FALL 2014 anime preview

Fall is here and means we are drawing closer to the beginning of our 5th year running!
Special thanks to Oki for helping me out preparing with this season’s preview.

Vantage, Chris & Sidekick, (and 50% chance that Eva will be as well, still to be decided)

This time round we have some extra announcements that we felt would be appropriate to mention. Due to University or just school in general, Vantage, Chris and Sidekick will all be going on hiatus. As of right now for my case (Eva), it is still unconfirmed since it ultimately depends on my health condition and real life schedule and responsibilities. Either way like Vantage, if I do go on hiatus, I will continue the shows that are carrying over.

And we have some new writers who have joined us this season!
Please welcome Berry and Hideki and Savage!

Number of Titles: 40
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Ai: Tenchi Muyo!, Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girl, Kaitou Joker, Tribe Cool Crew

Last Updated: 20/09/2014
+ Log Horizon Animation Studio update
(Season 2 Animated by Studio Deen)

Aikatsu! 3Aikatsu! 3 
Animation Company: Sunrise
Website: http://www.aikatsu.net/
Genres: Music, School
Airing Date: October 2nd, 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The third season of Aikatsu! featuring a new main character, Akari Ozora, in place of Ichigo. 

Team Impression

Eva: Sorry, still not interested.
Oki: No no no no no no no no no nooooooooo.
MidnightDevont: The third season? I must of missed season one and two, thus I will walk by this show.
CarmenTheNinja: Not…even… a little bit.
Berry: Isn’t this an idol show? Anyway I never got into this series so bye.
Hideki: There is so much nope here…it’s like…there’s a nope store.. and everything’s 99% off.
Savage: Yeah..sorry, its season 3, now if it was season 1…no, still not interested.
Akatsuki No YonaAkatsuki No Yona
Animation Company: Studio Pierrot
Website: http://www.marv.jp/special/yona/
Genres: Action, Romance, Fantasy
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Yona is the only princess of the grand kingdom to which she was born. Thanks to her position as the only daughter she has been raised with great love and care by a doting father and protected by her childhood friend Hak. However on her 16th birthday her life is forever changed when her cousin Soo-won murders her father to claim the throne for himself, forcing Yona and Hak to flee to his hometown and Yona to begin a new life on the run. The question remains, why would her beloved cousin betray her, and how can she reclaim what she has lost?

Team Impression

Eva: Read the manga a while back… it’s okay, but I never got into it and eventually forgot about it somewhere along the lines. For those who adore the manga, I hope the adaption does the manga justice.
Oki: This anime, no offense, sounds absurdly generic. I love the way the art style looks and the premise of a fighting female character is always good to me, but Yona is absolutely going to go in one direction and I’ll eat my foot if proven otherwise. Personally? I’m sick of seeing that kind of story.
MidnightDevont: It’s got some pretty art, but the description to me sounds really boring. It doesn’t sound like anything I’d be really interested in.
CarmenTheNinja: The description was rather… boring so… NO.
Berry: I love the art style for this one. It looks pretty good to me, so I’m gonna check it out. I just hope that this Yona girl isn’t going to be a damsel in distress for most of the show or else I’m going to be really disappointed.
Hideki: I got 2 sentences in before i went frantically looking for the scroll bar. so no.
Savage: Seems pretty standard, with nothing I’ve found to make it different/to pop.

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Amagi Brilliant ParkAmagi Brilliant Park
Animation Company: Kyoto Animation
Website: http://amaburi.jp/animation/
Genres: Comedy, School, Romance, Harem
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Saiya Kanie is the protagonist of this show, and his life is changed when a mysterious and beautiful transfer student invites him on a date to the amusement park. There, he is introduced to Ratifa, a supposed real princess who is the manager of the park. Ratifa asks Saiya to become the acting manager of what is described as a “disappointing amusement park in the Tokyo suburbs” and from there this slapstick comedy begins.
Team Impression

Eva: Eh… It’s not grabbing my attention. I will probably only check it out if a lot of hype grows around it.
Oki: I’m just not very interested in the premise of a harem show in an amusement park. I can see from here the cute accidents of being trapped on a ferris wheel, or helping people with romantic dates, and all the infighting that comes with a harem. I’m just not interested in that kind of thing.
MidnightDevont: Hmmm, I just don’t find any pleasure In harem shows what so ever. I mean the idea of it taking place in an amusement park has got my interest and it’s kind of pretty looking. I have no interest in watching it though.
CarmenTheNinja: Though this looks really pretty, I just don’t see myself even trying to watch this.
Berry: A show centered around an amusement park sounds so fun. But problem #1: It’s going to be a harem. And problem #2: It’s Kyoani. Except for Free!, I just do not like KyoAni shows. I’ve tried and they just don’t work for me. Sorry.
Hideki: Damn it me…i kind of want to see this. i KNOW i’m going to regret it too..
Savage: Not a fan of harem shows usually…and I don’t like roller coasters. If it had fried dough, I’d be more interested but for now..pass.

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Cross AngeCross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo
Animation Company: Sunrise
Website: http://crossange.com/
Genres: Action, Sci-Fic, Mecha
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Humanity has achieved a golden age with the technological discovery of ‘mana’ – a substance which has allowed humanity to surpass starvation, pollution, and even war. As the first princess of the Mitsurugi Empire, Angelize has never had any wants or troubles in the world. Before she can take the crown however, she is discovered to be a ‘Norma’, a human that cannot use mana and whose existence is considered to be heresy. Having her entire life taken from her Ange is isolated to an island where she meets girls like herself who know nothing but battle with weapons known as ‘Barameiru’ in order to fight invading dragon like creatures who have come to their world. What will Angelize discover in this new existence where fighting seems to be her only option?

Team Impression

Eva: The story without a doubt definitely has potential, but it will be a matter how it plays out. The only thing I am iffy about right now are the character outfit designs- ugh will never get over the skimpy fanservice outfits that are totally unrealistic for battle- whatever, as usual I’ll look over it. That said though, this is one of the shows I am looking forward to and I hope it will turn out great.
Oki: I have to say that I am vastly interested in a concept where there is now actually a problem with being normal. For once we’re able to see a world where the problem isn’t necessarily having powers, but lacking them. Angelize seems like she has a very interesting story waiting to be told. The only concern I have is they’ll have the wrong atmosphere, but lets hope Sunrise can channel some of the older gundams for the feel of this show!
MidnightDevont: Oh look, a mecha series. Let me express how uninterested I am with a poem. Roses are red, Violets are blue. I think Mecha shows are boring….this doesn’t rhyme.
Berry: Going from a princess to a nobody because she’s “normal”, that’s different. This looks cool, I’m totally checking this out!
Hideki: huh. i have to say….this actually looks….good. i think i’d actually want to do this one. the art is good, music is good, and i like the location. yeah. okay, you impressed me.
Savage: Not usually interested in mechs, so while I think the premise is good, there’s likely others who’ll be able to say more and get more out of it. Pass.

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Oki, Hideki

Daitoshokan no HitsujikaiDaitoshokan no Hitsujikai
Animation Company: Hoods Entertainment
Website: http://www.daito-anime.com/
Genres: Romance, School
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Shiomi Academy is an academy famous for it’s library that rivals even the National Library of Japan. The library club for this ‘Daitoshokan’ has a member named Kyoutarou Kakei who enjoys coming to the library to read by himself. There he meets a second year girl named Tsugumi Shirasaki who joins because of a person called the Shepherd who fulfills wishes. Thanks to the shepherd many more girls join the club – but who is this person? 

