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I know it might sound like I’m dying, or at the very least retiring for good, but fortunately (or unfortunately) I’m just going on hiatus. Possibly indefinitely. Which, come to think of it, would in fact mean that I’m retiring should the worst case scenario come to pass. It feels like I’ve been here forever, so I thought it’d be good to say a few words, as well as outline what I plan to do about the shows I’m currently covering.

Any livestock you may wish to sacrifice for the sake of my good health would be appreciated, although it would be nice if these animals are slaughtered in a humane and sustainable way, unlike the canned unicorn meat they sell on Amazon. Please donate the organs to promote the longevity of the many illegal anime ripping and subbing circles that exist. On a serious note, thank you for reading and commenting, it means a lot to me. I’d like to hope that this blog has grown since I’ve been here, and that both the writers and readers enjoy what they do.

Free! Eternal Summer Ep 11 Img 0005Looking back at my introduction post, it seems that I’ve changed my writing style quite a bit over 800 or so posts on god knows how many series – for the better, presumably. At least, I no longer spam smilies and strikethroughs, and have become more cynical towards everything except the slice-of-life genre – and yet more open to new things at the same time, something that sounds suspiciously like growing up. When I first started I wouldn’t have touched sports shows like Yowamushi Pedal or Free! with a ten-foot pole – I still childishly label the latter “gay swimming”, but it’s not out of hostile ignorance any longer. I also think I ship Haru x Rin, but you never heard that. If there was ever an indicator of being a better internet writer for an unspecified audience of strangers, this would be it.

sora no methodOf course, I don’t plan to just up and leave. I hope to continue covering both SAO II and Akame ga Kill, as they’re shows I’d like to see through to the end. Sadly, the same cannot be said of Naruto Shippuden. As a never-ending shounen, there is little point in continuing to cover it if a hiatus means that I’ll be leaving it at some point anyway – in that sense, dropping it is something that would have happened eventually. Although it is true that the manga is just about over, as is Claymore’s. So of the shows I’m blogging now, the ones I’ll carry on are the “good” ones – though Glasslip is, frankly, a shit-tier benchmark to use. Thinking back, I really should have picked up something nice like Hanayamata. All that being said, I’d like to voice my desire to cover next season’s Sora no Method, a show promising feels, lolis and perhaps a bit of fantasy that nobody else on the team seems to want. It looks amazing, to me at least. I know that effectively defeats the entire purpose of this post, but it does look wonderful, and so for now I’ll promise a first impression. If it really is wonderful, and I turn out to have the time, then we’ll see.

hxhWhen I do return for real, hopefully I won’t end up being a Togashi, whose work Hunter x Hunter is as legendary as the extended, often unspecified hiatuses he takes. I honestly don’t know when that’ll be – It almost feels like I’m taking this hiatus as a precaution, as I’m primarily doing it in anticipation of my heavy workload at university. The idea is that I play it safe and disappear during the clapping, instead of halfway through the performance. Maybe things won’t be as bad as I thought, and I’ll be back after a season, or it might be so hectic that I’ll have trouble watching anime, let alone blogging about it. There are also certain restrictions implemented at my uni on torrenting and downloading that’ll be a bother to get around, so I’ll be looking into getting a seedbox in order to fulfil my sense of entitlement to illegal Chinese cartoons, which has recently been only bolstered by the painful DDoS attacks on many anime sites. If you want a vague estimate, you can assume that I’ll be back whenever either Nanoha ViVid or Prisma Illya Herz decides to air, which should be sometime in 2015. In fact, after having gone through all of the Illya manga in one sitting, I’ll make sure I’m around for the adaptation, no matter what. Seriously, things are taken to a whole new level of crazy to the point that what we’ve had so far can’t even compare. 

That’s all from me, take care guys. Don’t lose your way.

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  1. I.D. nameless

    erm, yellow Vantage. I’m not here to talk about your hiatus actually, but I found no other way to contact you so I decided to post here, since this looks more like a personal article. Feel free to delete this after you read it – the problem is: I can’t reply to your new comment on -rewrite moon route- not sure why, I’m not good with blogs. The normal reply tools don’t appear at all.

    1. Vantage

      That’s probably because it’s been some time since the original post went up. I think commenting tools tend to get locked after a certain period, not too sure why that is. Just reply here!

      1. Eva

        Yes the posts automatically close comments after three months the entry have been published.
        If you wish to ask further questions to any writer or about technical difficulties in the future, you should refer to the the FAQ + Ask the Team page. While you do so you may end up finding any questions you may be thinking of asking about already answered there. 🙂

        1. I.D. nameless

          Thank you and sorry for the trouble.

