I have been waiiiiting for this game from the moment I heard it was announced. A strong woman but get this, a strong woman with a love for her job as a pastry chef. There is nothing worse than an otome game where the main character has a job you can’t connect to and feels passion for it. I could still connect to Office Secrets but some of the routes left me going “really…?” …I took three years of Culinary Education. I think I’ll be into this one!


Let me start off by saying I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS GAME! Playing this game gave me a heart attack at a few stages because unlike most other Voltage games until the very end, you very early on sleep with Aki. And it’s awesome. I MEAN. No I meant it, it’s awesome, the weird nature of navigating a relationship with a man who is your boss who you mutually find yourself attracted to and EVEN SLEEP WITH is just…instant interest in the game.


Most of the conflict in this game kind of revolves around the fact that you’re much younger than most of your love interests, and getting up there. It’s fun to see how different the Japanese culture tends to view marriage. Both communities are guilty of settling but to Americans settling is the utmost disgraceful thing you can do. Deciding to marry someone  you don’t love is considered desperate, but we also know many people do it. To admit you don’t love the person you married is…an oddity. In Japan it’s weird to consider it an oddity. Then again, we are a self based community in America. Your actions have to be for you or you aren’t a true adult, even if your actions are selfish or selfless. I couldn’t sleep with someone I didn’t love, though, and in America it’s common to sleep with someone you don’t love. RELATIONSHIPS ARE WEIRD


At one point, the writers use the comparison ‘He’d be 30 when you’re 38’, you know what’s funny? My dad was that young! Hah. In America it’d be more like “He was only 10 when you were 18!” to scare someone off with age, we tend not to care about age gaps once you hit 20 years old. Most of the time I wanted to go ‘if you marry someone you don’t care about then that’s more dumb then trying to love someone who feels the same way’. I was so drawn to Aki’s devilishly cute personality, and how laid back he could be. It was fun seeing him go “oh…nope, gonna be genuinely dominant right now” hehehe. . .


All this game did was make me want more routes!!! I’m sitting here trying to click the other character’s routes. I want to date Momoi soooo badly, if Aki was this passionate what’s next?! My only real problems with the route were the need for an even more romantic climax. “I’m not ready to be married yet but the thought of losing you drives me crazy, I almost considered it, and that terrified me. I just want the chance to be with you!” Would have been a perfect dialogue here. Why is the main character always rich? Not that I’m complaining. . . please buy me a house Aki. . . please and thank you.


I have to say I want the other routes too because it is kind of awkwardin this route at times. . .it was awkward to once again reject another man who just happened to come too late to the party. The 10 years of not being loved party. I also didn’t like Miho at all, as she seemed less to care about MC (who I named Kinoue in this one) and more about making her join her in her misery. She seems like one of those women who is just like, well I am doing it and it’s hard so it’s obviously the right choice. Having children and being married aren’t a freakin requirement! A woman is entitled to love whoever she wants! And good on Finally in Love again for letting the MC have that and do what she wants to do with her own life.


Final opinion? Dat ass Aki. . .dat ass.