Team Impression

Eva: Honestly, I am on the fence about this. Something is bugging me about the “the Shepherd who fulfills wishes” and I have no idea why… but you know me, I bound to check it out at some point solely because it’s a romance.
Oki: I read this premise to my boyfriend and told him to stop me when it was boring to him. We both made it to ‘famous library’.
MidnightDevont: So this is a romance, that takes place in a library? What’s with all the chibi designs on the poster? Is this going to be a super cutesy series? I think I’ll pass this sugar induced series by…I have the feeling it would give me cavities.
CarmenTheNinja: Library. Library Club. No thanks.
Berry: Nah
Hideki: Sounds extremely generic. i mean there might be some laughs with that, it’s one of those, yeah, if no one else wants it i’d do it.
Savage: They had me at books, lost me at cutesy series. Not enough detail for me to think I’d like this.

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Denki-Gai no Honya-SanDenki-Gai no Honya-San
Animation Company: Shin-Ei Animation
Website: http://umanohone.jp/
Genres: Comedy, Seinen
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary:  This anime follows the exploits of several energetic workers of a manga shop in a Denki-Gai. (Denki-Gai’s are ‘Electric towns’ known for specializing in electric items, an example is Akihabara). Umio, the protagonist, works part time in a store called BOOKS Umanohone along with his senior at work, who is actually his junior!,  Hiotan. Many dedicated manga fans stop in to the store, so the question is. . .what hijinks will ensue today?!

Team Impression

Eva: I don’t know, it’s… a maybe from me, only if it’s funny but incredibly unlikely as I tend not to watch slap-stick comedies anymore.
Oki: Even typing the premise made me want to fall asleep on my keyboard. Even though the show doesn’t describe itself as a slice of life, this most certainly is, and it makes me want to barf. I’ve never really understood the appeal of a show about manga lovers to …manga lovers. It was done once exceptionally well in Genshiken and everything else feels like a hollow attempt to copy it. It is now no longer a niche show that captures the feelings of people, but a cash in meant for humor. Maybe spend that money on something more genuine?
MidnightDevont: I’m kind of with Oki on this one, the only show I’ve really enjoyed of this genre was Genshiken and everything to come out since then has seemed like a hollow attempt to copy it. It could be good, I might keep an eye out for how people respond to it and look at it but I have no interest in reviewing it.
CarmenTheNinja: There is literally nothing about this that makes me go, “YAAAAASSSS”.
Berry: The only thing I like about this is the 8-bit music in the PV.
Hideki: (gasp!) this sounds something along the lines of comic party. which sounds AWESOME. and it doesn’t look lame like Genshiken. i want it, i want it, i want it. (edit. saw the trailer) IT’S MINE DAMMIT! NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE IT!
Savage: Not interested, really. Never had much of an interest in anime about manga and anime, overall.

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Fate Stay NightFate/Stay Night (2014)
Animation Company: ufotable
Website: http://www.fate-sn.com/
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen, Supernatural
Airing Date: October 4th 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3 | PV 4 |
Summary: New anime adaptation of Fate/stay night, following the Unlimited Blade Works route.

Team Impression

Eva: ALL HAIL UFOTABLE!!!!!!! I absolutely ADORE the Fate series (despite the fact how bloody it is), there’s no way I am passing this. I am quite excited to see the second route covered, even more so with Rin being the main this time round… Can I hope that I won’t hate Shirou as much this time round? (Well I didn’t in the Unlimited Bladeworks movie as much so maybe it’ll be okay…)
Oki: I have to say that as a fan of visual novels I am expressly interested with how this is going. Knowing that the success of a series can alter and change and produce more adaptations of alternate routes in games, I feel, is actually a very good and interesting idea. Fans of visual novels can be excited at this prospect. That being said, I might cover it if only because it is alternate. We’ll have to see!
MidnightDevont: YES, YES, YES AND YES. THE FIRST THING THIS SEASON TO CATCH MY ATTENTION AT ALL. I was a huge fan of the original Fate series and a fan of Fate/Zero. Also, there is only one thing I can say it make me want to look into this more. Gen Urobuchi. I am aware he has his hands in this. So you can count me in on this!
CarmenTheNinja: Man, I’ve only slightly heard about the Fate series but this looks frickin’ awesome! I wanna give it a look, seems like the action is gonna be INSANEEE.
Berry: Okay…so I tried playing the visual novel but barely got past the stupid long prologue. I heard the original anime sucked. I know that Fate/Zero is a prequel, so I didn’t watch it. So I guess I’ll check this out? The animation is ridiculous, so that’s a plus. Maybe this will get me into the series.
Hideki: Fate Stay night? more like…sleep at night! haha, get it? because it’s…bor….yeah no i don’t want it. p.s. arthur was a man. love hideki
Savage: So much WAAANNNNTTT. Been excited for this since it was first announced, and am just bursting with anticipation and enthusiasm. Urobuchi sam a can do no wrong and I want to see how he takes this tale and molds it into something likely awesome and heartbreaking. So in!

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Eva, MidnightDevont, Savage

Garo- Honoo no KokuinGaro: Honoo no Kokuin 
Animation Company: MAPPA
Website: http://garo-project.jp/ANIME/
Genres: Action, Demons
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The story of the anime begins when the king’s adviser launches a witch hunt, which endangers the Makai Knights and Makai Priests, who are supposed to protect people. A Makai Priest who has been condemned to die at the stake gives birth to a child, Leon Lewis. The child is rescued by his father, a Makai Knight, but never meets his mother. When he grows up he inherits the Gold Armor as a descendant of the Gold Knights. Meanwhile the king’s adviser has taken over the country as the king has become ill, and Prince Alfonso has been driven out with his mother. He comes seeking the legendary Gold Knight in hopes of retaking his kingdom

Team Impression

Eva: Sounds cool, I will probably watch this, because why not?
Oki: Oooh, admittedly I am really interested in this show if it’s as dark as they say it is. I like the concept of having to save someone from something as dark and twisted as demon blood taint, so I might give the first episode a shot!
MidnightDevont: Hmmm, this sounds a little interesting. The art looks amazing, the plot sounds pretty interesting. At the very least I’ll give a look at the first episode.
CarmenTheNinja: It sounds interesting but the PV didn’t really give me enough to judge whether or not I’ll watch it. Kind of on the fence about this because the art looks like “bleh”.
Berry: I’ll probably give it a try. Visually, looks good.
Hideki: (is falling asleep, passes out facefirst on keyboard fldakjsajfsljdfskl;)
Savage: I find this cool, it looks very actiony and with a very nice premise. Definitely catches my eye.

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Oki, MidnightDevont, Savage

Girlfriend (Kari)Girlfriend (Kari)
Animation Company: Silver Link
Website: http://girlfriend-kari-anime.jp/
Genres: School, Romance
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: An adaptation of the mobile romance game Kari, where the player has a girlfriend.

Team Impression

Eva: Wow this is so original.
Oki: There’s not much to say about this one. The premise is based on a mobile dating sim and as a fan of those I know it could be interesting and adorable, but I’m not sure if that concept is really for me.
MidnightDevont: Nope. Moving on!
CarmenTheNinja: “The player has a girlfriend”. I’m laughing so hard, I might pee a little omfg lmao no, no thanks!
Berry: Nah…
Hideki: haha. there is not much to go on with that description. um…(shrug) i’d take it if no one else wants it.
Savage: Almost missed the description with how small it is. Any less and it’d be “this is an anime”. Not interested.

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Grisaia no KajitsuGrisaia no Kajitsu 
Animation Company: 8bit
Website: http://www.grisaia-anime.com/
Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Psychological
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: This story features five girls who live in an enclosed academy known for being an ‘orchard’ for girls to be away from the sins of society. The girls have spent their lives in solitude and quiet repentance for their sins, until one day the main character arrives as the sole male student. 

