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We don’t have a drawing ready yet and I can’t draw even if my LIFE depended on it so here, have this cake.

In the early morning hours of September 16th 2014, we have reached our new milestone of Two Million Hits! AngryAnimeBitches would like to extend our thanks to the millions of readers who have visited our blog. It is a huge accomplishment for us to have achieved that! Thank you all for visiting our blog as well as your contributions in the comments. It is our pleasure to write these opinions pieces and reviews, and share our thoughts and discuss with all of you! Thank you!
Now I am sure there are some people wondering why I am only posting this announcement a week late. Well I figured since it was close to the blog’s anniversary of debut on September 28th, 2010 (which we have never celebrated in the past because I always forgot welp fail), I felt it would be nice to mix it with the the celebration of the tremendous growth.
In celebration of our kick off to our 2 Million Hits, we would like to hear from you!
You see we have ten categories that aren’t updated often, but we would like to make them more active rather than sitting around collecting dust until we feel like adding something. The following categories are…

A) Movies (Animated Films- I should probably re-named it to that…)
B) Manga
C) Random Reviews (Becoming more active as of the late)
D) Light Novels
E) Merchandise/Figures (though it will ultimately depend on the goods the writers has)
F) English Dub Reviews (NEW!)
G) Drama-CD (pitiful category with only one post)
H) Convention Coverages (only updated when someone attends a convention)
I) Videogames
J) OVA/ONA/Specials (depends on the writer and the shows)

After speaking with the team, here are the Top 3 Irregularly Updated Categories that are anticipated to become more active in the future.

#1: Movies (Animated Films)
#2: English Dub Reviews
#3: Manga

While we have discussed the already existing categories, I have also discussed the opportunity of expanding into new contents (under the condition they will be regularly updated).


– JDRAMA (Japanese Drama)
– KDRAMA (Korean Drama)

Now we would like to hear from you! What categories would you like to see become more active in the Irregularly Updated Categories and do you have any interest in the potential new categories? Or perhaps you would like to share a suggestion of your own!


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  1. Wanderer

    Happy anniversary! I can see Aguri-chan is delighted. 😉
    For other coverages… I will be honest, the only posts I really pay attention to (not just here, but on any blog) are either ones for shows that I’m already watching, or ones that catch my eye in a way that makes me think “I might want to watch that.” The latter category realyl depends on a show being presented, BEFORE the jump into the full post, as something that might fit my interests. Out of your listed categories the only things that might interest me would be OVAs, random reviews, videogames (depending on the type of videogames) and manga. And even then, all of those would depend on the specific story in question being something that interests me, or that I am already following.
    …Sorry, I’m not the most helpful person when it comes to this. I don’t tend to branch out a lot, and I stick with what I know I like. It’s good that you all want to increase the level of content you’re providing, so long as you are confident you are able to do it consistently. Don’t try to push yourselves into a schedule that leaves you feeling overworked, because that can sour you on the whole blogging thing altogether. I’ve seen similar stuff happen to people. I’m just glad to have you folks here providing an outlook on many of the shows I watch.

    1. Eva

      :3 It’s more of providing the writers more opportunities and encouragement to start consistently updating certain categories that they have a lot of interest in (even more so if the certain seasons doesn’t appeal to them that much leaving them with only one or two shows to cover, it gives them the chance to write about other subjects that interest them).
      I know for my own future I anticipate writing up about Light Novels now that YenOn (LN Branch of Yenpress) have licensed many titles that I am interested in. I have been meaning to write up Spice & Wolf for a while now but the first time round I forgot to write notes before proceeding to the next volume and before I realize it I was up to Vol 8 and I forgot what happened in the first. XD;;;; So I intend to make it my assignment that every time I finish a light novel volume, I will write up an entry about it, be it a full out review or simple thoughts on it BEFORE I move on to the next ahahahaha!

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