Akame 16 Img019

Gore? Check.

Deaths? Check.

Kurome? Check.

Akame 16 Img035Must have been a pretty good episode then! A good chunk of Night Raid were preoccupied with fighting what was essentially just Kurome, which is actually a worrying testament to her strength. For some reason, I’d envisaged her puppets being literal skeletons rising out of the ground -it was probably because of the Danger Beast- so it was a pleasant surprise to learn that they all look exactly like they did in life, with everything apart from their free will still intact. And one of them was even a general! Clearly, the Jaegers have a thing for strength in numbers – Seryuu is actually both her and her dog, Kurome has multiple puppets and Stylish must have had over a hundred soldiers willing to fight for him. There’s something to be said in how all of Kurome’s puppets are entities that she’s managed to kill – meaning that on her own, she’s supposedly stronger than any one of them. Night Raid may now be attacking her all at once, but they’ve got her bodyguard and Teigu to watch out for as well. None of them have died, but given that it’s been relatively one-sided so far -in that all the puppets have been successfully killed- I don’t think everyone’s going to escape unscathed. That’s just not how it works. If I had to pick a single survivor, god I hope it’s Susanoo. It’s supposed to be a Kurome episode, but damn did he steal the show when he was fighting the Danger Beast.

Akame 16 Img037It tends to be the case that my opinion on certain characters fluctuates over time – with Seryuu I went from positivity to hatred in the span of a single episode, and with Esdeath it’s been gradual improvement. A change seems to be happening with Kurome too, although for the most part I still find her adorable, especially when she’s eating candy while watching her Danger Beast change landscapes. I still ship her with Wave, by the way. She’s not as twisted as Seryuu, and all that childishness is sort of endearing – but I have to admit that she’s not quite right in the head. Maybe it’s reflected by how messed up Yatsufusa itself is as a Teigu, whereby the corpses it reanimates still move even though they’ve been beheaded, with severe enough destruction needed to stop it getting up again. Kurome hasn’t killed anyone… yet, but she almost went the distance in that horrible moment of suspense when she cut off Leone’s arm. Kurome why would you do that?! Bad imouto. I don’t think Leone can just magically regrow it like Susanoo can -probably because he’s a Teigu- and with her other arm hurt as well it’s not looking good for Leone.

Akame 16 Img040If I’m going to be honest, it doesn’t look good for a lot of people. Leone might end up dying, but in reality she’ll probably be okay with Najenda and Susanoo around her – Najenda survived a confrontation with Esdeath of all people, which is saying something. Lubbock might die as well, given his subtle vow to confess to Najenda after the battle ends. And Bols’ survival is in question too, unless he manages to escape from the strange self-incurred bomb he carries around. I’m probably most worried for Chelsea though, and that’s based solely on the preview – looks like a backstory to me. And that sort of obvious warning can only mean one thing…

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  1. I.D. nameless

    See, this is what would happen of you get killed by Kurome. Don’t you love it? You get to spend your whole life with her and if you prove useful, there’s candy for you 🙂

    1. Vantage

      Yaaaaay! Spending life with imouto! Or death, rather… her puppets are properly dead, right? I’m not sure if it’s resurrection or just her making corpses move. The mask guy could talk for some reason – at least, he seemed like he retained some sort of mental functioning.

      I think some would prefer becoming Esdeath’s love slave to having anything to do with Kurome though…

      1. I.D. nameless

        Not sure. Never thought in depth about it and the manga never explains her power beyond this point. But yeah, their brains still work in some way or another – the childhood friend was acting as her bodyguard “out of his own will”, so to say – he was protecting what he held dear in life. The masked guy also reacted to something that was important to him.

        1. Vantage

          If their brains are still intact then it’s not so bad! At least that means her victims don’t become mindless zombies who still move even after being decapita… oh.

          Maybe she gets to choose whether they get autonomy or not. At any rate I’m overthinking this.

  2. Morlphing

    You be surprise about Leona healing factor, she fucking Wolfverine. Next episode will be… heart breaking, why did they have to die? Kurume after this battle will lose a lot of power due to some of her most powerful corpse been taken out.
    I was a little surprise when i first see the outcome of this battle, especially with so less casualty then i first through.

    1. Vantage

      Leone totally did a Netero when she stopped the bleeding through just her physical strength. I wonder if a complete healing would be a bit far-fetched though… she’s not a Teigu like Susanoo.

      I think Kurome’s a formidable force on her own as well, regardless of whether she has puppets in stock. If she uses the puppets she can’t do much on her own, so it’s an inevitable trade-off of sorts.

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