Team Impression

Eva: I am so done with the ‘sole male student in an all girls’ school’ plot again. I don’t even care that there’s a psychological twist. I’m not interested. Either way, I more or less expect this show to have some dark moments given that psychological element will be in play.
Oki: First, this entire concept of a closed off school is hilariously timed thanks to the recently banned episode of Psycho Pass involving a serial killer girl who was at one of these schools. Second, this whole sole male student bullshit is so overdone I want to gag myself.
MidnightDevont: I am really sure I’ve seen this anime before. Oh wait, I have. it’s the idea of every harem show EVER. Even though this isn’t listed as a harem. The psychological aspect could make it more interesting then other series of it’s type but I sort of doubt it. It’s marked as a romance but not a harem, oh god! Is this going to be one of those things where all the girls like him but he likes one girl? -screams internally- pass, all the pass!
CarmenTheNinja: Granted the ONE MALE STUDENT trope is extraordinarily unoriginal and annoying, I’m actually interested in what their “sins” are. I guess, my only probably is… they look way too cute which probably means this won’t be as dark as I’d like. I’m gonna give it a go, but I feel like that “Romance” aspect might kill this.
Berry: NAH…
Hideki: Unless there’s a twist and the main dude’s like some big fat otaku, or middle aged dude, i really don’t think i can stand another “sole male student” thing. i’ll pass on this one too.

Savage: So, problem girls are there, then one boy comes who magically helps their problems? Yeah…not grabbing my attention.

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Gugure! Kokkuri-sanGugure! Kokkuri-san
Animation Company: TMS Entertainment
Website: http://www.gugukoku.com/
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: A young girl summons a low level spirit named a Kokkuri. He ends up being a handsome and attractive white haired man who intends to haunt her, but once he sees that she only eats cup ramen everyday, he decides he has to haunt her in order to protect her. 

Team Impression

Eva: Just reading the summary I already know Oki is going to be all over this one… And you can count me in too! Definitely watching this one!
Oki: This. . . this is how you do moe. This might be the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever heard of. I. . . .I want to see where this is going. I. . . .I love this entire concept and I. . . my heart is melting from the IDEA.
MidnightDevont: This looks amazingly cute, like seriously cute. The premise is cute, the art is cute. The cup ramen in the picture on the side here is cute. It’s so much cute!
CarmenTheNinja: OMFG, I LOVE IT. SOOO CUTEEEE. Watching it. Done!
Berry: This looks like it’s going to be soooo cute and hilarious. I’m excited for this one!
Hideki: (puts ear to headset) and we’re going to oki for the weather. take it away oki!
Savage: As soon as I read “a handsome and attractive white haired man”, I knew this was one for Oki XD.

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Oki, Berry, MidnightDevont

Gundam Build Fighters TryGundam Build Fighters Try
Animation Company: Sunrise
Website: http://gundam-bf.net/
Genres: Mecha
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The story of Gundam Build Fighters Try is set 7 years after the end of the 1st series, when Iori Sei and Reiji won the 7th Gunpla Battle World Championships. Now Seiho Academy’s Gunpla Battle Club has only one member, Hoshino Fumina, who is a third grade student in junior high. As the president of the club, she needs two more members to participate in the upcoming All-Japan Gunpla Battle Championships. One day she encounters a transfer student named Kamiki Sekai, who has traveled around for Kenpo training with his master. Then joining by a young Gunpla builder Kousaka Yuuma, their challenge to the Gunpla Battle begins….

Team Impression

Eva: Ahhh darn, I think I only watched the first episode, maybe two of the series and then decided to put it on hold… Darn. Well I don’t see myself covering it as I didn’t do so with the first series, but I will have to finish watching the first series before watching this one. O v O – WAIT HANG ON, IS THAT A CHIBI GUNDAM I SEE IN THE POSTER? EVEN IF IT’S NOT, IT’S FREAKING CUTE!!!
Oki: Didn’t watch the first series and only want to watch it with one guy, so no thanks.
MidnightDevont: ….You want me…to watch a Gundam series? You want…-snicker-…me…to watch…-laugh- and you want me to watch a SD one…that is one of the worst or so I hear? -goes into hysterics-
Carmentheninja: lolololol, I saw the mechas and walked away.
Berry: Never watched the first series, so nope.
Hideki: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say i really don’t want to see angelic layer and gundam have a baby.
Savage: No mecha experience or knowledge…so nope.
Gundam- G no ReconguistaGundam: G no Reconguista 
Animation Company: Sunrise
Website: http://www.g-reco.net/
Genres: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Space
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Universal Century has come and passed, ushering in an era of human prosperity known as Rigild Century. The story begins in R.C. 1014. Building from the concepts in Gundam 00, there is a connector for the Earth and space known as The Capitol Tower, an orbital elevator that is considered sacred for it’s status as a conduit to the energy of the planet. Beruri Zenamu is in training to protect the Tower with a special force named the Capitol Guard, when a mysterious mobile suit named G-Serufu attacks. He manages to capture the suit but finds himself enamored with it’s pilot, the pirate girl Aiida. He feels strangely connected to the G-Serufu and Aiida, and finds he can pilot the suit when no other person should be able to. But behind the girl and the suit lies a mystery that will shake the Rigild Century to it’s core. . . 

Team Impression

Eva: GUNNNNDAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM!!!! OMFG IT FEELS LIKE IT’S BEEN FOREVER (IT HAS BEEN IF YOU SKIPPED LIKE AGE AND BUILD LIKE I DID) Oh man I am super psyched about this one. I particularly love the character designs because they remind me a bit of Eureka Seven, but it’s gundam so WOOO! LETS GO!
Oki: /throws a chair/ IT’S GUNDAM! Some people have been critical but given our last true attempts to formula have been flops, with AGE and SEED Destiny being the latest ‘true’ gundams, I have nothing but hope for this. I’ll admit I’ve never been fond of the art style they’re using but I will overlook it because. . . IT’S GUNDAM!
MidnightDevont: ….look up…take out the chibi part. -still dies-
Carmentheninja: NAH
Berry: ……………………yeah I’ve never seen a Gundam show and maybe never will. Just doesn’t catch my attention, sorry.
Hideki: oh gundam. you go have fun with your sisters (pats gundam series on shoulders)
Savage: Second verse same as the first. Never been a Gundam fan, so..nahh.

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Eva, Oki

Hitsugi no Chaika- Avenging BattleHitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle (S2)

Animation Company: Bones
Website: http://chaika-anime.jp/
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Second season of Hitsugi no Chaika

Team Impression

Eva: Did not watch the first season, couldn’t get into it (despite the fact I have heard great things about it).
Oki:  Despite my appreciation for Bones and the art style, I have never seen season 1.
MidnightDevont: Haven’t seen the first season, so I uh…no thanks?
Carmentheninja: Didn’t watch the first season… looks cool though.
Berry: Didn’t see the first season.
Hideki: meh. like everyone else here. didn’t see season 1
Savage: Same as everyone, didn’t see first season, and have nothing to go off of that’d show I’d like it.
Inou Battle Wa Nichijou-Kei no Naka DeInou Battle Wa Nichijou-Kei no Naka De
Animation Company: Trigger
Website: http://inou-anime.com/
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School, Shounen
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The five members of the literature club awakened with extraordinary powers half a year ago. Although the members expected to be thrown into a world of super-powered battles at their school, their normal daily routine continued. No secret organizations bent on world destruction, no super-powered wars, no brave heroes or demon kings. However, the members still look forward to the possibilities of adventure, and continued to believe that with each day, they were getting ever closer to those days of fantasy. Their days of romantic comedy and battles with extraordinary powers begin!

