NOOOOOOOO DON’T END IT THEREE!!!!! AHHH DAMNIT I CAN’T BEAR HAVING TO WAIT AN ENTIRE WEEK FOR THIS. Oh man, this duel definitely turned out a lot stronger than I had initially anticipated. I absolutely LOVED the twist of Gongenzaka having learned how to do Synchro Summon thanks to Yaiba and damn, I don’t know about you guys but the OST tracks for this episode were addicting to listen to. I liked it so much, I was trying my best to hear it over the voices. It was that one moment I wished the background music was louder than the voices! Can’t wait for the release of the first volume of the Original Soundtrack! Also on the extra note: Entermate Silverclaw is FREAKING ADORABLE! (HURRAY FOR NEW ENTERMATE MONSTER!)
Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 25 Img 0003This entire episode was absolutely fantastic for a number of reasons:
Reiji reveals that his father Akaba Leo is very much alive and kicking, and turns out that they do not have a very good relationship. Reiji doubts that his father would go through the trouble of doing an exchange with Shun (who is trying to meet Leo) despite his son being used as a hostage. It also raises questions about Akaba Leo’s role in all of this, and whether or not he is in fact the root of the problems and are holding Shun’s beloved sister and companions captive. With little resources to put the clues, I will have to wait a bit longer before I can come up with any speculations. What we do know for sure, there is DEFINITELY a third party lurking in the shadows that have yet to debut. Whether they will do so during the tournament, we will have to wait and see.
Shun confirmed today that the victims’ souls are in fact sealed within the cards. How he is able to do that, we don’t know of that detail yet, but it certainly brings us back to the days of Duel Monsters. Ah yes, the good old days when Yugi’s grandpa’s soul was sucked out of him and sealed within a card along with several other characters. Not going to lie, it’s a nice touch to bring back the familiarity and elements of the original and first series (much like bringing back the use of Magicians).
…. Now I am tempted to see whether they will throw in some Millennium items… MAN I HAVE THE MIGHTY NEED TO MARATHON DUEL MONSTERS AGAIN.
It is up in the air regarding the LDS’ Aces’ fate. We do not know whether Reiji had left them to be captured or not after having that brief discussion with Shun. Surprisingly, Reiji did not reveal the conditions Shun must oblige to in order to fight him, but I am sure that it is EXTREMELY likely at this point that Shun will be invited to participate in the upcoming tournament.
Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 25 Img 0028I absolutely LOVE IT when our heroes are put in situation where they struggle to get their head in the game. Manager Nico had deliberately arranged Yuuya’s final match against Gongenzaka and without any spectators to cheer for him to make it into a dramatic duel. And that is exactly how it has unfolded so far. Yuuya knows but can’t seems to accept the fact he must defeat Gongenzaka with all his strength. The problem is that Yuuya is reluctant because he is thankful and is in Gongenzaka’s debt for his support after all these years since his father had vanished without a trace. And of course more than anything, he doesn’t want to nor be the one responsible for robbing Gongenzaka’s opportunity to participate in the tournament. And you can actually pin-point the exact moment Yuuya’s heart just breaks (poor thing, they have only begun the duel and he already looks like he needs a hug!). But this is what makes the duel so much more interesting. Yuuya is put in this ugly situation and has no support whatsoever. He has to stand up to this on his own. I call that major development as we have seen in the flashback, Yuuya was never quite independent. There was always someone by his side and he relishes the support from the crowd (but I wouldn’t go as far as saying he relies on it, we have seen Yuuya perform his matches in situations when the crowd was against him. Yes it shakes him, but he always manages to ground himself), so I look forward to seeing how much stronger Yuuya will become when he has no one by himself and his cards to rely on. I do wonder how long this duel will go on for, and how Yuuya will get his get back in the game now that Gongenzaka completely caught him off guard with the Synchro Summon.


