WHEW, this series premieres with two episodes right off the bat, so we have a GREAT idea of what this show will become from these episodes. But will this clear the air of AGE and Destiny? Let’s see!

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It starts off with what I assume is the opening song? But I’m hoping the visuals won’t be the actual opening because it’s rather slow and disjointed. Call me crazy but I like my over dramatic running with tears everywhere openings. Some things that are awesome right away though is the style of art is done differently? Like some of it looks CG, some looks like they hand drew it, it gives it a traditional feeling. Plus when people are talking and piloting at the same time, their bodies move as if they were moving the same way the machines were. NOICe.

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The story starts with an odd chase / rescue scene? The title mobile suit is almost captured by one group until it’s pilot is ejected and saved, and it seems like another group takes the suit? The story telling is a little disjointed in the beginning so it’s hard to tell. For the most part it starts out light hearted, but I have to say I am kind of enamored with Bell’s design in the show? Much cuter than I thought he’d be at first. He’s also someone important’s son, so there you go. …..these people gonna die dou.

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Right away they are trying to show off some elements. Kuntala is a bad thing, being there is a bad thing, and people get kicked over it. DAMN YOU KUNTALA, THIS NAME ANGERS ME FOR THE SAKE OF COINCIDENTAL PREJUDICES! ERA OF ENLIGHTENMENT EXCEPT FOR YOU!!! I know better than to believe in a show when the beginning is light hearted and filled with hazing. I want to hate Bell because he’s so nonchalante, but he is a cutie pie and I like him. NOW IF HIS IMPLIED LOVE INTEREST WOULD GO AWAY?? Right as I say this PIRATES APPEAR FROM NO WHERE WITH A MYSTERIOUS MOBILE SUIT!!! How many times have you guys heard that by now? Bell is the one currently in his suit as they tell all the students to pretend they’re powered off so they won’t be hurt. The girl from earlier who was saved from the mysterious machine as she fell suddenly yells out “G!” repeatedly.

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I don’t know what it is about this fucking idiot from the beginning but I am completely fond of him. “Stop being a pirate!” he yells to the invader as he fights her, all with the appearance of COMPLETELY FUCKING AROUND. My god. HE IS USING THIS MACHINE TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THE UNKNOWN MOBILE SUIT AND FOR SOME REASON I LOVE HIM. I LOVE THIS DORK. HE’S MINE I’M TAKING HIM WITH ME. Other people get in suits to help out, including the star student, who I am convinced is going to die. It’s also kind of creepy that the harobe’s, the new haros, announce when people come back alive..ehehehe…

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They capture the girl piloting the ‘G’ as Raraiya calls it, and she says her name is Aida (which is probably a lie) Bell seems to want to bang her right away and. . . I’m okay with that. I am cool with it. It’s hot. I vote for it. They’re gonna both die as I say this. COME ON HAROBE THE SHIP RETURNS ALIVE RIGHT??? Of course despite Aida’s claims no one can open the hatch but her, Bellri sure can. BITCHIN SPACE CAR ACQUIRED! Take your space pirate girlfriend out for some space olive garden.

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Ah, how lame, the second episode shows us the boring slow opening IS THE OPENING at least for the meantime. DO NOT WANT. GIVE ME A MORE FUN THING THAT DOESN’T USE FOOTAGE FROM THE SHOW!!! WHERE’S MY RUNNING SCENES DAMMIT GAWD!

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I’m not gonna lie to you, the second episode starts off boring as fuck. It’s literally just school shit and I am NOT INTERESTED in school shit. WHERE’S MY ANGST? WHERE ARE THE DYING CHILDREN AND THE POLITICAL INTRIGUE? I CARE NOT FOR NOREDO (Seriously, the pink haired girl who wants to bone Bell is…just annoying. I have no interest in her and don’t really like her much at all.) GET ME MAH GIANT ROBOTS SON!!! My boredom does not last long nor does my agitation at Noredo as ONE, BELL HAS A MOTHER AND SHE IS COOL AND IMPORTANT AND SHIT HOLY FUCK! Then, the event his mother was hosting is attacked by pirates and Bell is all SHIT I GOTTA SAVE MY SPARKLY WIFE OF DESTINY COME ON AIDA. I can’t get over the cute. lmao Bell is just running around trying to free this chick while this chick who wants to fuck is RIGHT HERE and he all WUR MY WAIF AT ??? Watch it’s his sister and I have to watch Bell hook up with that bed head chick ._o ugh please no.

[HorribleSubs] Gundam Reconguista in G - 02 [1080p].mkv_20141002_211254

Noredo is obv so jealous of aida and I’m just like HAVE YOU SEEN HER ASS, WOMAN? I’D WANT TO FUCK HER TOO! Get off Bellri’s dick. It turns out she is fighting with the space pirates because she believes the earth needs to be coated in solar panels and resents the dictatorship that the capitol has instated. They’re making their way to the G-Self and..OH SHIT THE PERSON COMING TO SAVE AIDA CALLED HER HIME-SAMA WE HAVE OUR SINGING PRINCESS OF THE SERIES GUYS.