Team Impression

Eva: AHAHAHAHA! Oh man, just reading the first two lines had me hooked. I will absolutely watch this one, and wait and see if there’s a twist where this whole extraordinary power is just their imagination!
Oki: I’m interested in this idea, I might watch it but it depends on how heavy the load gets for if I’ll be blogging.
MidnightDevont: …You know…this actually sounds pretty cool. I might check this one out after all.
CarmenTheNinja: GAH! That girl with the dark hair and chronic bitch face is calling my name! I like how the summary is kinda telling you, “This show is nothing interesting” like reverse psychology or something lol. I look forward this! I wanna know what happens.
Berry: No thanks.
Hideki: why…the literature club? do…do they normally do that kind of stuff in literature club? um….no…no thanks.
Savage:  This sounds really cool. I love stories where characters suddenly gain superpowers and deal with it, and the idea that there is NO evil to fight peaked my interest even more.

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MidnightDevont, CarmenTheNinja, Savage

Kiseijuu - Sei no KakuritsuKiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
Animation Company: MADHOUSE
Website: http://www.ntv.co.jp/kiseiju/
Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Psychological
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The horror is inside in this psychological horror: Aliens have come and descended into the everyday lives we lead. To survive they must feed on the minds of the living and become the new host of your body, but the world is unaware of this deadly threat. Only one high school student has any idea, as Shin must battle the parasite fighting for his mind and try to find a way to warn the world of the danger it will soon face: the monster that chooses to hide it’s deadly purpose behind a normal face. 

Team Impression

Oki:  Wow, dat premise. I DO love a psychological thriller, so I suppose I’ll have to check it out! I hope they can play this subtly instead of making it an outright shounen or something, if they do it right I can easily see it being one of the best shows of the season.
MidnightDevont: Let me tell you a story of a young girl who used to buy manga magazines to read Sailor Moon and Magic Knights of Rayearth. This young girl, also used to read this very manga in that very Magazine. Fast forward far too many years in the future and she realizes that it’s getting an anime and the only question  she can ask herself is…WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG?
CarmenTheNinja: OH SHIT, I WANT IT. I LOOKED AT THE POSTER & I WAS INSTANTLY REMINDED OF A MANGA CALLED UZUMAKI. I like the premise of this story, it’s so weird – BODY SNATCHERS. I need it in my lifeeeee.
Berry: I hear people are upset they changed the main guy’s design from the manga. Can’t say anything about that because I haven’t read it BUT THIS LOOKS SUPER COOL. I HAVE A GREAT FEELING ABOUT THIS AHHHHH. I NEED ME A GOOD HORROR SHOW.
Hideki: Unless you want every review to be me being laughing my ass off, nah. XD
Savage: Sounds like “They Live” mixed with “The Host.” Interesting, but not by kind of thing.

::Possible Bloggers::
Berry, MidnightDevont, CarmenTheNinja

Log Horizon 2Log Horizon Season 2
Animation Company: Studio Deen
Website: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/anime/loghorizon/
Genres: Action, Adventure, Magic, Game, Fantasy
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Season 2 of Log Horizon 

Team Impression

Eva: Definitely tuning in, but I don’t know whether it’s something I would take over blogging in Chris’ stead after he had dropped it.
Oki: Woah you mean .hack is still going? That’s a lot of seasons!
MidnightDevont: ^- What Oki said.
Carmentheninja: Meh.
Berry: DATABASE DATABASE WE’RE STILL LIVING IN THE DATABASE. I’m all about Log Horizon and I cannot wait for this! Whoo hoo!
Hideki: 3rd oki’s statement
Savage:  4thed. Not interested.

::Possible Bloggers::

Madan no Ou to VanadisMadan no Ou to Vanadis 
Animation Company: Satelight
Website: http://www.madan-anime.jp/
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Ecchi, Romance
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Don’t let this cover art fool you, there is cleavage to be had in this Western European tale! Eleanor is one of the Vanadis of Zhcted – one of the seven Vanadis who possess a weapon powerful enough to strike fear into the hearts of men! A young archer named Tigre experiences this first hand when ‘Ellen’ defeats him. Seeing his skills, she allows him to live, but now Tigre must serve the Vanadis of Zhcted. 

Team Impression

Eva: Not even remotely interested. NEXT.
Oki: I want to say right now I’m offended. This anime, based solely on the cover photo, looks gritty dark and actually worth my time. But take a fucking look at that website. Look at the freaking PV. They took an interesting concept of adventure and have. . . .even based on the genre, made it a disgusting piece of crap. I’m sick of this! It’s not fun anymore! Boobies are awesome and I can appreciate that, but fantasy is good with comraderie and companionship. What the fuck is this HAREM shit? This should be about the power and prowess of warriors and a man who fights his way to becoming their equal, works hard, and is shown to be a talented person devoid of gender denoting anything. This should be a romance with one key interest and a show of mutual respect, this should be tasteful. The FUCK is she even wearing?! THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? I’m sorry but the greatest warrior in the world would DIE with a string fucking bikini. Fuck this, someone else can cover it.
MidnightDevont: Wow I can’t not describe how uninterested I am in this show. The poster pissed me off, the entire description of this show from start to finish. That’s so bad, I can’t even.Why would this be a thing!?  The harem concept coupled with Ecchi makes me sick. Oki said everything that needed to be said but I am going to say NO WAY IN HELL am I covering this!
CarmenTheNinja: I go with Oki on this. I feel totally offended because the poster was super misleading. Uninterested.
Berry: Basically what Oki said.
Hideki: hmmm….. i have to say, this looks like it might be one of those “So bad they’re hilarious shows” (aka brynhildr) i’ll take this one guys.
Savage: My interests were raised and dashed quite expertly as I read the title. No thank you.

::Possible Bloggers::

Magic Kaito 1412Magic Kaito 1412

Animation Company: A-1 Pictures
Website: http://www.ytv.co.jp/magickaito/
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Shounen
Airing Date: October 4th, 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Detective Conan fans rejoice, Kaito Kid’s own anime adaptation comes to light in this anime! 

Team Impression

Eva: Never read the series, but I hear it’s amazing? I’ll take a look at it.
MidnightDevont: I WOULD GLADLY SHARE THIS WITH YOU OKI, OH MY GOD. I love me some Detective Conan and this will probably be just as amazing!
CarmenTheNinja: Tbh, I’ve never heard of it & I don’t feel inclined to learn.
Berry: Never really associated with the Conan series, so I’ll pass on this.
Hideki: And for my next magic trick, I’m going to make everything I care about conan disappear! Oh wait. this show beat me to it? SHIT!
Savage: I know this is sacrilege, but I never have seen Detective Conan..so not really interested.

::Possible Bloggers::
Oki, Midnight

Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd SeasonMushishi Zoku Shou 2nd Season
Animation Company: Artland
Website: http://www.mushishi-anime.com/
Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Historical, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Seinen
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Part 2 of Mushishi Zoku Shou 

Team Impression

Eva: Never followed the series, but it’s on my Plan to Watch list.
Oki: Too far behind, though I wish I wasn’t!
MidnightDevont: D: I am so sad I’ve only seen the first two episodes of season 1 despite loving what I saw. Maybe I’ll marathon it sometime soon, but for now I won’t be able to do this.
CarmenTheNinja: Heard about this but never really looked for myself. I’ll pass.
Berry: Only watched the first episode of the very first season. Sorry! I heard it’s great though.
Hideki: OH GOD! THIS SHOW! It’s like, if you put Witch Hunter Robin and Wolf’s Rain together, and gave it even MORE Ambien. so no.
Savage: I’ve seen this show a little bit, but luckily, since it often has one-off episodes, I think I could follow it well. I like the show a lot and would love to cover it.

::Possible Bloggers::

Nanatsu no TaizaiNanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)
Animation Company: A-1 Pictures
Website: http://www.7-taizai.net/
Genres: Supernatural, Shounen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Seven of the realms deadliest warriors were sent into exile, accused of trying to overthrow the monarchy. Yet Princess Elizabeth discovers the truth. . .they were framed by the Holy Knights of the empire who had the very same intention themselves! Elizabeth’s only choice is to seek the Seven Sins in order to help reclaim her kingdom. Yet the first Sin she finds leaves her hoping the legends haven’t been exaggerated- can she restore her kingdom with their help?

