Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Episode 3

So after a show about dancing and a girl thinking she’s fat, it turns out that the show about the library club has the most interesting episode out of the three this week. Go figure. Now I’m not saying it’s the best episode of anything ever, but comparatively, it’s the most interesting.

So the episode starts off with the gang agreeing that they need to see the loli hacker chick and get her help to figure out where the Shepard’s emails are coming from. She agrees, but they have to help her out later by handing out fliers for one of her events in costume.

Gah! the loli! it's staring into my soul!
Gah! the loli! it’s staring into my soul!

They then go off to see the music girl from last episode because the email told them they should totally go talk to her. They’re quickly brushed off though as she’s whisked away to a music rehearsal.

They head back to the library to think about what’s going on when the red haired girl decides that she could make one of the costumes for the main character and proceeds to get his measurements. And that’s when the librarian’s assistant walks in on this.

That is a sexy ass way to measure for a costume
That is a sexy ass way to measure for a costume

We then see that the singing girl runs home in the rain and gets terribly sick. Everyone in the library club is busy farting around when they receive a text from her telling them that she’s sick and she needs help. (well technically she asked if they knew how to make porridge but mine sounds less fucking retarded.)

I know I should be focusing on the sick girl but I can't help noticing their phone number is fucking 000-000. that's not a real phone number assholes!
I know I should be focusing on the sick girl but I can’t help noticing their phone number is fucking 0000-0000. that’s not a real phone number assholes!

The gang realizes something is wrong and heads out to go help the sick girl who they see is collapsed on the ground. The girls volunteer to stay but they send the boys home.

The next day the library girl shows up at the main character’s door (cause she obviously wants to do him) with the excuse that her tv isn’t working. (apparently they’re next door neighbors and never noticed).

Quick girl! grab him now! it's a harem show and he's not claimed yet! grab that dick!
Quick girl! grab him now! it’s a harem show and he’s not claimed yet! grab that dick!

Eventually he hears that the music girl’s doing fine and she tells them that she also received an email from the Shepard basically telling her that she was going to meet them.

That is when they get a response from the hacker girl and find out that the address of the person who sent the email was a building not too far away. When they all go to investigate, they find the building is empty, and that’s where the episode ends.

So we've finally found you... baby Mothras.
So we’ve finally found you… baby Mothras.

This episode was a breath of fresh air. Yes, I know comparatively to a lot of shows it may not seem like the most stuff happened in it, but coming off of Tribe cool and Girlfriend, this episode actually brought some plot relevant things to the table. I might be blinded by that, but fuck it, it’s a nice blindness.

That being said there were a few things i liked in this episode. I like the librarian girl, she’s fun if not a bit weird, and I also like how they gave the best friend character a bit of development. One of the things that I never like about harem shows is that the main guy always has that one friend and the one friend always gets screwed every time. But It’s nice to see they’re treating him like an actual person and not just a foil for the main character or a comparative to show just how great of a guy the main character is.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I have a feeling this is going to be one of those shows that builds for a while and then is going to explode at the finale. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just hope they don’t pull a Brynhildr and try to put everything in two episodes.

Unlike in Girlfriend, while I might not know their names I actually know who all of these people are. I know their quirks, their personalities, and they make me laugh. Is this show the greatest thing that ever existed? No, not nearly so, but it’s fun. It’s a nice, easy, laugh show. I can enjoy it as there’s just enough plot to be interesting, the characters are just fun enough, and there’s enough comedy to make me laugh. Overall, good episode. Not great, but good.

Episode 7/10

Can "I" have an animal pillow sewn for me?
Can “I” have an animal pillow sewn for me?


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