. Stylish managed to come up with some admittedly smart strategies, which perhaps might have been the reason behind his confidence. The fact that Night Raid members like Akame are infamous means that it’s easy to think up counter-strategies for them and whatever Teigu they might possess – Stylish’s answer was to essentially have them go up against enemies they wouldn’t be very “effective” against. In Akame’s case, it was pretty evident that Toby had the vast majority of his body parts replaced by machines and weapons, Seryuu-style – which meant that Murasame would no longer work like it normally could, as machine parts aren’t alive. Similarly, Team Stylish managed to counter Incursio through pitting it up against a Teigu which could bypass its strong defences – which happened to be Sheele’s. I think Night Raid took a couple of large steps towards avenging Sheele and Bulat through killing Dr. Stylish – especially Sheele, as I spy an unhappy Seryuu in the preview for next week’s episode. Good. On a slightly unrelated note, I prefer Mine with her hair down. She looks more grown-up, somehow.

Akame 11 Img038When all of Night Raid fully regrouped for the first time since the ambush, I was surprised to realize that there were only five members left in the base. I mean, it’s been obvious for a long time, but it seemed like they were really short on members once it was put into perspective like that – which makes it great that Najenda happened to bring back some new people. I’m really comfortable with the current Night Raid, so I was unsure of what I’d think of any new members – but so far, Susanoo and the lollipop girl seem cool. Especially Susanoo. He’s like a new, more awkward Bulat – if they hadn’t mentioned it, I would never have thought he wasn’t really human. Tons better than a certain dog anyway, as far as living-type Teigu go.

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    1. That apron and stack of plates from the preview gives me a pretty good idea. Akame’s duty might be usurped!

  1. I think in this show Stylish is the character mean to death in order to introduce new character and for make us feel sorry for Seryuu… sorry not happen.
    Susanno is maybe the strongest Night Raid member so far, poison immunity, super streng, regenerate, 2 godly secret mode.
    The other new member name is Chelsea, and her Teigu is perfect for assasination, but completely useless in combat.
    But still, it about to come to the longest act so far of this series, with some very interesting development involve Esdeath past, my new favorite shipping of this show( beside EsdeathxTatsumi)… so much good… and bad… why do i remember those sad moment… why now?Why?

    1. Stylish helped to initiate the first direct conflict between Night Raid and the Jaegers – it would have been even more damaging to Night Raid than Tatsumi’s “infiltration” to the Jaegers was had he succeeded. As for Seryuu… maybe now she knows how it feels to have someone she cares about killed!

      Chelsea is cute. Like the other Night Raiders, if she’s part of the group I’m sure she’ll be someone who’s easily likeable.

  2. Susanoo was badass and he’ll only go up from here. I can’t wait to see more of Chelsea too (the new girl) since she and Leone are my favorite female characters in this show. Good to see Rabac finally show his stuff as well, him learning how to use his teigu from manga is interesting. It really is a teigu that can be better in the hands of someone with more imagination. The battle was less intense than it should have been though 🙁
    And I think the loss of Dr Stylish was quite a blow for the enemy – he was the “thinker” of Esdeath’s team and Night Raid is much safer now that he’s gone.

    1. It’s a really versatile Teigu, even though it’s not one of the “flashier” ones. I remember he used it to create a platform for Night Raid to stand in mid-air during the pilot episode as well.

      Dr. Stylish was the first -and so far, only- Jaeger to place immediate suspicion on Tatsumi, so it’s definitely a good thing he’s no longer around. He acted with a lot of independence though, so I’m not sure whether the Jaegers really suffered that huge of a loss – he didn’t think about the possibility that Esdeath might not want Tatsumi dead, for example.

  3. I’m soooo happy to see Susanoo, and I love that moment when he fixes Mein’s hair!! x’D He’s got a few quirks (like his obsession with cleanliness) and he’s really a great guy. Possibly my favorite in the Night Raid (minus Rabac, the love of my life).

    1. The way you talk about him made me forget he was a Teigu for a minute 😀 Hopefully his strength will keep him alive for many episodes to come.

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