Team Impression

Eva: This is probably of the the series I have never read, but heard so many good things about it. So I will definitely take a look at this one, and if I really like it- you can count on me rushing to read the manga.
Oki: I’ve heard a lot of good things about this anime. I’m definitely interested in watching it but there is no way in hell I can cover it!
MidnightDevont: I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot about this series lately. A lot of really good things, I’ll at least give it a look and then maybe pick it up.
CarmenTheNinja: This sounds really cool! I’ve never heard of it, but I’m interested in giving it a watch.
Berry: I’ll think about this one.
Hideki: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say she does restore the kingdom. whoo. Saved me a lot of watching there.
Savage: Haven’t heard a lot about it, but the premise sounds interesting. I love shows about gangs or groups of experts pulled together, so I’m interested.

::Possible Bloggers::
MidnightDevont, Savage

Ore, Twintails ni NarimasuOre, Twintails ni Narimasu
Animation Company: Production IMS
Website: http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/ore_twi/
Genres: Action, Comedy, Mecha, Romance, Fantasy
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Souji is a student who is greatly in love with the twintails hairstyle. One day a girl from another dimension shows up and gives him the power to become the twintails warrior, Tailred. Together with his childhood friend Aika, who can become Tailblue, he must fight to protect peace on earth!

Team Impression

Eva: …What the hell did I just read?
…. I’m gonna watch it.
Oki: This premise just…hurts me. It hurts my dignity. But it’s harmless, so I can’t hate it. Just. . . .wow. I’m laughing.
MidnightDevont: …..-brain explodes- What…did…who…when….what? -foams at mouth-
CarmenTheNinja: I CAN’TTTT lmao WUT
Berry: What the hell…
Hideki: If I wanted to watch a show about crossgenderness, i’d watch Strawberry Eggs (brofists Midnight)
Savage: Wow…we’re really digging into niche fetishes here. Twintails? That’s a thing? Yeah…..no.


Orenchi no Furo JijouOrenchi no Furo Jijou 
Animation Company: Asahi Production
Website: http://www.orefuro.jp/
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Shoujo
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Tatsumi lives alone until one day an incredibly handsome merman decides to move into his bathtub. The merman is a self centered but good looking guy named Wakasa, and Tatsumi is a cool but busy high schooler who is confused at the presence of a merman in his bathtub.

Team Impression

Eva: ….Kind of lost to be honest. The genre is confusing me with the summary….
Oki:  Is this a yaoi? I mean they’re two dudes….it doesn’t say! But it’s a shoujo with no girl. . .so it’s a yaoi right? I’ve got a no hands on yaoi policy thanks to Midnight.
MidnightDevont: I looked this up just to be sure it wasn’t a Yaoi, it’s a four panel comedy like Azumanga or something but it really does sound like it could be a yaoi. It seems interesting but I’m gonna just leave this one be.
CarmenTheNinja: … It’s like, Yaoi but it’s like… weird because merman? What is even his hair? I’m lost.
Berry: I don’t think this is something I can cover, but I’m definitely watching this. This sounds ridiculous, in a good way.
Hideki: yeah…IS this a yaoi? because…i mean, if you want a dude doing a yaoi review…..i COULD….
Savage: So strange..apparently gag comedy..but seems Yaoi-ish..so confusing. Might check out first episode just to figure out what the heck it is.


Ookami Shoujo to Kuro OujiOokami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Animation Company: *N/A
Website: http://www.ookamishojo-anime.jp/
Genres: Comedy, School, Shoujo
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The story centers around Erika Shinohara, a vain 16-year-old girl who tells her friends about her romantic exploits, but she actually has no boyfriend. She claims that a handsome boy in a candid photo is her boyfriend, but it turns out that boy is a schoolmate named Kyouya Sata. She has no choice but to make him her fake boyfriend. Unfortunately, Sata may look like a sweet person, but he is actually an ultra-black-hearted sadist. Sata takes advantage of Erika’s weakness and treats her like his dog.

Team Impression

Eva:  ¬_¬ Would someone please explain to me what is so cute about this scenario? I am sick of it to be honest.
Oki: Oddly turned on by this scenario- I MEAN COUGH. NO. BAD. AWFUL THINGS.
MidnightDevont: Why does this season have so many shows that hurt my brain so much and WHY am I like Jordi and slightly turned on by…I MEAN, um…yeah…this show is really strange sounding.
CarmenTheNinja: This is gonna sound really fucked up, but I identify with the story’s premise soooooo damn hard. I like how it was a fun and games and them BAM – Fetish Alert! Then I looked at the PV & I was blown away by the art and something about it captured my heart. Like, I was here like, “Omgggg I wanna watch it sooo bad. Soooo cute, ahhhh”. Yea. YES. I’m so here for this.
Berry: Okay so I see a lot of people excited for this one and I’m just like ???? Visually, super cute. It all looks cute, until you read the synopsis and then it just turned disturbing. Especially since the main guy’s holding a collar with a leash attached. This guy sounds controlling and you should never joke about that. I love shoujo and I know it wants to have unique storylines different from the usual, but this is not the way to go.
Hideki: I just read the synopsis and i know how it’s going to end. After three sentences. So um…no.
Savage: Twisted romance, gotta say. It seems interesting due to both people having flaws, but it feels it’d end up with me hating both. Pass.

::Possible Bloggers::

Psycho-Pass 2Psycho Pass Season 2

Animation Company: Production I.G
Website: http://psycho-pass.com/index.html
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The second season of Psycho Pass. Following the events of season 2, Akane Tsunemori is the main Inspector for the MWPSB. But she knows the secrets of the Sybil System, and of one man on the run who might show his face again so long as the people behind the system remain. . . 

Team Impression

Eva: Hey did you guys hear that? It sounded like someone coming our wa-
MidnightDevont: SO MUCH EXCITEMENT, SEASON 1 IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE ANIMES OF ALL TIME AND I CAN’T EXPRESS HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THE SECOND SEASON. I may not of been able to shotgun this series as fast as I wanted and I don’t have the seniority that Oki has. I will be watching this and Oki has said I might be able to add some opinions to her reviews so I’ll give you all my two cents on the amazing season 2 of this amazing series.
CarmenTheNinja: Pshhh, NO. I tried to watch Season 1 and got so bored.
Berry: ………I won’t be able to show my love for Psycho Pass weekly, so I’ll just do it right here. I LOVE THIS SHOW AND I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE SECOND SEASON. ONE OF MY FAVORITE ANIME. I thought the first season had a really solid ending, so I’m interested to see what they’re going to do now that Makishima is gone. Plus, I get to see my badass baby girl Akane at work again!
Hideki: …I think Oki would rip my face off.
Savage: Its Oki’s If we could vote other people I vote Oki Oki gets it…forever.

::Possible Bloggers::


Sanzoku no Musume RonjaSanzoku no Musume Ronja

Animation Company: Studio Ghibli
Website: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/anime/ronja/
Genres: Adventure
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The story is about a girl named Ronja who is the daughter of a chief of a tribe of bandits and lives in a huge castle in the forest with the bandits. The story follows Ronja as she encounters mystical creatures, makes friends with another young child like herself, and experiences life in the forest.