      2. I.D. nameless

        So, Terra. First things first, it made me want a Nishikujou route. She’s the only girl that’s the same age as Kotarou’s real age and I think they’d be a fine couple.
        It was good to finally see Kashima Sakura. After being advertised as the big bad for a long time, it was underwhelming how little she mattered. But they still screw it up because, you know, dead…..lol. But, at the same time, I think there was a good side to her not appearing on Moon at all. It was this invisible, intangible enemy (that most likely was a sum of all Sakura’s given how easy a single one died in Terra) that you could only defend against and never attack, while Kagari was just not finishing that damn equation already!!
        I really loved Esaka in this route. I told you earlier that he was my fav male char, and this route is what made that for me. Also, do you still like Myia….what’s his name again?
        Loli Kotori and Loli Akane were really great additions, but I still think all the girls should have played a larger part. Why spend all those routes developing them and then not use them? Especially given how Kagari is not that great a main heroine….
        So, as an end to this post:
        Pochi for best slave eeeeeeveeeeeeeeer!!! Quite a nice…emm…”harem ending” he got there :))

        1. Vantage

          A younger Nishikujou is still hot. I did warm to Esaka too, had no idea he was that high-ranked in Guardian. One of the greatest feels in Terra was when Kotarou killed him and apologized while choking tears ;_; And in contrast, admittedly Imamiya came off as a bit of a douche all around. While it’s true that Kashima Sakura was the only tangible antagonist-type character, I think she ended up being underwhelming because she’s not the most significant, imminent danger in Rewrite – that role instead goes to the threat that the planet itself is doomed to destruction. Also she’s been old for a long time.

          In terms of lolis, Kotori was much better than Akane – she was a bit like Shimako at that age. From how Kotori was when she was little, it’s pretty hard to imagine that she grows up to be all warm and sweet. I agree about Kagari – her role was indisputably vital, but there was hardly any emotional investment when compared to the five character routes. I’ve realized that feels and romance very much “makes” a route for me, which might be why I think that, at the end of the day I enjoyed something like Lucia’s or Akane’s routes more than I did Terra. Plus, I’m not really a fan of Terra Kotarou at all, especially from first impressions. He was very edgy and full of self-pity and maybe even slightly unstable.

          Yay for the reversible tree process! Pochi is pretty much Sakuya #2 now!

          1. I.D. nameless

            Btw, Akane’s route – do we know what that voice that Kotarou was hearing is? I don’t think it was ever explained.
            Meh, I enjoyed both lolis, it was good to see 2 of these girls involved, even as different versions of themselves. It also made me appreciate them more as the characters they become up until the common route.
            Kotori had it rough this whole time, it’s a surprise she is not broken – that’s one strong girl.
            It’s good that Akane can speak during the common route, I enjoy her debates with Kotarou.
            The difference between the Kotarous legitimates Kotori’s worries during her route. I’d also ask myself if this was the same guy as that jerk I yelled at when I was little or…. is he a product of my desires?
            I think Kotarou’s not so pleasant personality was used to create more emotional investment (which works at times, at least for me) but also build him up as the ultimate triple agent – since the 2 factions were clearly divided by the personalities of the members. In the end, if you strip it of all the “world is ending” stuff – it was a war between optimism and pessimism, humanism and misanthropy, etc, etc.
            The possibility of a Sakuya ending was hinted at during Shizuru’s route, but I never thought they’d do the true ending that way.
            I’m sure that during the Shizuru timeline he wakes up thousand of years latter to be the familiar of some girl that’s part of the new humanity, descendants of Shizuru and the other survivors (that are so much closer to total destruction). Hey, that actually sounds like a fan-fiction. Out of all the VN universes I know, I like the Rewrite one more simply because it could be expanded upon the most. Now I want a sequel.

            1. Vantage

              I have absolutely no idea! I’d completely forgotten about that myself. Either it’s a plot hole, or perhaps some sort of consciousness involving the holy women?

              Ah yes, Kotori’s worries are now very, very solid. Kotarou never fully outlined what he was previously like during the character routes, so I never paid much attention to it, but she must have been petrified over the thought that Kotarou suddenly became a “nice guy”. Also, Kotori should be the only heroine -assuming Akane doesn’t remember- to know Kotarou’s true age gap then. She’s just as good as he is at putting on masks though.

              With the way he kept rewriting himself throughout the routes, becoming a tree is pretty much the end goal of all Kotarous. So it’s quite fitting that this is how the true route ended.

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