[HorribleSubs] Gundam Reconguista in G - 02 [1080p].mkv_20141002_211726

Cahill, the enemy pilot, attacks the G Self because he doesn’t realize Aida is on board it. Thanks to seeing her, he hesitates, and that leads Bellri to attack him. He doesn’t realize the damage he can cause with the G Self’s weapons and to protect Aida, who he fully believes is about to be killed, he shoots him and seems to kill him. Aida is distraught and angry at him, but the feels guys. I’m…really fond of Aida. I think if they didn’t have Noredo as a terrible annoying side character I might not like her so much, but because of it I’m happy to have Aida there. Of course for right now, Aida is  terribly pissed at Bell who was only trying to save her life.

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HAH, this show is actually cute. When I’m bored? I don’t stay bored for life. I hate Eureka Seven’s artist but the distinct and fun art style lends itself to a new perspective on the art and I find myself enjoying it. This is definitely better than the Gundams of recent era even if they call it the G-Self. Honestly? I think it’s safe to say I’ll be blogging this show. I’m better Luin will die and many others as well, but I want to see the plot. I’m interested in the sinister darkside of the Capitol in this perfect utopia. I also want to see how the character’s grow and if Luin will live in the end. Plus Raraiya is filled with secrets and we gotta see those right? And with a preview where Bell flat out admits he fell in love with Aida at first sight (or tries to deny it) of course I have to tune in!

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 Eva’s First Impression

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting an hour special! 😀 What a pleasant surprise! YIPEE~ LET’S START BEGIN!

….Err… that went differently than what I had expected… (and mind you this applies both ways). I was struck with nostalgia when I noticed the more classic style animation and touches, as well as the SFX (that at times reminded me of Star Wars) and the good ol’ days 90ies sounds from the soundtrack. And then… we look into the characters and the storyline.

I am honestly on the fence about this show. In a way, we were fortunate enough to be given two episodes back to back- because it spares us from having to deal with another two weeks of waiting to see whether it’s worth a while stick around with. It is funny really because a lot of things that I didn’t enjoy in this premiere as much was something which we have discussed when I was talking about Argevollen during this week’s Podcast. We have our protagonist Bellri Zenam who is a freaking genius student who skipped two grades, has this sense of justice that is best described as a naive boy with a “goodie-shoes” character. I find myself having a very difficult time liking this kid. He is able to access the Gundam (Self-G) due to being one of the “Iris” (which have yet to be explained as Aida is also one of them), and… quite frankly I think I have come to the point I am quite sick of it the whole, “IT’S MY FIRST TIME BUT I CAN PILOT A GUNDAM WOOOO!!!111”. They had about 43 minutes to have Bellri appeal to me, but alas there’s nothing I like about him. In fact, I DON’T EVEN CARE. Now that is NOT how you want to start off any story! The only character that I actually had any remote interest in is Manny who had little dialogue, but for some reason she immediately appealed to me- perhaps because of how caring she has been towards Monday. Speaking of little Monday, goodness- for two episodes straight this is all she said: “G”, “Home”, “Pa”. Great. Just great. Then we have Noredo who I just know (if I end up sticking with the series till the very end) am BOUND to hate and more or less expect her to turn into that one jelly girl we see every Gundam Series that stirs up trouble- and of course, ultimately dies (99% of the time). But hey, hopefully they will prove me wrong!

Then we have the way they are running the animation. Now don’t get me wrong, I am quite fond of the overall character designs and backgrounds, what I don’t like is the CONSTANT panning across the screen back and both, zoom in and then zoom out- like the entire episode and just after two sequences of that I am already dealing with motion sickness. I understand that the feel of it is supposed to be like a camera or representing the field of vision of the character, but ugh… my stomach…. They were doing it too often and too quickly. Besides the motion sickness, I guarantee you that I wounded up dizzy.

The plot appears to be more in action next week so I am looking forward to THAT at the very least. We know that the Capitol has a darker side that Bellri hasn’t had the chance to see. It will be interesting how this revelation will influence the directions and paths the characters will take. I will say that I am looking forward to seeing Bellri take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what is about to unfold.

Overall based from what I’ve seen so far, I know for a fact that we are most likely going to be in for a very cheesy ride despite whatever other darker chaos unfolds in the future. Even if I weren’t on a semi-hiatus, I wouldn’t pick up this show to cover for the season. At best I will watch it to see where it goes, and hope that it will turn out better than I anticipate it to be.

Possibility of Watching: Moderate
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  1. sidekick

    I’ve mixed feelings about this show. The art STYLE is gorgeous, and has a super 80s feel to it (I like how the visuals get a little blur and grainy when the camera zooms in – feels like I’m seeing cel animation), and I adore the character designs. As Eva said though, the camera needs to stop moving so damn fast. Waaaaay too many panning shots and I felt dizzy too. Also, the hell is up with the dialogue? It made close to no sense at all. And the death scene at the end of episode 2 was so poorly handled, ugh.

    I can’t say this series hasn’t piqued my interest though… 😛 (Aso, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the eyecatch with dancing Bell!)

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