Team Impression

Eva: I have some friends who know of this tale and are looking forward to it. As for myself, I can’t say that it grasps my interest too much, but if it’s cute and pleasant to watch, I’ll probably come around (especially since it’s Studio Ghibli).
Oki: I mean it’s Ghibli! How can I not be interested, but I’m not sure if I want to blog it.
MidnightDevont: This looks all sorts of adorable and it is studio Ghibli. I don’t know if I want to review it, but I’ll look into it for sure.
CarmenTheNinja: Yes because Studio Ghibli but… I feel like I might get bored with this because of its forest element. I don’t know.
Berry: Sounds simple, but I’ll check it out. Simple shows can be great when they have enough charm with it.
Hideki: it looked good…and then I saw the animation. and my face hurt.
Savage: It is Ghibli…and cute. Seems very laid back, not sure if I’d find a lot to talk about it.
Wixoss 1 Img035Selector Spread WIXOSS

Animation Company: J.C. Staff
Website: http://selector-wixoss.com/
Genres: Game, Psychological
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Second season of Selector Infected WIXOSS series… Girls with each of these feelings in their hearts are being swallowed into the vortex of a dangerous game…

Team Impression

Eva: So I heard that shit hit the fan even more than in Mahou Shoujo Madoka… If it didn’t creep me out so much I would totally watch this. And I must say, even the title sounds like it since it went from “infected” (first season) to “spread” (second season).
Oki: Huh, I want to give this show a shot but it’s. . . it’s about a card game so I’m still kinda like what?
MidnightDevont: I watched the first episode of season one and I wasn’t very interested but now I might be a little more inclined to go back and check it out.
CarmenTheNinja: SECOND SEASON? WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS?! I actually wanna watch the first season and see what this is about, it looks soooo cool!
Hideki: God. what is with all the card games shows? Yugioh was serious but had this tongue in cheek about the seriousness. this? no, i’ll stick to Cardfight Vanguard.
Savage: Didn’t see first season..so I would have no idea jumping in. Pass.

::Possible Bloggers::

Shigatsu wa Kimi no UsoShigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Animation Company: A-1 Pictures
Website: http://www.kimiuso.jp/
Genres: Drama, Music, Romance, School, Shounen
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Piano prodigy Arima Kosei dominated the competition and all child musicians knew his name. But after his mother, who was also his instructor, passed away, he had a mental breakdown while performing at a recital that resulted in him no longer being able to hear the sound of his piano even though his hearing was perfectly fine. Even two years later, Kosei hasn’t touched the piano and views the world in monotone, and without any flair or color. He was content at living out his life with his good friends Tsubaki and Watari until, one day, a girl changed everything. Miyazono Kaori is a pretty, free spirited violinist whose playing style reflects her personality. Kaori helps Kosei return to the music world and show that it should be free and mold breaking unlike the structured and rigid style Kosei was used to.

Team Impression

Eva: *v* I heard very good things about this story, and being an avid fan of music stories I am even more psyched to watch this one. Definitely on my priority list. Also happy to see that it’s going to be 22 episodes.
Oki: I’m really interested in this concept! Romance is the best, and it sounds like it will be a good watch.
MidnightDevont: Probably not, it’s pretty and the musical elements sound good but I’m not super interested.
CarmenTheNinja: Damn, I just got kicked in the feels ;~; I wanna watch it but shows like this, that don’t have any action, never keep my attention.
Berry: Another show I’m looking forward to. After La Corda Blue Sky was crap, I didn’t think we’d see another music show (you know, that’s not singing). But here we are! Love the premise, and the girl being a violinist makes me super happy because I’m one too. I love music so much.
Savage: Seems very nice, cute, and good. I like music, though not musically gifted. I’d put this a maybe.
Hideki: Imagine the YMCA with nope.

::Possible Bloggers::
Eva, Berry

Shingeki no Bahamut- GenesisShingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

Animation Company: MAPPA
Website: http://shingekinobahamut-genesis.jp/
Genres: Shounen, Action, Fantasy, Supernatural
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: An anime adaptation of the Rage of Bahamut social card game.

Team Impression

Oki: I….what?
MidnightDevont: So uh…I got nothing. No idea what it’s about, the art is beautiful….but uh…what?
CarmenTheNinja: I don’t know what the hell this is about but the art, animation, the action of that PV just made me feel majestic as fuck. Holy Cow. I wanna watch it. Looks like folks are gonna get rekt.
Berry: I have no idea what this is about. But a lot of people seem excited for it. The PV really blew me away.
Hideki: but..but…Cardfight Vanguard!
Savage: Animation doesn’t grab me, and never played card game. Nope.

::Possible Bloggers::


Animation Company: P.A. Works
Website: http://www.shirobako-anime.com/
Genres: *N/A
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Five girls chase their dreams. The story revolves around the everyday troubles and hardships that occur when working in the anime industry, and the results and conflicts that happen day-to-day among the group of girls.

Team Impression

Eva: I love this kind of stuff, so yes I will absolutely be watching this! After learning a bit about the anime industry at the last convention I went to, I am curious to how realistically they are going to treat this storyline.
Oki: The opposite of what Eva said
MidnightDevont: Um, it’s sort of cute looking. might be fun, I kind of like shows like this? maybe.
CarmenTheNinja: Looks super cute! I might.
Berry: This looks like a fun watch.
Hideki: Are….are they TRYING to kill me with this season? Yes. Damn it yes. I want this show too!
Savage: It looks cute and nice…but overall, not interested in watching it week to week.

::Possible Bloggers::

Sora no MethodSora no Method

Animation Company: Studio 3Hz
Website: http://sora-no-method.jp/
Genres: *N/A
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The story begins one winter day when the wish of a few girls was realized with a miracle, changing the landscape of a town. “In the skies above this town, a disc is always there.”

Team Impression

Eva: The summary doesn’t say much, but it’s enough to make me think it’s going to be a pleasant show to watch with perhaps some feels along the way.
Oki: the generic looking…so painful…much sad
MidnightDevont: Huh, the summery is kind of simple and it looks kinda cutesy. I think this would be easy to turn into a psychological or a horror but they probably won’t go that way. No thanks.
Berry: Not really interested. Pass.
Hideki: dawwwww. No.
Savage: Not enough to go on for me. Pass.

::Possible Bloggers::

Terra FormarsTerra Formars

Animation Company: LIDENFILMS
Website: http://www.terraformars.tv/
Genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Space
Airing Date: September 26th, 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: With the space program attempting to travel to Mars, 21st century scientists were tasked with warming up the planet so that humans could survive on its surface. They came up with an efficient and cost effective plan of sending cockroaches and mold to the surface so that the mold would absorb the sunlight and the insect corpses would serve as a food source for the mold.
It is now the year 2577 and the first manned ship to Mars has landed on the planet and the six crew members are ready for their mission. But what they find are giant mutated humanoid cockroaches with incredible physical strength. The crew members are easily wiped out, but not before sending a transmission back to Earth. Now, humanity will send elite warriors to exterminate the mutated bugs and claim back Mars
Team Impression

Eva: *Reads the genres and summary… Packs up and leaves*
MidnightDevont: …………………………………………….why…was this a thing we needed?
CarmenTheNinja: It’s like someone said, “How can we make Attack on Titan… but more futuristic and fuckin’ gross looking?
Berry: Those mutated bugs look gross but HELL YEEEEEEAH. THIS LOOKS AWESOME.
Hideki: I…i’m going to have to pass this one to the left myself.
Savage: It looks like it takes itself far too seriously for its premise. If you go to ludicrousness, play it that way. Pass.
Trinity SevenTrinity Seven: 7-nin no Mahoutsukai

Animation Company: Seven Arcs
Website: http://trinity-7.com/
Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Magic
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: In the “romantic comedy but sometime serious magical school story,” life as Arata Kasuga knows it is wiped out by a bizarre incident known as “Collapse Phenomenon,” which causes worldwide destruction and takes his cousin Hijiri Kasuga to the next world. To resolve the “Collapse Phenomenon” and bring back Hijiri, Arata enrolls in the Royal Biblia Academy. Waiting in the school are seven beautiful female magic users — the Trinity Seven.

