I was seriously considering just combining Episode 34 and 35 together just because there is little to talk about. Once again we sat through an episode that served no purpose to the plot. I am crossing my fingers that next week’s will be the last and quickly return back on track for the storyline. As Megumi had failed the first time to obtain her innocent form, I more or less am expecting her second attempt during the plot related event taking place.
Speaking of the Innocent Form, today’s case with Hime had confirmed that the Shining Makeup Dresser will respond to genuinely powerful feelings that does not necessarily have to solely innocence. Hime’s will and desire to protect the students’ hard work and efforts they had put into the Cultural Festival was simply strong enough to connect with the Shining Makeup Dresser. That being said though, it was underwhelming and came off a bit of a surprise considering how under budget this episode turned out to be. I mean it wasn’t ugly but it had its derpy moments where as you compare it to the cinematic atmosphere Iona’s episode had. Next week it will be Yuuko’s turn, and while I have my doubts it will give me anything more to talk about, (perhaps a brief cliff-hanger to draw out attention to the next upcoming episode, that would be nice…).
I honestly can’t see myself getting used to the the Innocent Form makeup anytime soon, it just… especially for Hime’s today- her lipstick UGH, and then they threw in the eyeshadow/eyeliner, whatever the hell they were doing and it only made her look ridiculous. I have a difficult time wrapping the very reality around my head of how complicated it is to draw characters with make-up on without looking ridiculous. Like it is almost like they feel the need to put it in our faces just so ensure that we notice the details!
The upcoming Happiness Charge Precure! Ningyou no Kuni no Ballerina movie was featured in the OP this week and is expected to continue to do so over the next couple of episodes. It looks like a cute movie so I will probably be tunning in to watch this one (despite the fact I usually skip Precure movies). I have to say though it was amusing to see how they used Hime’s ideal prince as the actual prince to be featured in the film.
You can watch the movie trailer below:


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  1. Brian

    Well it seems Megumi will finally get her upgrade the week after next, saw this on wikipedia:
    “Lots of Love! Megumi’s Innocent Birthday!”
    “Ai ga Ippai! Megumi no Inosento Bāsudē!” (愛がいっぱい!めぐみのイノセントバースデー!)  October 12, 2014
    I agree with everything you said, especially about the lack of plot advancement. These episodes literally would be fillers if it wasnt for the cures getting their innocent form upgrade. Maybe something interesting will happen during Megumis episode that’ll tie in to the plot.

    1. Eva

      Yeah I was more or less expecting that- let’s just hope it’s plot related in SOME SORT OF WAY! I can’t help but somewhat expect it to after having her fail the first time.
      *TWITCH* Must endure min. 2 more episodes of pure filler… *TWITCH*

      1. Brian

        Agreed, although I cant help but think that Toei is setting things up for the generals to get purified, especially Namakeruda. It seems every episode he fights, we learn more in more about his past life. My main concern though is how are they going to fit all these plot points into 14/15 episodes which seems like a lot but not really. I mean, it soo much left to be done.
        1. The final battle with Phantom where he either gets purified or dies
        2. The use of each cures Innocent Form attack seeing as theres about 3 for each of them
        3. The 3 generals deaths or purification
        4. The final battle with Queen Mirage and Deep Mirror (which probably will take 3/4 episodes to go through)
        5. The introduction of the cures new attack using those microphones
        6. The advancement of Blue and Mirages relationship (probably will happen during the final battle)
        I didnt include Honey and Lovelys Innocent form upgrade because we know within the next 2 episodes, its coming. My point is, it all just seems a lil rushed

        1. Wanderer

          Don’t forget that the world will end up being mostly or completely destroyed before the girls activate their final powerup to win the last battle and save the day and fix everything with Happiness™.
          Honestly, I think most of that stuff will overlap and happen within the last five episodes or so. That’s almost all endgame stuff.

        2. Eva

          Oh yes they have already indicated that the generals will at some point before or by the end of the series will be purified. By the look of it, Namakeruda is the first on the list, and is probably going to be an important one since he suffered from heartbreak as well.
          I’m not too worried about the pacing for the end. We have to view this final arc as we would for every other 11-13 episodes series we see every season. The only difference is that they already went through 30 episodes of development so it can all be pushed and focused on wrapping things up.

  2. Wanderer

    I haven’t been fond of the shining make dresser’s abuse of makeup since it first appeared, for… well… pretty much the reason you described. There are ways to do makeup and have it look nice, but smearing it on so thick that it screams to the entire world “LOOK AT MY MAKEUP! ISN’T IT AWESOME?! I HOPE SO, SINCE YOU CAN BARELY EVEN SEE MY FACE UNDERNEATH ALL OF IT!” is not the way to do it.
    In regards to the feelings that activate the dresser, it doesn’t really surprise me. The desire to protect someone or something ranks right up there with the power of friendship in a tie for first place on “the list of things that give precures power.”

    1. Eva

      A part of me wonders if they do this so that children don’t feel silly when they first attempt to put on make-up, because lets face it- little girls and boys like to mess around with their parents’ makeup if they are able to get their hands on it or are curious enough about it. And 10000% of the time they tend to do it really thick. XDDDD

  3. sidekick

    Soooo, should I give HaCha a try? I’ve been meaning to check out the Precure franchise since I totally loved Heartcatch, and have been in a bit of a magical girl phase as of late (been watching some Ojomajo Doremi) :p

    1. Eva

      If you loved Heartcatch, you will definitely like this one. There’s a lot of plot involved and the pacing is good (until now because of the obligatory power up filler arc), and teases of romance- but that is up in the air of how far they will take it. The main characters aren’t annoying and have great development thus far, so I think you will really enjoy it! 😀

      1. sidekick

        Hmm, what I’m interested in is less the plot and pacing though. What I liked about HeartCatch was how much energy and spirit was put into its presentation, kind of like Gurren Lagann vs like Gundam Unicorn or something in its presentation of the mech genre… I make sense? I’m probably rambling here. I should just watch the damn thing, huh.

        1. elior1

          well there was a some hint of love between honey and phantom so this should be good if they will go far with this romance

          1. Eva

            Don’t hold your breath though. If it happens, we can all rejoice, if it doesn’t… well it’s better to not have any expectations than to have it shattered.

        2. Eva

          They have been playing around with the cinematography, and the fight scenes are well animated, but I would say it is probably not as spectacular as Heartcatch’s with the exception of Honey’s over the top basic cleansing ability.

  4. Brian

    It seems more episode titles have been revealed and were getting a new enemy after Megumi’s power up:
    37 “Break with Big Bang! Surely a Formidable Enemy Appears!”
    “Yabura Reta Biggu Bān! Masaka no Kyōteki Tōjō!” (やぶられたビッグバーン!まさかの強敵登場!)  October 19, 2014
    38 “I want to convey feelings”
    “Tsutae tai Omoi” (つたえたい想い)  October 26, 2014

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