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Well howdy everybody! Hideki is in the house! (ow.  that hurt me right in the 90’s). I am Hideki, the newest addition to the AAB crew! I’ve been watching anime for quite some time now. I think it started way back with Ronin Warriors. Since then I’ve been a fan of pretty much everything under the sun. My favorites tend to usually end up being Comedies or slice of life’s such as “Happy Lesson” , “Animation Runner Kuromi” or “Comic Party” But i am always open to all different kinds of shows.

I have to say this isn’t my first time writing. I’ve posted several reviews in the past, but nothing quite like this, and i am definitely excited for this new challenge.

Let’s see. i’m into dogs, long walks on the beaches and um..wait what? this isn’t eharmony? oh. whoops. Well I am quite the gamer, but my favorites are definitely games with multiple endings. aka, Mass Effect, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Age. Anything that lets me choose what you’re doing is all right by me.

Now i could keep rambling and talking about incoherent nonsensical things, but then what would  i put in my reviews? Glad to be here with everyone and I hope you’ll like my posts. See you soon!


Favorite Genres: Slice of life, comedy, romance/comedy

Favorite Animes: (besides the ones above) record of lodoss war, haganai, black cat, fruits basket, dna2, sister princess, video girl ai

Most hated anime: oh… oh you’ll learn soon enough.