Team Impression

Eva: ……………….. Do I look interested?
Oki: Aw and the cover art looked so good too.
MidnightDevont: Do we really need another show like this? No, we don’t.
CarmenTheNinja: Poster art reeled me in… then it was just a bunch of generic bleh. Girls with guns tho
Berry: Goddamn it stop this type of shit.
Hideki: but i’ve already seen 18 other shows exactly like this!
Savage: Seems pretty run of the middle. i like magic schools, but the whole harem aspect with the uniforms, it seems to just be treading old ground.


Ushinawareta Mirai wo MotometeUshinawareta Mirai wo Motomete

Animation Company: feel.
Website: http://ushinawareta-mirai.com/
Genres: Romance, Harem, Supernatural, School
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The story is set one autumn at the beginning of the 21st century in the Uchihama area. Uchihama Academy is growing by leaps and bounds. With the construction of a new school building, there will be one last General Club Festival at the old building that is slated to be closed. The students vow to go all out to make this final cultural festival a success.
The Astronomy Club of the protagonist Sou Akiyama is filled with the big names on campus. Just before the festival on October 1, the club receives a request from the student executive committee to calm the uneasiness among the students. There are reports of ghost sightings, accidents, sleeping sickness, and other mysterious incidents at the old building. When Yui Furukawa, a quiet girl who transferred late into the school, appears before Sou, the gears of fate slowly begin to move.

Team Impression

Eva: It feels like it has been a while since I have watched a good harem. I am crossing my fingers that this will be good one, since the plot has my attention and I would like to see where it goes.
Oki: I’m so sick of harem shows, I cannot even express it. No thanks.
MidnightDevont: Huh, normally I can’t get behind a harem but i’m with Eva. The plot here actually sounds pretty good…would I cover this? No. Would I watch it? maybe.
CarmenTheNinja: Not sure. Might have to go with Berry on this one. It looks pretty but…
Berry: I’ll wait for a few episodes and maybe, MAYBE, tune in.
Hideki: hmmm……interesting………. I’m intrigued. I just might give this one a shot…
Savage:  A harem with a mystery twist. I’m curious, but not engaged fully. Pass.

::Possible Bloggers::

World TriggerWorld Trigger

Animation Company: Toei Animation
Website: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/wt/
Genres: Action, School, Sci-fi
Airing Date: October 5th, 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: A gate to another dimension has burst open, and from it emerge gigantic invincible creatures that threaten all of humanity. Earth’s only defense is a mysterious group of warriors who have co-opted the alien technology in order to fight back!

Team Impression

Eva: Imagine my surprise when I heard Toei Animation was animating this one! Nice change of pace though. The story sounds interesting, but it’s matter how it will be executed.
Oki: At this point I’m just not interested.
MidnightDevont: Hm, not sure how to feel about this one. It could be good, it could be bad.
CarmenTheNinja: Wow. No.
Berry: Sounds cool, I’ll check it out!
Savage: Heard a lot about the manga, and how good it is, so you know what, sure. I’ll check it out.

::Possible Bloggers::
Hideki, Savage

Yowamushi Pedal S2Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road

Animation Company: TMS Entertainment
Website: http://yowapeda.com/
Genres: Sports, Comedy, Drama
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: Second season of Yowamushi Pedal.

Team Impression

Eva: WOOHOO! SEASON 2 HERE I COME! Ugh I love this show so much. ♫♫Hime hime!! Hime!!
Suki suki daisuki♥ Hime!! Hime!! Kirakirarin☆Kimi to minna ireba watashi tte zettai muteki♫♫ I sang what?
Oki: Have I mentioned I hate sports?
MidnightDevont: There was a first season? Didn’t know that…
CarmenTheNinja: Omg, the most aggressive looking bike riding I’ve ever – NOPE
Hideki: Agrees with Midnight
Savage: I don’t even like bikes in real life. Pass.


Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de AruYuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

Animation Company: Studio Gokumi
Website: http://yuyuyu.tv/
Genres: Slice of Life, School
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: The story takes place in the era of the gods, year 300. Yuuna Yuuki lives an ordinary life as a second year middle school student, but she’s also a member of the “Hero Club,” where club activities involve dealing with a mysterious being called “Vertex.”

Team Impression

Eva: Forget it, I’m not interested.
Oki: I’m twitching from how painful the excessive slice of life has become.
MidnightDevont: ^- What Oki said.
CarmenTheNinja: No thanks
Berry: If it’s year 300 and it’s the world of Gods why does the setting look like modern Japan?
Hideki: there’s only so much slice of life genericness i can take.
Savage: Nah….nah..nah.
Donten ni WarauDonten ni Warau

Animation Company: Dogakobo
Website: http://dontenniwarau.com/
Genres: Action, Historical, Shoujo
Airing Date: October 2014
Trailers: PV 1 | PV 2 | PV 3
Summary: In the eleventh year of the Meiji era carrying swords was forbidden by the government and those known as samurai were slowly fading away. However, there were plenty who didn’t like those changes taking place in Japan and inevitably the crime rates increased. The country’s only solution was an inescapable lake prison. Since the prison had no other way to access it except by water, the three boys of the Kumo family were assigned to transport the criminals to their new “home”. Although, is that the only thing they were doing…?

Team Impression

Eva: I am quite curious about this one since for an exchange, it’s a historical shoujo (though it could be like Natsume’s Book of Friends in a sense, the protagonist is a male) and I have heard very good things about the manga (which is on my to be read list) so I will certainly be giving this one a whirl.
Oki: Wait…how the fuck is this a shoujo?
MidnightDevont: I’m going to go with a probably not.
CarmenTheNinja: I’ll pass.
Berry: Hmm…I’m not sure. Maybe.
Hideki: so then i was like “no.”
Savage: Historical shoujo…yet dealing with prisons and swords. Seems interesting, another maybe.

Overall Thoughts

Eva: With real life circumstances going about as well as monitoring my health condition, I have been and still am quite torn whether or not I should go on hiatus this season (while continuing what is carrying over). The logical part of me tells me that I should, and my heart tells me that I shouldn’t. It is so difficult because THERE ARE SO MANY SHOWS THAT I WANT TO COVER!!!! That said, it is my goal to cover at least ONE show this season, but picking that one show is going to be ridiculously difficult. My top choices are: Cross Ange, Fate/Stay Night 2014 (Heaven’s Feel), Gundam: G no Reconguista, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, and the rest I will probably be following are: Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Inou Battle Wa Nichijou-Kei no Naka De, Log Horizon S2, Nanatsu no Taizai, Ore Twintails ni Narimasu, SHIROBAKO, Sora no Method, Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete, Donten ni Warau, Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road.