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  1. elhienn

    Lol, it’s kind of amusing that while you dropped Zexal like hot potatoes you’re totally digging Arc V so far XD, sorry, but I really think you need to at least read the summaries of Zezzle, because there’s indications that it will have a crossover with Arc V.
    I don’t know why there are people who disliked this episode, it really gave me the goosenbumps.
    Arc V a lot of things the others didn’t, and I’m very impressed with the quality of the writting, every character have dept, even the side ones, and I couldn’t thank them enough.
    What I like with Yuya is that he isn’t a “static character” as the other protagonists( BTW, not badmouthing I love the other protags), instead of being static and then giving some backstory or unrevealed side we know from the start that Yuya is a character full of issues that needs a lot of character development and it’s heartwarming how the cast is part/important for his growth besides cheering for him. It’s also interesting that while he has a lot of development in the episodes where he is the focus(even the fillers as Nico explained) he doesn’t hog the screentime, a new concept fot YGO, also giving the other characters a chance to develop themselves too and offering support besides nakama speechs.
    Lol, remember when we didn’t care about Noburu before his duel with Yaiba?(it’s YaiBA btw, sorry to niptick ^^’) Me neither! I like how they developed him too, and we can see that despite saying that he needs to improve himself because he became weak he’s clearly trying to help Yuya become independant, it will be important for when Yuya does meet the real threat and has no one to support him.
    I always wondered why LDS was called Leo Duel School, so it was called after Reiji’s dad huh? And by what Reiji we can already tell he is a cold person, I wonder how Reiji turned into a polite and respectful person, even on his duel with Yuya he defended Yusho’s honor and went so far as defending Yuya too when he was falsely accused. It’s surprising that even if he was a champion and a genius he still considered Yuya his rival despite Yuya not even being qualified to enter the tournament, I really hope he become Yuya’s friend or at least his mentor, it would be a nice twist to the rival formula.
    Oh, and speaking of them, Reiji’s and Yuya’s VA will sing the next ending which will debut in November, can’t wait for that as Reiji’s VA has a damn nice voice

    1. Eva

      I didn’t like ZEXAL because for one I despised the main character and two I just couldn’t get into it. I dropped it at Episode 30. The only character I liked at the time was Shark. LOLOLOLOL.
      Is Zezzle (?) an arc that occurred in ZEXAL? By the sound of it, I am guessing it happens in Zexal II? Anyhow I’ll look into it just in case.
      Arc-V appeals to me because of the characters, the smart pacing of the plot (an interesting one at that) and also because it has vibes from DM and 5Ds, both series that I am VERY fond of. Arc-V is also a HELL LOT MORE MATURE than Zexal (which is the main reason that drove me insane. I’m sure (and hope) that Yuuma had matured as a character as the series went on but like GX it never clicked for me.)
      I don’t think we have seen Reiji’s TRUE SELF yet (only pieces of it) since he is focusing on playing the role as the President and has all of these responsibilities that he must take care of. He does have that politeness and manners and is surprisingly not as rude and self-centered as one would or may expect him to be.
      Thanks for pointing out typo, fixed it.

  2. Malagelo

    Maybe you should know that first volume of Soundtrack is already out.

    1. Eva


  3. Elaine

    This was a Good Episode! Poor Yuya I thought he was going to fall over and died or pass out in this Duel. But this will be a good Duel to learn from for Yuya because when the tougher Duels come he will be ready for them also there will come times where there will be no one to cheer him on so he has to get used that. That’s Cool that Gongenzaka learned Synchro Summoning and he is try to get stronger just like Yuzu learning Fusion Summoning. Poor Shun he finally get Reiji to come out and Duel him and it doesn’t happen and also Reiji tells Shun to do whatever he want. Also Shun wanted to take Reiji hostage and trade him for his comrades and Reiji says that his dad won’t do it because they don’t have a good relationship between them so the trade wouldn’t happened. So basically Shun wasted his time attacking LSD students and workers because he is no closer to getting his comrades back.

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