Persona 4 Golden the Animation Episode 11 [ The Heart’s Desire ]

This episode I can’t do what I normally do. There’s not many things I can say about the episode summary without it sounding contrived. And in a lot of ways? This episode was entirely contrived. There are so many things about it that weren’t done right or lacked emotion. Why the hell do I care about Marie if they’re going to gloss over her plot and make it not convincing? Well, this episode there were SOME moments I cared. Even moreso, this season they seemed to settle on Marie being the romance so what do you know, Yu had a lot of convincing interest in her that made the finale make sense.


The plot of course is. . . whatever. No really, it’s whatever. They needed to focus the entire episode on the Marie thing to give it the right weight, but instead they then cut to them getting out and making it to the hot spring and the hot spring hijinks. The only thing I really took from most of this is that Marie and Yu are definitely a couple in Golden and seem to actually want to be together. It’s nice they picked a girl and  didn’t cop out, and kind of explains the prior Christmas episode where he was like “eh” to all of them and had wacky hijinks.


Parts of this episode were funny but. . . nothing enough to save the anime. If this were the way all episodes were, the anime might be passable. Notice I said passable? This still wasn’t done the way it needed to be. There’s still a lot that needs to be fixed in this anime. Honestly I wish they had just taken the original footage and made it a re edit like with Psycho Pass. Seeing how the two, which both added footage, handled it. . .Psycho Pass won out. Of course it was less than Persona added so it’s hard to compare but. . . this whole anime felt. . . unnecessary. It’s not the end yet but I wish it was. Nothing about it makes me yearn for more. Instead, I yearn to not be the one covering the episode that week.


Ah well, at least we finally saw Naoto’s boobies. WORTH.



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