Oki: This season I have a lot of fun choices to make, namely because there’s so much I’m interested in. With the return of Psycho Pass (shrieks) and the hiatus of my fellow members I am both excited and torn. I am hoping to make this season a fun and interesting time for all of you, and if any of the shows I am down for especially interest you make sure to mention it so you can have the best reader experience possible. Let’s get ready for another great Fall season!
MidnightDevont: This season has a lot I’m not interested in and a lot that I am super excited and pumped up for. I hope this season will be fun for everyone, I’m super pumped up even though I won’t be covering it for Psycho-Pass and I hope there are some other things that will be fun. Comment on what you guys are most excited for us to cover, we’ll make this the best season ever!
CarmenTheNinja: I thought for sure there would be more shows that I’d be interested in but I’m terribly upset with my choices. The shows that I am interested in look super good! I think that branching out into genres outside of psychological/horror/action will be a cool change of pace for me. I’m most excited for Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu and Fate/Stay Night. I’m excited to see where this season takes me now that I’m stepping a little outside of my comfort zone.
Berry: This season seems pretty good I’d say. This year I’ve found a good amount of stuff to watch every season, but then there were some that ended up being only decent, or some that were so annoying and bad that I would just drop them altogether. But for this season alone, there are actually a lot more shows that have caught my eye. It looks like this year is going to end with a bang. The shows that most interest me are: Gugure!, Kokkuri-san, Kiseijuu, Log Horizon S2, Psycho Pass S2, Selector Spread WIXOSS, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, and Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road. And other shows I’m going to check out are: Akatsuki no Yona, Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo, Fate/Stay Night 2014, Garo Honoo no Kokuin, Seven Deadly Sins, Orenchi no Furo Jijou, Sanzoku no Musume Ronja, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Shirobako, Terra Formars, and World Trigger. That’s…actually a lot of shows. I hope not to burn myself out. I actually might drop some if they become too boring to me, or if it’s just too much (looks like that now). I won’t have much classes in the Fall quarter, so I’ll have a lot of time to watch these.
Hideki: So…much…slice of life…romance….brain..exploding… There’s a few that i REALLY want to see. the manga store and the anime starting one both look fantastic. a few of them i would review just for the lol’s, but there’s also a whole bunch of stuff you couldn’t entice me to see with promise of bacon. mainly because i do not like bacon. and that would only compound the problem. There seems to be so much genericness going on that it’s hard to separate the original from the tired. When you have a premise like “only boy in a girl’s school” unless, that boy is Christopher Walken, you’re going to find it extremely hard to please anyone. Still, there’s a few i’m really excited for. Also, if anyone tries to take “Denki-Gai No Honya-San” I will kill them in their sleep. XD
Savage: This season has a lot of anime, with some of it very basic, generic, and some of it with intriguing ideas and concepts. Of them all, the ones I definitely want to see is  is Fate/Stay Night, Mushishi, Inou Battle, World Trigger, Seven Deadly sins, and of course, watching Psycho-Pass with Oki and Midnight. As for reviewing…Fate/Stay Night would be my top choice (so exciiiiited)^^, followed by Mushishi second, and Inou, World Trigger, and Seven Deadly Since all roughly the same at third. Most of the other stuff seemed..watchable, but didn’t grab my attention. I may be inexperienced, but I know one thing, its hard to talk about something that could bore you to tears. Still, so pumped for this upcoming season, and to do great stuff with everyone.
Vantage: I’ve decided to hijack the end of this post, because why not 😀 I wasn’t at all clued up about Fall 2014, but after skimming through the shows it seems like the vast majority of what I’m interested in is either a sequel –Chaika, Psycho-Pass, WIXOSS, Yowapeda, Log Horizon and Fate/stay’s UBW route- or a slice-of-life. There are exceptions though, and I think there’s reasonable basis to hype on Cross Ange, World Trigger, Kiseijuu and that music show to name a few. Grisaia no Kajitsu is a highly regarded visual novel (that I admittedly haven’t played) and Sora no Method looks like the cutest, most adorable thing ever (I last said that about GochiUsa, and wasn’t that diabetes-inducing?) so it’s disappointing that there’s no love at all for either of them. If that’s still the case after they air next month, I’m tempted to smash out a first impression post for both at least, hiatus be damned.


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  1. Vange Chandran

    About Akatsuki no Yona – It is a wonderful manga!! (My 2nd favorite shoujo, after Dengeki Daisy!) Yona is the exact opposite of a damsel in distress–a lot like Nanami from KH except even more badass imo–which is awesome. But it worries me at the same time, because you saw what they did to KH……………………….
    I actually really like Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji too; well, the guy is an ass in the middle (ofc) but it’s all very cute now~ xD And his caustic sense of humor is awesome. 🙂
    Like Oki, I’m SO SO SO EXCITED for Psycho Pass season 2!! I’ve been waiting for this since I was born xD
    And I’m super excited for Selector Infected WIXOSS season 2 since season 1 ended on a cliffhanger! I haven’t watched Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I enjoyed WIXOSS a lot more than I expected. It seems very lighthearted on the surface, but it got dark really suddenly!
    Honestly I’m really excited about all the slice-of-life. Just got into it this season with Barakamon and Gekkan, and I’ve taken quite a liking to it. ^_^
    (Just a lot of excitement, I guess)

  2. I.D. nameless

    Hello, members of the angry team. I don’t know much about most of the anime here so I’m here to talk about a single one: Grisaia no Kajitsu. As Vantage said, it’s a very popular Visual Novel that I had the pleasure of reading and I’d say it lives up to the hype. I know it sounds bad and generic, but most VN summaries sound like that.
    Well, there’s the risk of the anime being vastly inferior, but even so, it deserves a chance.

    1. magicflier

      I guess we won’t be seeing any reviews for Grisaia no Kajitsu… what a letdown. 🙁

      1. Eva

        Vantage is writing up a First Impression on it, so you can look forward to that at least! XD

      2. Vantage

        Indeed I am! I won’t be able to promise a time since I’m quite tied up these days, but I’ll try to smash something out by this time tomorrow.

      3. Magicflier

        Oh, knowing that at least it’ll be done is all good for me. =w=)/
        Hope you can have some time to write something up soon!

  3. Magicflier

    I am going to miss Vantage and Chris’s reviews… Their reviews and choices were the most similar to my own taste. 🙁
    Well, looking forward to Fate/stay Night 2014, Log Horizon 2, Hitsugi no Chaika 2, Trinity Seven, and Grisaia no Kajitsu. These titles are the only ones that I know that have top-tier material and prequels. As for new titles… let’s see how they do.

  4. MultiOMGPancakes

    Just to let you know the summary you have for Garo is incorrect. That’s the summary for the original Garo TV series from 2005. The actual summary is on MAL

    1. Eva

      Thank you for pointing that out. I have corrected it.

  5. Noc

    So I see Akatsuki no Yona and I’m like, “when are they making an Akagami no Shirayukihime adaption?!” because if we’re talking about unique shoujo heroine scenarios, that’s the one to fit the bill. My favorite shoujo manga right beside Kamisama Hajimemashita (and I don’t like many shoujo). I’ll give it a go, anyways- remember reading the manga a while back, it was nice but clearly not too gripping since I haven’t stuck to it like glue or anything. Maybe the anime will catch my attention more.
    I’m terribly excited for the Fate/Stay Night remake because PRAISE GILGAMESH, it’s an awesome series no matter how you slice it. Another awesome series on my list is Nanatsu no Taizai- LOVING THE MANGA RIGHT NOW. It’s a great mix of fun and action with no harem to fuck it all up. And did I mention it’s based loosely on Arthurian tales? The little details are what really make it shine. Then there’s LOG HORIZON SEASON TWO. MAH GAWD. How will they ever top Database? And Yowamushi Pedal…the love I have for this series is quiet, but quite strong. It’s the only sports show I’ve ever loved after all (Chihayafuru doesn’t count. It’s too beautiful.)
    Otherwise, there’s a number of series I’m excited for, and as usual, I’ll give mostly everything at least one try (yes, even the shitty harem shows. You never know when you’ll be pleasantly surprised.)

  6. n4gaiyume

    it’s not actually /that/ scary, nor is it rly that gory either IMO, it instead uses body ‘horror’ as comedy – yeah the laughs here aren’t cheap (there’s a dick joke in the series that is like ICONIC but i won’t spoil). and also, it focuses more on humanity in general – the human condition, our superiority as a species and if this privileged position here is justified……extremely thought-provoking, and also emotional stuff that is written w/ so much wit (-:
    so yeah if there’s like ONE series to watch this season it’s kiseijuu…….though having said that i’ll be checking out the cockroach one, the 2nd season of mushishi zoku shou because it’s MUSHISHI(!!!!), donten ni warau (mostly bc dogakobo and their great track record as of late), the ookami shoujo one (ONLY bc kenichi kasai is directing, the premise is kinda bad IMO) as well as Bahamut and Garo. Because MAPPA. And they do put out interesting stuff, even if the quality of their releases are…..debatable (ahem terror in resonance)

  7. tcpcat

    omg. I’ll watch the comedy and log horizon.
    There is a lot of magic anime going on

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