Let’s get straight to the point: THE DUB IS PERFECTION, GO WATCH IT. There, go leave. Now, you can keep on reading if you like.


It wasn’t very long after Kill la Kill’s run in Japan had finished that Aniplex of America announced their start on the dub. Me, along with other people, weren’t too surprised considering the popularity of the show, but it was pretty soon. And like any other anime that gets a dub, particularly the ones with a huge fanbase, people grip their seats wondering how it’ll turn out. Next to Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill had been one of the hugest shows in 2013, so I can imagine how the people in Aniplex felt about the pressures of the dub. Did they succeed?

Well, if you just read the first sentence then I say YES. The first couple episodes premiered at Anime Expo, and I wish I was there because I would’ve been screaming because of how good it is. I want to cry at just how perfect each character sounds, the voice actors really hit it out of the park. The translation is so solid so the dialogue doesn’t sound awkward.


People had been anticipating the voices of our two leading ladies. Erica Mendez, still a newcomer, nabs her second protagonist role as Ryuko Matoi, her first protag role being Aladdin in Magi (which she was great as!). I can’t imagine anyone else playing Ryuko, because Erica manages to capture Ryuko’s rough and cocky attitude, while still having that sweet side to her. She just sounds so natural, I never noted any awkward moments with her. So far, she’s doing an exceptional job, and I hope she gets more major roles because she has so much talent. Playing our wonderful Lady Satsuki Kiryuin is Carrie Keranen. I haven’t seen/like any of the other shows she’s been in, so I wasn’t sure how she was going to be. But when I heard her screaming in the trailer, I was in love. She sounds authoritative, she sounds powerful, she IS Satsuki. The reception on these two were a little mixed. Personally, I loved them right away, but there were some people that weren’t too happy with their takes after watching the trailer. But for me, they just sound so natural and the more episodes I watch, the happier I get.

Christine Marie Cabanos…wow, what can I say about her? Mako has got to be the weirdest and craziest character in this show. It might have been hard playing her, but I can imagine it must have been lots of fun. Mako still sounds adorable and sweet, and I just love it.

Senketsu is played by David Vincent, and I will admit, I was a little…meh, at first. I expected him to sound a little deeper, but I just really like David and he did a great job, he really grew on me.


The Elite Four! The Badasses! Satsuki’s Squad, made up of Gamagoori (Patrick Seitz), Sanageyama (*dreamy sigh* Grant George), Inumuta (Steve Staley), and Jakuzure (Sarah Williams). A round of applause for these four. I wasn’t too worried about the boys, but when I heard this anime was going to get a dub, my mind was racing wondering who would voice Jakuzure. It’s unanimous that her Japanese seiyuu was UNBEARABLE. I usually don’t talk shit about seiyuus, but oh my god kill me her voice has to be the most irritating voice I’ve heard in my life, even more annoying than super squeaky moe voices. So when I heard Sarah’s voice in the trailer, it felt as though angels came into my room and sang to me. She sounds sooooooooo GOOD. And everyone seems to agree, but really how can you not love it. I’m just beyond happy. Anyway, the boys. Inumuta still sounds like a nerd, nice. Sanageyama…ah, Grant George. I’m just…so in love with his voice. Mmmmm…yes. Love. And Gamagoori is just fine. Patrick Seitz always seems to get all the characters that are angry and yell a lot, so how this man never loses his voice just astounds me. Really. How does he not lose his voice, what are his secrets?

The minor characters, I won’t go over all of them, are just fine. I’m still on the fence about Tsumugu, though. All in all, the dubbing cast is basically perfect, the voices sound almost identical to their Japanese counterparts, what else could you ask for. We only had one line from Ragyo, it sounded good but I need to hear more!

The voice acting, the dialogue, the translations, I love very much. BUT. I do have one gripe, and that’s with the pronunciations. They’re kinda all over the place, and it’s a little annoying. Not everyone pronounces everything the same, like Satsuki’s last name for one thing where I noticed this problem. Some people roll their R’s, some don’t. They say it too fast, slow. Or it just sounds off. They put on emphasis on the weird parts in names (JaKUzure, KiryUin, etc). Plus, I have no idea why they say it like this, but for names with a U at the end, like Mankanshoku and Senketsu, they leave it out. And it sounds so weird. You’d pronounce it like it’s spelled, but instead take out the U at the end and that’s how they say it. And it’s still throwing me off and I don’t like it.

wtf the fuck Aniplex I don’t have money

I would love to own this series, but here’s another gripe. Usually for 2-cour shows, the first half of the show is released, while the last half is released later. NOPE, THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY’RE DOING. I don’t know what “genius” decided this, but, since I’m not too familiar with Aniplex, they do the same as Japan in releasing DVDs/Blu-rays with 4 or 5 episodes with each release. I haven’t checked the price, but I’m sure each release is about $20 or more. Two separate disks have been released, with 9 episodes out. AND THIS IS TOO EXPENSIVE. One, I’m so impatient because I want to see more of the dub. And two, yeah it’s expensive! I don’t know how many disks there are going to be but I’m going to spend well over $200 if I buy each, hell maybe more. Actually, you tell me because I’m really shit with math. But yeah, this is so stupid. I love this series so much, and I adore this dub, so I was thinking of buying it. But no way in hell am I doing that. I just hope later they’ll do the half/half thing at a cheaper price so I can actually afford it.

Like I said, only 9 episodes have come out and I can’t wait to hear more. I saw someone post a Nui preview and I really liked what I heard, so I’m super excited. I rambled a lot and I don’t know what else to say other than this dub is on point. I really want to buy this show, but…nah man.


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  1. MidnightDevont

    Aniplex is always ridiculously overpriced and they always release them in small chunks, they own a good many series I’d like to buy but I could never afford [Durarara for example.] so I feel your pain, I only saw the preview clips for the dub and I liked what I heard, sadly Netflix doesn’t have it in English yet, so i’ll finish the series in subtitles and then maybe track down the dub once I can access it.

  2. Oki

    I agree, except I am wary of Senktesu. Great actor, not sure he conveys the same feeling!

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